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The Best Shopping Cart Software Solution

Typically, website builders offer their eCommerce functionality as part of the Premium plans. But some of them make eCommerce at the first sight. I was especially thrilled by Shopify site maker and its online store building options.

Thus, I’ve decided to nominate this platform for the Best Shopping Cart Solution. In case you’d like to offer your candidates, feel free to drop the comments below. We’re here to find the best website building software to meet your unique needs.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is a great solution in case you need to build a lightweight, simple and elegant e-store. Creating a webstore with this platform is just a piece of cake, even for completely HTML-illiterate users. Simplicity is definitely one of their strengths. Now let’s take a closer look at their Basic Shopify package:

  • It costs $29/mo. But before start your subscription you can try its’ functional for 14 days.

  • Ability to sell unlimited number of products.

  • Unlimited storage and free SSL-certificate.

  • Full-featured website and blog.

Surely, the list of all features isn’t jaw-dropping, yet it enables you to build a decent, personalized e-store in mere minutes. Thus, if at the moment you can’t afford building a powerful e-shop with wide functionality, but you are eager to launch the website right now – you can always test it within Shopify’s trial period. Over time, when you decide to invest into online business, you can select the plan, which suits the best, in order to get more advanced website building tools.

What It Takes to Build an E-Store with Shopify?

Setting up an e-store with Shopify is breeze. All you need is to take the following steps:

  • Sign up to the platform with just a few clicks.

  • Confirm your registration and start customizing your store.

  • Add product descriptions.

Shopify - Add Product

  • Set up your design. You can select between free or premium themes. A pretty good feature – you can download your own Shopify Theme!

Shopify - Free Themes

  • Create discount codes, if needed the system can generate a random combination of promo-code.

Shopify - Discount Code

  • Adjust basic settings (sitename, currency, payment options, etc.).

Shopify - Adjust Payments

  • Go live and spread the word about your e-shop!

Congratulations, you’re a happy owner of an e-store :). In case you’re interested in setting up a webstore with this lightweight shopping cart, you may want to read a full Shopify review or take a look at functioning Shopify website examples from Howard Steele.

Can I create a website with a shopping cart for free?

Before answer this question let’s try to imagine whether we want to open a shop in a real world. Where can you find a free place for building your store or does somebody agree to give you any inventories for free only if he isn’t a fraudster? Of course, this is a ridiculous situation.

The same is over Internet – all proposals of creating free online shop or connecting free shopping cart are mostly marketing tricks. So the answer for this question is no – free shopping cart could be used just for testing during trial period, no more.

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