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uKit Website Builder

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uKit homepage

Gone are the days when you needed to code each single page from scratch to build a website. Thanks to DIY website builders the barriers to building a site have vanished. During the past few years a lot of new code-free web publishing platforms emerged to meet the growing demand, offering aspiring bloggers, independent professionals, and businesses an easy, low-cost way to build a web presence. With so many competitors out there, in order to survive, website builders have to differentiate themselves from the others. As a result, many choose to specialize, providing the same basic feature set, while focusing on a specific domain, say, restaurant business, blogging, or photography.


Webydo Website Builder

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Webydo Mainpage

Webydo debuted in 2013 as a code-free web design software for professionals. Since then, the company morphed from a perspective startup into a powerful platform serving over 152,000 accounts worldwide. Webydo isn’t just another DIY website builder for beginners. It’s a sophisticated platform that has a look and feel of Adobe products, such as Photoshop or InDesign. It is intended for web design professionals who are more visual than technical, as its smart code generator instantly converts your visuals into valid code. It’s like hosted Photoshop for building websites :) . If you’re a designer who is always at the mercy of expensive developers, Webydo is seriously worth looking at. It will help you bring your artworks to life without having to outsource the coding part of your projects.


Weebly Website Builder

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Weebly homepage

Weebly is a simple, widget-based website builder that powers over 20 million websites worldwide. Launched in 2007, when the competition wasn’t fierce, Weebly quickly became one of the most popular DIY web publishing solutions. Today, it’s a powerful drag-and-drop website builder that has a great choice of in-house widgets, yet still lets you concentrate on content, rather than technical details of the website creation process.


Wix Website Builder

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Wix website builder is one of the most popular DIY website builders out there. Ever since its launch in 2006 the platform has gained incredible success all over the world. You may have heard about Wix even during SuperBowl commercials. Wix entered the market with a platform based on Adobe Flash technology. Five years later (March, 2012) they moved to HTML5 editor. Wix reported that the move to the new platform was very successful and translated into 25 million sign ups. As of today, Wix says it powers over 65 million websites. There’s no doubt that 65M include anyone who has ever signed up for a Wix account (including my five test websites). The official number of premium Wix websites is about one million.


uCoz Website Builder

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uCoz Website Builder

uCoz is one of the oldest website builders out there. It has come a long way since its launch in 2005, morphing from a promising startup into a top website builder that powers roughly 2M websites all over the world. Recently, I came across an updated uCoz review published on SuperbWebsiteBuilders and realised that it’s time to re-appraise this web service.


Wix vs Weebly vs Squarespace

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Wix's App Market

So, you’ve decided to build a website using a Do-It-Yourself tool and you’re scouring the web for an easy-to-use platform that will help you build a decent website. Yes, there are quite a few website builders on the web, and all of them promote themselves as the easiest and most functional tools. However, when it comes to the web building process itself, it appears that just a few site creators do offer a great user experience.

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