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In this section I share my musings about website builders’ effectiveness, benefits and disadvantages as well as everything that has something to do with website creation.

Onpage SEO of Websites Created in Website Builders

Web developers, who are just starting their career, frequently overlook details, which seem not important at first sight. Instead, they pay attention to the quality of content, design and the choice of keywords. These things are undoubtedly important, but there are also other aspects, which affect the success of a website. This is exactly what we are going to focus on in this post.

Select the Best eCommerce Website Builder for Your Business

If you run a brick-and-mortar store and you still don’t have a web presence, you may be losing many customers, both current and future ones.

Right now, at this very minute your potential customers are scouring the web for your official website, but can’t find it and go to your competitor’s web store instead. The sooner you will create a website, the sooner you will start making more money.

Online Store

How to Start an Online Store from Scratch

The launch of an online store is a responsible and meaningful event. This is because an eCommerce website is not a visiting card that encourages customers to shop at the platform or serves as a kind of an ad for your business. This is an effective tool for organizing direct sales, which can bring you substantial profit, if you know how to manage the process correctly.

Website Building Made Easy: How to Build Your Own Website

Everybody wants to own a piece of the Internet today, but not everybody can afford hiring a web designer, webmaster and SEO expert.

Fortunately, there are many low-cost and also absolutely free web hosting and Do-It-Yourself site building services out there. What used to be costly a decade ago comes at $0-$10/mo today.

What used to be done exclusively by web designers is done by completely HTML-illiterate users – all this was made possible thanks to the online website builders.

How to Create a Website without Using WordPress

Many webmasters, who are just starting their career and look for the required information on website creation, mistakenly think that CMS WordPress is the best solution that will provide them with the required experience. The platform seems to be quite simple, offering different options that make it possible to improve a website’s functionality. It also provides minimum amount of settings – what else do you need to make your website creation experience a success?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

If you don’t have the slightest idea of how websites are being created, published and maintained, you still can create one without having to write a single HTML tag.

Furthermore, you can do this in short order for the price of a cup of coffee. All you need is an interesting idea, some inspiration and a few dollars on your bank account. Check out some of the top website builders offering probably the most reasonable prices in the realm.


Small Business Promotion on the Internet

It is quite difficult to surprise someone with a personal or a business website nowadays. This option has become a norm already. Many users have realized the benefits they can avail having their own “representatives” on the web. A website has become one of the most powerful marketing tools, but only, if they are used properly. Otherwise, they won’t bring the expected effect.

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Website Builders: Which One to Go For?

The increasing number of website builders is the best proof of their popularity nowadays.  While it was not a problem to count these platforms several years ago, it has become a real challenge to memorize all of them today. Many of these tools, however, are commercial projects. Even if a platform is free, the developers use alternative monetization methods, like placing ads and what not. So, it can be concluded that the increase of supply of website builders is triggered by the increased demand and profitability of their development.

DIY Web Builders & Web Hosting

More often than not, WYSIWYG website builders are ‘all-in-one’ services that offer hosting as part of their packages (including free plans). In most cases, hosted site builders work only on the company’s servers. This means your website cannot be moved elsewhere without rebuilding from scratch. Take Wix for example. It serves more than 46 million users worldwide! But none of them can change the hosting provider.

Modern Web Design Trends and Website Builders

There have been striking advances in the web design and development industry over the past couple of years. They influenced the way many websites look and perform in a very efficient way. As site builders make up an important segment of this industry, their devs and designers have also adopted some of these technologies both on the functional and visual levels. Today we’re talking about modern web design trends and their implementation in the world of website builders.