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Best Mobile Website Builders

Websites created for viewing on mobiles and tablets differ in a number of important ways from the conventional ‘desktop’ websites. To begin with, mobile devices have smaller screens and often load pages slower comparing with the traditional PCs. Thus, mobile devices pose certain limitations on what can be presented on a smaller screen. Touch-unfriendly websites often distort design elements and are more difficult to navigate – users have to zoom in and out each single piece of content, let alone scrolling.

Therefore, certain web standards have to be met during the website creation process to provide your mobile visitors with a quality viewing experience. Luckily, creating a touch-friendly website is a fairly simple process thanks to the wide range of high-end site building platforms out there.

Basically, there are three approaches to the question:

  • Mobile sites. Mobile sites are separate, lighter versions of desktop sites. They have a separate domain and are geared towards certain marketing goals. If you build a mobile version of your site you have to update each website independently.
  • Responsive sites. Responsive web design has been confidently ousting mobile sites. Websites using RWD technologies adapt themselves to the viewing environment automatically. In other words, you get a single website that performs well both on huge displays and tiny screens.
  • Mobile applications. Mobile apps are also an excellent way to reach your customers. Mobile apps work best for websites offering interactive experiences to their clients – games, various music tuners, players etc.

So now, when we summarized the three approaches to the problem, let’s focus on the most popular option – RWD. Below are three website builders whose editors rest on the RWD principles. They also have inbuilt Mobile View editors enabling webmasters to configure touch-friendly versions of their websites easily.


Wix website builder is another excellent website builder allowing both pros and newbies to create touch-friendly sites nearly effortlessly. Just switch to the Mobile Editor and start optimizing the site as per your needs. No worries, mobile editing doesn’t affect your desktop website.

Wix Editor

The entire process is as easy as desktop editing – just select, drag, drop and edit any object of the design – everything is performed in the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get manner. Among mobile-specific options I would distinguish Mobile Preloader – you can use it to personalize the loading screen by uploading your company logo. Fantastic, isn’t it?


Being a professional web publishing platform for small business owners, uKit offers paralleled Mobile View editing options. It has fully-responsive templates, which allow website creating both for desktop and mobile devices at the same time. Just check out some of the editing options:

uKit Editor

  • Design. You can choose between more than 350 responsive templates divided into 27 categories – from Architecture to Wedding.
  • Unique contact features. You can enable Callback, LiveChat, JivoChat and some other features which help your visitors to contact you quickly.
  • Site menu editing. This feature allows you to make changes in the site menu, including icons (there’s a whole set of default pics!), copy and order of categories.
  • Design colors modification. YuKit templates have pre-built design color schemes and you may switch between them. This is a smart decision, as those schemes were made by professional designers. Deeper customization available only in Pro plan.

For more information about this amazing platform, read my in-depth uKit review.

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