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Website builders have come a long way. The DIY web publishing industry has been growing and growing over years, morphing from primitive content management systems into multi-faceted platforms with beautiful designs, advanced features, natives mobile apps and unparalleled eCommerce capabilities. So, it’s no accident that dollars are literally flying into this industry :).


Yola Website Examples

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Miracle Mittens - Yola Website Example

I’ve just finished my in-depth Yola review and I hasten to make up a list of exemplary Yola websites for you to see how your future website will look like if you choose this website builder as your site publishing partner. Frankly speaking, it was pretty hard to sift through all those not-so-beautiful (according to modern web design standards) websites featured in the Yola Site Gallery. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all websites built with Yola are outdated, but I think that this section (their Site Gallery) should be updated with some newer Yola-powered websites as soon as possible.


Yola Website Builder

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Yola - Designs

Just recently Yola website builder has hit a huge milestone - they now have around 9 million users worldwide! This is undoubtedly a huge achievement that indicates the platform’s power and popularity. Because so many people chose Yola as their site building partner, I decided to avail the benefits of this website builder personally and write a thorough review of this site builder. So, join me test driving Yola and remember to share your own experience and thoughts in comments :).


Modern Web Design Trends and Website Builders

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MotoCMS - Flat Theme

There have been striking advances in the web design and development industry over the past couple of years. They influenced the way many websites look and perform in a very efficient way. As site builders make up an important segment of this industry, their devs and designers have also adopted some of these technologies both on the functional and visual levels. Today we’re talking about modern web design trends and their implementation in the world of website builders.


Webydo Website Examples

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Webydo Website Examples - Stella and Lori

Webydo has been confidently making its way into the market of top sitebuilders since its launch about a year ago. This community-led platform for designers has already amassed over 70,000 creative users, most of which are professionals who use Webydo as their major working tool for creating and publishing sites for their clients. Webydo is indeed a unique website builder. It has a Photoshop-ish design management system allowing designers to draw sophisticated shapes and objects directly in their browsers. It’s like InDesign on steroids - everything you draw is automatically converted into an updated HTML code along with CMS for your client. About a week ago Webydo has moved its infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.


DIY Web Builders & Web Hosting

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Image Credit - Waag Society

More often than not, WYSIWYG website builders are ‘all-in-one’ services that offer hosting as part of their packages (including free plans). In most cases, hosted site builders work only on the company’s servers. This means your website cannot be moved elsewhere without rebuilding from scratch. Take Wix for example. It serves more than 46 million users worldwide! But none of them can change the hosting provider.

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