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It’s better to see once than to hear one hundred times. With this simple truth in mind I’ve decided to kick off Website Examples section on my blog. In this section you’ll find a plethora of real, functioning websites powered by the popular website builders.

Weebly Website Examples

Weebly Website Examples

The Do-It-Yourself trend in web design is a terriffic example of how the website ceation industry is changing the rules on a mass scale. Today, literally anyone can design and publish a full-featured blog, webstore or a portfolio with minimum effort, thanks to online website builders that require zero coding.

Weebly is proud to be a part of that trend by offering entrepreneurs, bloggers, retailers and artists of all kinds an easy-to-use platform to create a site for themselves, and this is what these sites look like:

Wix Website Examples

Wix Website Examples

As of the beginning of 2018, Wix website builder had over 130 M websites created. The number is stunning, as well as the websites built on this platform. Surely, not all of the 130 million sites are functioning – many people create blogs just for fun and then abandon them.

However, there are also active, beautiful websites that have been running on Wix for years, and I’m going to feature some of these in this post. Website Examples

uKit Website Examples

Nowadays, if you want to be a successful businessman, promote your work online, or just want to have a personal website about kittens or some vegan food, you definitely need your own website. There’s no better way to do it than on your own. Trust me, you don’t need to be a techie to build the website you’ve always dreamed about! You can find a lot of website builders on the cyberspace but not all of them deserve your attention. Website Examples

Jimdo Website Examples

Jimdo is a website builder that is very similar to Wix and Weebly. It doesn’t require any code writing skills from users. Instead, people are offered to use pre-designed templates and they can customize them by adding new elements of their own.

Germany is a country of origin for Jimdo and their team and website support are offered in more than 9 different languages. It’s a very huge global presence, I should say. Over 15 million websites were created with Jimdo starting from the first day until nowadays. Website Examples

Squarespace Website Examples

It’s always a treat to visit Squarespace’s Customers page. It’s a great destination both for those lacking inspiration, and those believing it’s impossible to build a stunning website with a website builder.

As for me, Squarespace distinctly debunks all possible misconceptions associated with the popular website builders by showcasing their great Squarespace website examples. They’re proud of their customers, and happily share their accomplishments with the world. Website Examples

uCoz Website Examples

uCoz is a good example of a powerful yet not overly complex website builder. It combines lots of excellent features, presents them well and makes them easy to use. uCoz offers so many templates that almost everyone can find something to their taste. There’s no need for coding or having a previous website building experience, simply use the point&click control panel to add or remove whatever you want from your website. Website Examples

Yola Website Examples

I’ve just finished my in-depth Yola review and I hasten to make up a list of exemplary Yola websites for you to see how your future website will look like if you choose this website builder as your site publishing partner.

Frankly speaking, it was pretty hard to sift through all those not-so-beautiful (according to modern web design standards) websites featured in the Yola Site Gallery. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all websites built with Yola are outdated, but I think that this section (their Site Gallery) should be updated with some newer Yola-powered websites as soon as possible. Website Examples

Webydo Website Examples

Webydo has been confidently making its way into the market of top sitebuilders since its launch about a year ago. This community-led platform for designers has already amassed over 235,000 creative users, most of which are professionals who use Webydo as their major working tool for creating and publishing sites for their clients.

Webydo is indeed a unique website builder. It has a Photoshop-ish design management system allowing designers to draw sophisticated shapes and objects directly in their browsers. It’s like InDesign on steroids – everything you draw is automatically converted into an updated HTML code along with CMS for your client. Website Examples

MotoCMS Website Examples

I’ve already described all the pros and cons for using MotoCMS website builder (read my in-depth MotoCMS review), and now I’m going to show you what exactly you can build with this web service. There’s no separate Examples page on their official website, yet there are several official blog entries demonstrating MotoCMS-powered websites. In this post I’m going to describe websites taken from the official MotoCMS blog. So, enjoy checking my modest compilation of MotoCMS website examples and remember – you can do it even better ;)! Website Examples

Moonfruit Website Examples

I’ve just written a fresh Moonfruit review, and now I’d like to present you with a collection of websites of different types built with this site builder. It’s no accident that Moonfruit offers a gallery of examples on their official website: they’re proud of flexibility and simplicity of their system. Unlike Squarespace website examples, Moonfruit collection isn’t narrowed down to the stunning, top-notch, finished websites only – they showcase both their novices’ blogs (including those using the system’s subdomain) and elegant, business websites.