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MadeFreshly is a lightweight website builder with a powerful shopping cart. Unlike other top website builders that can be used for launching different types of websites, MadeFreshly was developed exclusively for creating online stores. This narrow specialization has helped them develop a very intuitive and flexible shopping cart software. MadeFreshly potential users are independent professionals (artists, tailors, knitters etc.) who wish to showcase and sell their goods without much hassle, and also small- and medium-sized business owners wishing to take their brick-and-mortar stores online. On MadeFreshly there’s a solution for anyone.

Ease of Use: Regardless of your previous website building experience, you’ll be able to create an exceptional e-store there. MadeFreshly’s control panel is maximally simplified and it has a modern, fresh look. It has 6 categories in its main menu (Dashboard, Orders, Products, Design, Marketing and Settings), so you’ll hardly ever get lost there :).

Flexibility: MadeFreshly is the optimal solution for building sales-oriented websites, so you can’t use it for creating an online Portfolio, Blog or Forum, for example. Its target audience is online retailers.

Custom domain: In case you’re on a free plan, you can publish your website using MadeFreshly subdomain. In order to map your site to a custom domain, you need to upgrade your plan.

MadeFreshly Admin Panel

SEO: You can enable Google Analytics tool on MadeFreshly to track your website’s success and improve your SEO efforts. GA is available within Starter – Prime subscriptions. In case you’re on a free version, you may take advantage of the built-in Statistics.

MadeFreshly Statistics

Designs: The range of templates isn’t numerous. However, they’re all very elegant and modern. Furthermore, you can customize those to a certain extent. In their Choice and Prime plans they even give access to HTML.

MadeFreshly Designs

Technical support: I’ve visited their Support section and I was surprised at speed of their reaction. Most questions in Q&A were answered within a few hours. Apart from Questions & Answers option, there are also introductory articles explaining the principles of site building with MadeFreshly.

Pricing: You can build a full-fledged website with shopping cart functionality (up to 10 products) using their absolutely free plan. In addition to the free version of MadeFreshly, there are also paid plans: Starter, Choice and Prime. For details visit their Pricing Page.

Possible drawbacks: When on their free plan, you’ll have to use their subdomain and display their logo.

The strongest side: It’s obvious that their strongest side is simplicity. On MadeFreshly you can set up an e-shop and start selling goods in a matter of minutes.

MadeFreshly Product Description


MadeFreshly is the optimal solution for those who wish to build a full-fledged e-store with ultimate ease and minimum investment. It’s suitable both for small- and medium-sized businesses.

You may want to take a look at functioning MadeFreshly website examples.

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