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I’ve just written a fresh Moonfruit review, and now I’d like to present you with a collection of websites of different types built with this site builder. It’s no accident that Moonfruit offers a gallery of examples on their official website: they’re proud of flexibility and simplicity of their system. Unlike Squarespace website examples, Moonfruit collection isn’t narrowed down to the stunning, top-notch, finished websites only – they showcase both their novices’ blogs (including those using the system’s subdomain) and elegant, business websites.

So, in case you consider using Moonfruit website builder as a home for you future website, or just looking for inspiration – enjoy my modest compilation of Moonfruit website examples.

Example 1: In Vintage – MoonFruit Wedding Service

In Vintage – MoonFruit Wedding Service

I’ve spotted Idoinvintage website at once. Perhaps, because of its vintage design. The website is very aesthetically satisfying – the color palette is very eye-pleasing and consistent. It was a treat to navigate this website. I especially loved their creative About Us page. This website is a vivid example of a diligent, passionate approach to the business. The owners of the website have managed to create a very personalized, high-quality product using a website builder. The only thing they lack is a custom favicon. The rest is just perfect!

Example 2: Cards and Cotton – MoonFruit Handmade

Cards and Cotton – MoonFruit Handmade

Here’s another Moonfruit-powered website – As you’ve probably noticed, it also has the ‘’ extension (it’s no accident, as Moonfruit is a UK-based site builder, and most of its customers are the locals :). And I must admit the majority of them have a knack of making really stunning, modern websites. Just look at the screenshot.

More Examples

Perhaps, it’s just a coincidence, but a huge part of the Moonfruit website examples you can find deal with handmade and related services. However, there are also many portfolios and e-shops. You can see a few examples below: – a studio of a freelance artist;

It was a pleasure for me to visit most of these websites. If I were about to select a site builder, I would seriously consider Moonfruit. The websites built on this platform are all different and very personalized, and I find flexibility one of the most important characteristics.

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