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Many website builders claim to offer drag and drop editing principles in their Feature lists, but when it comes to editing itself, you realize that this option is very limited, and you can grab only a few virtual objects and move them to certain zones only.

Surely, this is also great, but why should you opt for a platform with restrictions when you can choose a pure drag and drop website builder?

I’ve already tested many platforms, and to my mind, the best drag and drop CMS belongs to Wix website builder. Just check out the way I stuffed my Wix-powered test website with PayPal and other buttons. Can you repeat this using your current website builder? If you do – feel free to spread the word about your platform in comments :). We’re here to find the clear winner.

In addition to their perfectly implemented drag and drop editor, Wix offers What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing tools. This means you don’t even need their Preview option, as you see how your web page will look like when editing, without any previews. The winning combination of these editing principles makes Wix one of the easiest site constructors. Everything is done just by hovering your mouse over virtual elements, grabbing, dropping and even resizing.

#1. Wix – The Best Drag and Drop Website Builder

Wix main

Wix can rightfully be called one of the best drag-and-drop website builders available in the modern web design market. The system comes with universal functionality, which works well for launching different types of websites – from simple landing pages and up to full-featured business websites or even online stores. No coding skills are required to create websites that look great and feature excellent performance here. This is what attracts inexperienced users as well as proficient web developers to this stunning website builder.

Wix benefits become obvious from the very first minutes you explore the service. Listed below are the most impressive of them:

  • Two Website Editing Options – Wix users can now choose between two website editing options, the first of which (standard Wix editor) allows creating a site by customizing a chosen template, while the second one (Wix ADI) will do the job for you by automatically generating a website based on the information submitted;
  • Simplicity and Convenience – the website builder has a drag-and-drop interface and WYSIWYG editor, which ensure smooth and comfy web building process, triggering great result almost in no time;
  • Mobile-Optimized Templates – the platform is one of the niche leaders, which offers an extensive collection of mobile-optimized thematic templates and a rich choice of design customization tools to give your website the preferred look;
  • App Market – Wix is also known for its App Market, which comes with a set of quality widgets and extensions, each of which can give functionality to your website;
  • Mobile Editor – the system allows making websites optimized for mobile viewing by using drag-and-drop editing to fine-tune them as you need;
  • Blogging and eCommerce Platforms – it is possible to build full-featured blogs and online stores with Wix by making use of the advanced system options, thus boosting website quality and traffic.

Wix pricing policy is also worth the attention, especially if you deal with custom website creation. The service has a free everlasting plan, which makes system testing simple and convenient. As soon as you are ready to proceed to professional website creation, you can choose between five plans, including Connect Domain ($4.50/mo), Combo ($8.50/mo), Unlimited ($12.50/mo), eCommerce ($16.50/mo) and VIP ($24.50/mo). Each plan grants access to myriads of features and tools needed to design different types of websites.

#2. uKit – The Easiest Website Builder

uKit Main Page

uKit has gained worldwide popularity as the easiest drag and drop website builder with a powerful feature set. The system is mostly used to create business websites, but it can also be chosen to launch other projects. uKit has much to offer newbies and web design experts. Its functionality is enough to design decent websites, while the entire web building process takes a few hours only. This is a stunning result, which cannot be found in the majority of other contemporary website builders.

The website builder offers multiple features, which boost its performance. The most outstanding advantages of the platform are as follows:

  • Ease-of-Use – uKit comes with drag-and-drop functionality, which allows controlling all the steps of the web building process and makes it possible even for newbies to launch a website from scratch in no time and with no coding needed;
  • Responsive Templates – the website builder allows choosing between multiple quality templates, which are responsive in nature and can be changed on the go without losing the content submitted;
  • Add-Ons and Widgets – the system grants access to various add-ons and widgets, which can be embedded into a website to boost its functionality and make it more interesting for visitors;
  • Multilingual Support – the website builder makes it possible to create different language versions of your website to reach your personal and business goals;
  • eCommerce options – it’s possible to build an online store with uKit either by using a corresponding widget or by integrating an Ecwid Plugin into a ready made website;
  • SSL Certification – connection of SSL certificates to websites prevents unauthorized access to them, thus increasing their safety, protecting the confidentiality of information they contains and ensuring smooth performance.

Affordability is one of the highlights of uKit website builder. You won’t find a free plan here, but you can make use of a free trial version, which extends for 14 days and allows exploring the major system features. If you decide to upgrade to one of the paid plans, you can select the following options: Premium ($4/month), Premium+ ($8/month), eCommerce ($9.6/month) and Pro ($12/month) plans. Whatever solution you will go for, you will save your budget and time.

Bottom Line

Drag-and-drop website builders simplify the web design process, make it simple, convenient and hassle-free. This is what appeals to the prevailing amount of users, who value their money, effort and time above all. Whether you are a non-techie, who is just making the first steps in the exploration of the web building niche, or a proficient web designer, who is responsible for the development of client projects, drag-and-drop website builders will be of great help to you.

Wix and uKit are two platforms, which feature the best price/quality correlation, grant access to mobile-optimized templates, abundance of design customization tools as well as a powerful feature set. Wix is a universal website builder, which is certainly the best in the niche. uKit is a small business website builder, which features amazing ease of use for everyone and impressive affordability. Both systems can rightfully be considered the best drag-and-drop website builders that are worth user attention.

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