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One of the first things potential website builders’ users check when comparing different platforms is pricing. More often than not, those who choose to go with a DIY site builder can’t afford hiring a designer or an agency, so the financial aspect is of great importance for them. After starting my blog about website builders, I find many people asking whether there are any completely free website builders.

The good news is that they do exist. The bad news is that you’ll still have to ‘pay’ for their services, but in a different way – through using a branded subdomain, displaying ads, and more.

#1. Wix – The Best Free Website Builder

Wix main

If you are looking for a website builder that will feature ease of use, convenience and affordability, then Wix is definitely the one you should try. The service is universal and allows building different website types to meet your needs, web building expertise, requirements and skills.

Wix is one of those systems, which provide a broad range of powerful features for free. The most crucial of them are mentioned below:

  • No Coding Required. There is no need to possess coding skills to create a website from scratch. You just choose a template and select customization tools to give it the desired look.
  • Website Editing Options. Wix users can choose between two website editing options to come up to their skills and expertise rate. Standard Wix editor implies the choice of a template and its further customization, while Wix ADI tool automatically generates a website based on the provided information.
  • Ease-of-Use and Convenience. Due to the WYSIWYG editor, all the steps you make are displayed right from the start, which allows controlling the entire web design process. This ensures simple and smooth web building experience, irrespective of your current web design level and skills.
  • Selection of Mobile-Optimized Niche Templates. Wix can boast one of the most extensive collections of high quality mobile-optimized templates. They are intentionally subdivided into categories based on the niches they belong to. There are many free samples, the quality of which is above the average.
  • Wix App Market. This is the place, where you can browse through multiple free and paid widgets and apps that can add to your website performance and functionality. The apps available there are free and paid, so, it’s up to you to make the choice based on the budget available.
  • eCommerce and Blogging Engines. The website builder makes it possible to launch a full-featured online store or a blog. This is a nice way to boost your website traffic and promote your business.
  • Cost. Wix has a free neverending plan you can use to test the system, practice your skills and build different types of websites.

When it comes to launching professional and visually-appealing websites, Wix is definitely a decent choice. Just take a look at the feature set the system offers in the Wix review and the best samples of websites created with the service to see what makes the website builder stand out from the crowd.

#2. uCoz – 100% Free Website Builder and Hosting


uCoz is a typical freemium web service. This means you can create a free account that never expires, and upgrade only when you want to unlock more functionality. You can sign up without entering your billing information.

So what exactly you get within your free uCoz account? Here are some features:

  • Free responsive templates. I checked these myself using a mobile phone and noticed that Google labeled them as mobile-friendly in the mobile search results.
  • Free modules. You’ll get access to over 20 free construction units called modules, including Users, Blog, Web polls, Ad board, E-mail forms, Photo albums, and Guestbook among others. All modules are highly customizable.
  • Free access to an advanced HTML/CSS editor. Using this editor you can completely rebuild the look of your website.
  • The ability to attach a custom domain without upgrading your account. If you don’t have a domain, you can publish your site on a uCoz subdomain.

Your uCoz website will remain free as long as you want. Only when you feel the need to enable the E-shop module or decide to get rid of the advert, you’ll have to choose a paid package. Read my full uCoz review for more information about this site builder.

#3. IM Creator – The 100% Free Website Builder

IMCreator Website Examples

IM Creator is another website builder, which can be used absolutely for free for as long as you need. This offer, however, works best for artists, creatives, students, small business owners and non-profit organizations, which aim at launching landing pages, portfolios, business websites etc. The website builder is simple and features intuitive web building process, which matters a lot for inexperienced users as well as for web design pros.

If you have made up your mind to build a website with IM Creator, mind the following advantages the system offers. These include:

  • Responsive Templates. The website builder offers a set of responsive templates and design customization tools you can use to create the website design that comes up to your needs.
  • Polydoms Technology. IM Creator uses the advanced Stripes&Polydoms technology, which makes the process of building a website super simple and effective.
  • Free eCommerce and Blogging Engines. IM Creator has a powerful eCommerce engine, which makes the creation and management of your web store or blog simple, hassle-free and intuitive.
  • White Label Solution. For all those people, who wish to use the system’s advantages under their brand names, it offers a White Label Solution. This is a nice choice for hosting providers, owners of large businesses, web design pros, resellers and other users, who aim at boosting their business success and popularity.
  • Free of Charge. The website builder is absolutely free for inexperienced users (mostly creatives), who wish to launch professional websites to reach their web design goals.

IM Creator has distinguished itself in the contemporary web building niche as a powerful website builder suitable for everyone. At the same time, it is simple, affordable and user-friendly. This is just what you need to get started with your business promotion.

Are free website builders safe?

When you decide to use a free web service, you must understand that the company doesn’t guarantee good customer service. But don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all free services are bad. You just shouldn’t expect great service and security.

While using a free site builder for fun or just for a temporary project may sound like a great option, the whole idea of using a free platform for a business is ridiculous. Today, you can sign up for a paid, full-featured account for the price of a cup of coffee! And there’s a greater cost associated with having a free business website 😉 .

To show you that to run a professional-looking website you don’t need a truckload of money, let’s break the costs down. As it was mentioned in Wix overlook by SWB, there are four elements associated with running a site: a domain name, a CMS, a hosting account, and a theme or design. If you choose to use a site builder, you will get three of these at once. You’ll only have to buy a domain.

The lowest ad-free plan of Wix is $6.5/mo, and it is discounted if you choose to pay for 12/24/36 months in advance. When paying for 3 years you get 30% off! This makes about 2 cents per day. What about domains, you can typically buy a domain name for about $10-$12 per year.

Having a website that makes a great visual impression is an invaluable asset to any business. It helps you build trust and increase sales. And on the contrary, running a site on a subdomain with third-party ads on the homepage can seriously hurt your brand image.

As I see it, free versions are meant for tests, not for real websites. And what are your thoughts?

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