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DIY Web Builders & Web Hosting

More often than not, WYSIWYG website builders are ‘all-in-one’ services that offer hosting as part of their packages (including free plans). In most cases, hosted site builders work only on the company’s servers. This means your website cannot be moved elsewhere without rebuilding from scratch. Take Wix for example. It serves more than 46 million users worldwide! But none of them can change the hosting provider.

Image Credit - Waag SocietyIf you’re pleased with the customer service of your site builder this shouldn’t be an issue. If not – you’ll have to start everything from the very beginning. For this reason I highly recommend opting for well-established companies with an excellent track record. As an alternative, you may use offline site makers or so-called CMS templates (like those offered by MotoCMS). As opposed to online site builders, these can be moved to another hosting without too much hassle.

So How to Choose a Web Host?

First of all, you need to know your needs. Usually, offline site makers list their hosting requirements to guarantee smooth running of your site and minimize server-side problems. Based on these requirements and your own needs (bandwidth, storage needed etc.) you’ll be able to find the perfect fit right for your project. If you’re far from being tech-savvy, don’t hesitate to copy the requirements and show those to the web host’s tech support.

MotoCMS Template Requirements

Choosing a web host is as hard as choosing the right site builder: the Internet is brimming over with various companies offering tempting discounts and advanced feature lists. If you have no idea about how to compare those, read several in-depth reviews and check comparison tables, like those offered on http://inexpensivewebhosting.org/. Beware of influenced, biased reviews placed on personal blogs. The same is about comments and customer testimonials. If you have friends who are successful site owners, don’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

Look for a company offering around-the-clock customer support (over phone, via live chat ot ticketing system).

Bundling Services

Many aspiring website owners take advantage of their existing relationships with multi-functional web services. For instance, if you’ve registered your domain with GoDaddy, you may want to use their hosting services, too. Bundling services are very convenient, especially for newbies, as they provide users with integrated accounts which can significantly simplify website management. However, you don’t necessarily have to get your domain and hosting from the same company. Both variants have benefits and drawbacks, so it all depends on your experience and preferences.

Inexpensive Web Hosting - Rating

Before signing any agreements, read the Terms of Service and make sure you fully understand those. For instance, there’s a popular ‘Free domain name’ catch in the web hosting market. If your potential web host offers a free domain as a gift, it’s important to clarify who owns the domain. Hosting providers may retain the ownership to retain their clients. You should also ask about domain renewal. While your first year is free, they’ll charge you $20 for renewal. So, don’t get fooled.

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