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Small Business Promotion on the Internet

It is quite difficult to surprise someone with a personal or a business website nowadays. This option has become a norm already. Many users have realized the benefits they can avail having their own “representatives” on the web. A website has become one of the most powerful marketing tools, but only, if they are used properly. Otherwise, they won’t bring the expected effect.

SmallBusinessIt is very important to know how to promote a project on the web. The only fact of its existence does not matter a lot. Listed below are the major recommendations you should follow to choose the right web building software that will help you create a functional and high quality site, which will bring you the desired profit. Are you encouraged to find out more about the issue? Then keep reading the article!

What Makes a Website Important for Small Business?

The answer to the question is quite controversial and depends upon a range of factors. However, the major benefits one can avail when using a business website are as follows:

  • An effective tool for delivering business information to your target audience
  • Sales growth
  • Attraction of partners, market penetration
  • Organization of quick, on time and effective feedback communication with the clients
  • Creation of platform for holding marketing research
  • Company image growth and more.

Do you still doubt that this really works? It does! This especially concerns the promoted platforms. If you don’t have the one, you will not be able to target the audience and get the desired conversion. So, the first step you should start with to reach the goal is creating a high quality website.

Creating a Small Business Website: What Option to Choose?

This is a matter of taste and knowledge, of course. Well, you can use any CMS web-building platform, but this can become a real challenge for a newbie. There are much simpler and quite effective options nowadays. The best one is, undoubtedly, a website builder, which will ensure simplicity, comfort and time economy. Isn’t that what you currently need?

Based on our experience, we are ready to recommend you one of the following website builders: uKit, Wix and Weebly. Each of them has its pros, which distinguish the platforms from each other. Let us review them below.



uKit officially positions itself as a website creation platform for medium and small businesses. This is the first reason that speaks in favor of the software. Other features contribute to the initial effect the platform can make upon a user. Excellent templates, which are subdivided into categories, flexibly adjusted designs, a variety of important elements that are a must when it comes to page editing. The site builder is one of the most visually understandable and easy-to-use tools we have ever seen.


Despite the visible simplicity, uKit does not lack functionality. There is everything you need to create a high quality business website or an attention grabbing online store here: integrated social networking tools, SEO settings and other services that will help promote your small business on the web. The cost of uKit is $48 per year.



Wix is a website builder, which comes with an appealing interface and a set of unique options you won’t find in other tools of this kind. The reasons of its attractiveness are superb templates, an advanced visual editor and integrated app store, which notably expands the tool’s functionality. The software can be effectively used to create small business sites and Internet shops.


Wix looks quite simple, at first sight, but it features enhanced content and design options. They do not contradict with the powerful features that help make a real “masterpiece”. To create a small business website, you will have to invest around $99 per year.



Weebly is a powerful foreign website builder, which is characterized by a user-friendly interface and a set of features, which are required to create a small business site of high quality. Users may choose between lots of templates depending upon the type of project developed (Website, Blog or Online Shop). Some designs are available for all the categories. All templates are modern and feature high quality and versatility. They can be replaced and customized any time of the day. But that’s not it! Users may also upload their own themes and edit HTML/CSS code without any restrictions or limitations. If you lack coding skills, you are welcome to go for the themes available at the website – they won’t disappoint you as well!


Weebly offers a convenient and easy-to-use visual editor, which makes it possible to create and edit the pages, adjust their designs, add any content and set the parameters of the website. Some of these features are not available in a free plan, but if you really need them, you can upgrade to the Starter, Pro or Business account. This is especially important, if you are going to create an Internet shop.

An integrated app market is one of the most beneficial features of the software. This is the place, where you will find lots of applications to expand your web design experience. This is what distinguishes the tool from other website builders and makes it powerful enough to cater to the needs of users.

What’s Next?

Suppose, you have selected the platform and even created a quality small business website. These actions won’t help you reach your goals or bring profit. Creation of a website is only half of the business. What should you do then? Now, you need to promote your project on the web in order to drive visitors, who may become your clients or business partners afterwards.

Define the Target Audience

This step will help you develop the strategic mission of your advertising campaign and choose all the required resources. To make your advertising work, it should be oriented on the target audience. With this purpose, publish it on specialized websites, forums, blogs and mass media.  For example, it makes sense to advertise automotive accessories and products at websites that enjoy popularity with car owners, while clothes will be in demand if advertised at women –oriented forums.

Use Free Ads Websites

If you believe that placing ads at free websites is a waste of your time and effort, you are mistaken. These resources are quite popular with the users looking for specific products and services. As far as this option does not imply any financial investments, why not give it a try then?

Publish Ads in Social Networks

This method of business promotion is quite effective, taking into account its orientation on a target audience. It is quite simple as well. You just need to create the page of a product or a company in social networks to enable users, who like them, to put their “likes”, thus promoting it further. If you wish, you can adjust the settings of your ad’s accessibility. This does not cost much. However, there are two nuances you have to consider here:

  • You have to update the ads and communicate with the potential customers on a regular basis. If you lack time to do that, it makes sense to assign one of your specialists to handle the task.
  • Keep in mind that this ad type is primarily oriented towards city dwellers, who use social networks more often as compared to people living in villages.  So, you will have to think about other variants to offer to this category of users.

Use Online Marketing Services

You can go several ways here. These are banner (link) exchange systems, context ads, registration of the resource in online catalogues or cooperating with the services that offer automatic website promotion. These online marketing tools are available to each user nowadays and do not require any specific knowledge.

Use Professional Services

Despite the fact that well-designed online ads are distinguished by high efficacy and reasonable financial investments, they still require your time and effort. If you lack them, it is better to use professional services offered by companies that specialize at the promotion of advertising projects of your company and website in particular.


Small businesses require websites even more than large companies that have vast audiences ready to buy from them. Newbies, as a rule, need to declare their online presence to grow their customer base and start generating revenue.

You can use any of the above mentioned website builders to create a small business site. It makes sense to analyze and test each of them. All in all, you will spend an hour or two  learning the benefits and features of all of them to make your choice afterwards. All the tools reviewed in the article are great for small business websites. Wix is attention grabbing and easy-to-use, uKit is extremely simple, while Weebly offers a versatility of functions and options you can use to create a quality site.

When developing your website, start thinking about the most effective promotion methods. Think about the audience you plan to target, the potential profits, the financial expenditures and other issues. You will still have to invest something, if you expect to avail a great result. Do not limit your actions by thoughts and dreams only. Start making the first steps right away and the result will come in due time!

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