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I’ve already described all the pros and cons for using MotoCMS website builder (read my in-depth MotoCMS review), and now I’m going to show you what exactly you can build with this web service. There’s no separate Examples page on their official website, yet there are several official blog entries demonstrating MotoCMS-powered websites. In this post I’m going to describe websites taken from the official MotoCMS blog. So, enjoy checking my modest compilation of MotoCMS website examples and remember – you can do it even better ;)!

Example 1: Creating Community – MotoCMS Community Website

CreatingCommunity - MotoCMS Website Example

CreatingCommunity is a website gathering like-minded people interested in healthy and inspired living. It helps people organizing groups, meetings, events and even business networks to discuss such topics as health and wellness, personal growth, happiness, community, spirituality, culture and arts. The website is very flexible: it supports complex user management functionality, forum, events list, etc.

What is more interesting – that this website is like a small (comparing with FB) social network. And it’s a big plus for MotoCMS, whether it’s real to build websites of such kind with it.

Example 2: De Deur Breda – MotoCMS Church Website

De Deur Breda – MotoCMS Church Website is a Dutch-based website built with MotoCMS. It has a professional look and is very user-friendly. I liked their minimalist Contact Us page very much. It displays the picture of people who stand behind the website, Google Maps widget, contact form and other details. On this website you can also see how Google Calendar widget can be used. DeDeurBreda is a great example for those who are going to build a church website.

For the searching convenience of users, all information provided at the website is subdivided into a number of categories. They cover the main topic of the site, its agenda, the objectives pursued, the latest news and other info the users would like to find out. There is also the About Us section, which makes people aware of the church. This is very convenient, especially for those users, who would like to join it and are looking for the relevant data that will help them make the right decision.

Example 3: All Bay Solar – MotoCMS Company Website

All Bay Solar – MotoCMS Company Website

AllBaySolar is also worth attention. It’s a pleasure for me to add this website to my examples compilation, since AllBay Solar is a company offering solar integration services which is a very noble occupation, to my mind :). They provide people with clean and unlimited resource of energy. And they do it in a quite elegant way through their website built with MotoCMS.

AllBaySolar is one of the best samples of sites professionally created with MotoCMS. The first thing that catches the attention of a user is a large slider demonstrating the photos of the company’s products in action. The only look at these photos is enough to keep browsing the website in order to learn more about the manufacturer and the products offered for sale. Another thing that gives the site credible look and contributes to the reliability of the company is the availability of certification marks. Users can also make use of the social networking buttons and the Contact Us page to get in touch with the company any time of the day.

Example 4: Homestay Melbourne – MotoCMS Company Website


Homestay Melbourne is a great sample of a website created in the best traditions of the MotoCMS platform. The site has a vigorous and vibrant look, which cannot but drives the attention of users. Homestay Melbourne is located in Sunbury and offers rooming house options for the travelers, who wish to feel cozy and comfortable even being miles away from home.

The website contains all the available information about the housing option as well as the advantages and facilities the clients get when booking the accomodation. It is also possible to look though the reviews of people, who have already booked rooms in the house and wish to share their experience. With an extensive photo gallery, the detailed descriptions of all the rooms that come with high definition photos, Contact Us section with the incorporated Google Maps widget, video presentation of the house and online booking options, Homestay Melbourne is definitely going to be a success!

Example 5: Hailes Art – MotoCMS Portfolio Website


Hailes Art is a website that has a highly professional and distinguished look. Created on the basis of the MotoCMS platform, the site is owned by Brian Charles Hailes – the award winning writer, talented designer and illustrator, who has over 15 years of experience in the business and is ready to offer first class design projects in various spheres of human activity. These include designs of business logos, websites, brochures, portraits and what not.

The homepage of the site represents the message of the author as well as some of his works, which look beneficial against the white background of the page. For those, who are interested in the detailed information regarding Brian’s design experience, skills and works, the website offers a chance to browse through the corresponding sections.

Hailes Art is a nice combination of contrasting elements that create a single positive impression. The website is user-friendly and easy-to-browse, which adds to its functionality and attracts the users. A nice sample of a professionally built website!


Now you see how your MotoCMS website can look like when live. As for me, all these examples prove that this website builder is suitable for building different types of websites: communities, online ministries, e-stores, business websites and many more.

You will find more examples of websites powered by MotoCMS website builder on their official blog, as they regularly publish posts featuring their customers’ accomplishments. One day they can spotlight your MotoCMS website, too ;). So, don’t lose your chance to become a star. You may try their service for free (30-day demo version) and if you’re satisfied with what you get, consider upgrading your account.

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