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If you want to build a professionally-looking website offering a great Internet shopping experience to you customers, but your initial capital is very low – don’t lose your heart. MadeFreshly website builder will help you build a webstore for your business with maximum ease and minimum investment. MadeFreshly is a lightweight website builder that is specially designed and geared toward ecommerce. Similarly to other top website builders, it’s absolutely code-free (unless you use their HTML access function :)). Even with their absolutely free plan (you can keep it free as long as you need, it never expires) you can build an online store displaying your products and allowing your customers to pay for them using a user-friendly electronic shopping cart.

There are many myths about website builders, especially those offering free packages. One of the most common is that websites built with website builders don’t look professionally. Those who share these misconceptions haven’t seen e-stores built with MadeFreshly.

Example 1: WolfandMan – MadeFreshly Store

Wolf and Man Independent Menswear Label was the first website I noticed. It looks so great that you would never guess it was built with an online website builder, except for the MadeFreshly’s subdomain :). As for me, WolfandMan is by no means inferior to other popular e-stores we use on a daily basis. It’s elegant, simple, eye-pleasing and offers a great shopping experience.

Example 2: Sweetthreads – MadeFreshly Shop

Sweetthreads - MadeFreshly Website is another MadeFreshly-powered website. It’s just awesome! Similarly to WolfandMan, it’s very minimalist and aesthetically satisfying. This website sells new and vintage clothing for children globally.

About Websites Built with MadeFreshly

These examples prove that MadeFreshly can be a good home for your e-store. Even those using MF’s subdomain and displaying the system’s copyright are very exquisite. Unlike other website builders that hang huge banners on their customers’ webpages, MF just adds a tiny line ‘MadeFreshly’ leading to their homepage. No ugly ads in their free plan.

But what I enjoyed most of all about these websites is that they were all unique and had a very fresh, modern look. Of course, some of them may lack professional photos of the items they sell, yet the websites on the whole are very professionally-looking.

More Examples

In case you’re interested in seeing more MadeFreshly websites examples, you can go directly to their official Samples Page displaying their customers’ accomplishments. In order to find out more about this ecommerce website builder, read my MadeFreshly review. I also recommend this website builder as the best free shopping cart solution.

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