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Website builders differ. Some of them have better Ecommerce options, while others are perfect for portfolios. In this section I will point out the best features of top website builders.

free website builder and hosting

100% Free Website Builder and Hosting

One of the first things potential website builders’ users check when comparing different platforms is pricing. More often than not, those who choose to go with a DIY site builder can’t afford hiring a designer or an agency, so the financial aspect is of great importance for them. After starting my blog about website builders, I find many people asking whether there are any completely free website builders.

Best Photography Website Builders

While having a hard copy of a portfolio is a must for professional photographers, it never hurts to run a photography website, too. If you earn a living making snapshots and want to expand your photo sharing further than just placing images in a family album or Facebook, consider using one of the code-free website builders.

The Best Drag and Drop Website Builder

The Best Drag and Drop Website Builder

Many website builders claim to offer drag and drop editing principles in their Feature lists, but when it comes to editing itself, you realize that this option is very limited, and you can grab only a few virtual objects and move them to certain zones only.

Surely, this is also great, but why should you opt for a platform with restrictions when you can choose a pure drag and drop website builder?

The Best Shopping Cart Software Solution

The Best Shopping Cart Software Solution

Are you right about to launch your online store, but don’t know what to start with? This is actually a notable decision as you will avail multiple online-only advantages from your eCommerce website. Apart from the increased number of web surfing shoppers (which is a benefit in itself), you will watch the growth of your web store reputation and the boost of sales volume. This is not to mention the fact that you will be able to compete with other retailers, who focus on the same niche you do.

Best Mobile Website Builders

Websites created for viewing on mobiles and tablets differ in a number of important ways from the conventional ‘desktop’ websites. To begin with, mobile devices have smaller screens and often load pages slower comparing with the traditional PCs.

Best Website Builders for Business

Website Builders for Small Business

Both small offline businesses and huge international corporations face the toughest level of competition despite the niche. Whether you are selling goods online or run a small chain of coffee shops, having a strong representation on the web is vital. Otherwise, main competitors will leave you behind at short notice. A website is your last straw to stand out and promote your company, products, and services via multiple channels.

Best Solution for SEO-friendly Flash Websites

The Best Solution for SEO-friendly Flash Websites

Flash is a powerful tool for creating exceptional, animated websites offering excellent user experience. However, the very term ‘Flash’ sends shivers down the spines of many bloggers. Why? Because Flash websites are considered to be search engine unfriendly. Although Google is digging deeper into the Flash these days making Flash developers rejoice, there are still many obstacles keeping potential website owners from using Flash templates for their blog. But why sacrifice your website’s design to SEO? Select one of the effects-rich Flash templates offered by MotoCMS website builder – they are all indexed by search engines. So, for this unparalleled feature I’ve decided to nominate MotoCMS for the Best Solution for SEO-friendly Flash websites.