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The Best Drag and Drop Website Builder

Many website builders claim to offer drag and drop editing principles in their Feature lists, but when it comes to editing itself, you realize that this option is very limited, and you can grab only a few virtual objects and move them to certain zones only.

Surely, this is also great, but why should you opt for a platform with restrictions when you can choose a pure drag and drop website builder?

I’ve already tested many platforms, and to my mind, the best drag and drop CMS belongs to Wix website builder. Just check out the way I stuffed my Wix-powered test website with PayPal and other buttons. Can you repeat this using your current website builder? If you do – feel free to spread the word about your platform in comments :). We’re here to find the clear winner.

Wix editor

In addition to their perfectly implemented drag and drop editor, Wix offers What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing tools. This means you don’t even need their Preview option, as you see how your web page will look like when editing, without any previews. The winning combination of these editing principles makes Wix one of the easiest site constructors. Everything is done just by hovering your mouse over virtual elements, grabbing, dropping and even resizing.

What’s new: now you can choose between two options of website creating – Wix Editor or Wix ADI. Both interfaces are ‘drag&drop’. They differ in details: using standard editor you start building your website from typical template while Wix ADI creates a unique website due to your needs.


Important Note: Excellent drag and drop editor has taken its toll on the ability to interswitch templates on Wix. Once you’ve chosen a template you can’t change it. However, in terms of design you can refresh your website by changing color themes, background and fonts. You may want to read my full Wix Website Builder Review.

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