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Modern Web Design Trends and Website Builders

There have been striking advances in the web design and development industry over the past couple of years. They influenced the way many websites look and perform in a very efficient way. As site builders make up an important segment of this industry, their devs and designers have also adopted some of these technologies both on the functional and visual levels. Today we’re talking about modern web design trends and their implementation in the world of website builders.

Flat, Minimalist, White

Though the ‘flat vs skeuomorphism’ debate is still open, flat-inspired graphics have virtually taken the web design industry by storm. Templates, icons, logotypes, buttons, avatars and other objects have been gradually flattened on all major websites on the web. This tendency was quickly adopted by MotoCMS website builder. Their designers have enriched the template gallery with dozens of ultra modern, flat-based themes which became bestsellers in a blink of an eye. Take a look at their DevCom template. It’s fresh, juicy and very flat :).

MotoCMS - Flat Theme

Along with flat design, minimalist approach and white space have also been noticed among emerging trends. Minimalist design and plenty of white space help guide site visitors to the most important places on the page: logotype, tagline, feature tours, conversion buttons and other elements.

Feature Tours

Speaking about feature tours, I can’t help but mention Webydo. This stylish website builder has a compelling, well thought-out feature tour. There are three sections: Design, Manage and Publish. Each explains the benefits of the system in simple terms and is accompanied with illustrations. Feature tours are an excellent solution for all product selling companies, regardless of the product or service type. If your product has features and can be displayed at different angles just go for it!

Webydo - Feature Tour

Weebly also offers an excellent feature tour. It’s simple, logical and eye-pleasing. Similar to the feature tour of Webydo, their ‘How Weebly works’ introduction guides webmasters-to-be through the process of site creation from planning to growing.

Weebly - Feature Tour

Application-Like UI Layout

Application-like user interfaces are also becoming ubiquitous. Tiny links and traditional menus are fading, while huge, app-like buttons and easy-to-navigate menus are becoming more and more popular. Take a look at Wix, it follows this trend at its best.

Wix - App-Like Layout

Huge Backgrounds and Product Images

When it comes to site builders, Squarespace is always among trendsetters. They redesign their homepage as soon as new web design trends and technologies emerge. As of today, they have an elegant homepage with a ‘movable’ background.

Squarespace - Huge Background

Many site builders also tend to incorporate introductory videos to explain what makes their system stand out among competitors as well as to show what exactly you can create with this site builder.

I believe that site builders’ homepages play a significant role in the decision-making process. When I see a nice-looking, modern web page I trust it. But when it’s outdated and offers a poor user experience I feel uncertain about the platform’s effectiveness. And what about you? Share your thoughts in comments :)!

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