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Get Inspired: See Real Weebly Webstores

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ShantiqueDesigns - Weebly store example

Creating your own website? I know how expensive, long, and effort-consuming this process can be, if you decide to build it the traditional way, that implies hiring a web designer, getting a hosting account, installing a content management system, and paying a webmaster to maintain and update your site. Thankfully, online website builders have put our worries aside by providing visual in-browser editors that boil down website creation to drag-and-drop. With a typical online site builder, you start with selecting a template. Each website template comes preloaded with demo content, and all that’s missing is your own unique images, copy and links.


Weebly Website Examples

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Weebly blog - Brunch on Chestnut

The Do-It-Yourself trend in web design is a terriffic example of how the website ceation industry is changing the rules on a mass scale. Today, literally anyone can design and publish a full-featured blog, webstore or a portfolio with minimum effort, thanks to online website builders that require zero coding. Weebly is proud to be a part of that trend by offering entrepreneurs, bloggers, retailers and artists of all kinds an easy-to-use platform to create a site for themselves, and this is what these sites look like:


Squarespace Website Builder

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Squarespace homepage

Squarespace website builder was launched in January 2004 by Anthony Casalena. Just like Weebly founders, Anthony could’t find an effective and elegant solution for building and publishing his personal website. So, he used his father’s $20 000 investment to develop an easy-to-use web publishing platform to help non-tech-savvy people create their own websites. Since its launch eleven years ago, Squarespace has grown to 503 employees, millions of websites in 190 countries, and #2 in Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC. Today, no list of top website builders would be complete without Squarespace. Some love it for its beautiful templates that set trends in the industry of site builders, others like its overall polished style and excellent customer care. Is it right for you? Below is our take on Squarespace seven, the latest version of Squarespace.


100% Free Website Builder and Hosting

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One of the first things potential website builders’ users check when comparing different platforms is pricing. More often than not, those who choose to go with a DIY site builder can’t afford hiring a designer or an agency, so the financial aspect is of great importance for them. After starting my blog about website builders, I find many people asking whether there are any completely free website builders.


Webydo vs Wix

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Webydo vs Wix

Selecting a DIY website builder for your project can be a tough task. Firstly, because there are dozens of site constructors out there. Secondly, because the web publishing industry is witnessing a real arms race these days - site builders improve their feature sets with lightning speed. So, you’ve heard about Webydo and Wix and now wondering which one is better. I can’t say which is better, because they don’t actually compete :) . Though these platforms do have a few things in common, Wix and Webydo are very different. So, in this post I will try to show you the key differences between these site builders, rather than calculate their scores in different nominations.


Jimdo Website Builder

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Jimdo homepage

Since it was founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs Fridtjof Detzner, Matthias Henze, and Christian Springub, Jimdo website builder has grown tremendously. In 2009 Jimbo started the ‘Lifeboat for GeoCities’ campaign in order to lure Google Page Creator and Yahoo! users after Yahoo! decided to close GeoCities project. Jimdo announced that former users of GeoCities were welcome to their web service – they even offered 10% off of their plans to them. Today, the company has over 200 employees working out of offices from Hamburg, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Since its release, Jimdo has helped to build over 12 million websites. The system is available in 9 languages.

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