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The Best Solution for SEO-friendly Flash Websites

Flash is a powerful tool for creating exceptional, animated websites offering excellent user experience. However, the very term ‘Flash’ sends shivers down the spines of many bloggers. Why? Because Flash websites are considered to be search engine unfriendly. Although Google is digging deeper into the Flash these days making Flash developers rejoice, there are still many obstacles keeping potential website owners from using Flash templates for their blog. But why sacrifice your website’s design to SEO? Select one of the effects-rich Flash templates offered by MotoCMS website builder – they are all indexed by search engines. So, for this unparalleled feature I’ve decided to nominate MotoCMS for the Best Solution for SEO-friendly Flash websites.

The Problem

If you’re uninformed about what exactly makes Flash websites unattractive to SEO, I’ll fill you in. But if you are familiar with the methods that Google and other search engines use to rank your website, just skip this paragraph :).

Search engines use tiny but smart programs also known as ‘bots’ or ‘crawlers’. These programs look for new content to scan, classify and rank. When the crawler comes across you website it checks every page for content that will be later used for ranking your website against other similar websites. So, while HTML and JavaScript-based pages present this content in an easy-to read and archive form, Flash pages encapsulate your content inside a single/multiple files that don’t let the bots enter the content and perform their job. Thus, Flash makes your website virtually invisible to search engines. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem – MotoCMS.

The Solution

MotoCMS website builder hits the sweet spot of SEO friendliness and aesthetic appeal by embedding an HTML version into every Flash template. As we can see from Hovard Steele MotoCMS review and examples of sites made on MotoCMS This means, when you build a website using one of these templates, you deal with two websites – one is being built for search engines (HTML copy), and another is for your visitors – stunning, visual-effects laden Flash websites. But don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to physically create both websites – all you need is to customize the template you’ve chosen. The rest is done automatically.

MotoCMS Flash Templates

SEO-friendly Flash templates aren’t the only weapon in MotoCMS arsenal. Besides those, this platform offers equally eye-pleasing HTML templates and a plethora of widgets you can integrate into them. Another undeniable advantage is that MotoCMS has a very transparent pricing policy – you pay only once ($139), no monthly charges and paid features.

MotoCMS Homepage

Want to obtain a better idea about the feature set you can get with this website builder? – read my detailed MotoCMS Review. To dispel all doubts, take a look on review of MotoCMS made by SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com. Whether you want to see what exactly you can build using this web service, you may pay heed to my modest MotoCMS Website Examples compilation or noted MotoCMS examples by Howard Steele.

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