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uCoz is a good example of a powerful yet not overly complex website builder. It combines lots of excellent features, presents them well and makes them easy to use. uCoz offers so many templates that almost everyone can find something to their taste. There’s no need for coding or having a previous website building experience, simply use the point&click control panel to add or remove whatever you want from your website.

At the same time, along with visual editing tools, there is full access to HTML, CSS codes and the opportunity to use custom scripts for more experienced users. Nowadays uCoz is one of the best solutions in website building world, if you are to create your personal website, blog, forum, online shop and much more. There are few free website builders to offer as much as uCoz.

Example 1: Summer Glau – uCoz Blog

As you’ve already guessed summer-glau.com is dedicated to the pretty amazing television actress Summer Glau. You probably know her because of the iconic TV series Firefly.

Summer Glau - uCoz Website Examples

This is a great example of a fan website. It has all the necessary info one might want to know about the actress – the previous and current projects, news, events, photo galleries etc. There are also community forums for discussions with fellow fans. The Forum and News modules form the basis of the website and the administrators put them to really good use.

The only thing that bothers me is the quality of images – lots of them are in low quality and that doesn’t produce a good impression. Still, I totally recommend to check out the website, especially if you enjoy the actress’s performance.

Example 2: Vector Boom – uCoz Website

Vectorboom.com is a website of a group of designers with a “fresh approach”. I don’t know what they mean by that. The only thing I know for sure, is that they have a fantastic website.

Vector Boom - uCoz Website Examples

The first thing you think about is “they are designers, so of course their website looks great”. Designers they are. Nonetheless, they chose a simple approach for their website: a white background, a few strokes of grey and black.

The layout is pretty standard and it’s good, because you’ll be standing with your mouth wide open when you see so many functional features, posts, videos, tutorials…There are hundreds of those down there. A big plus is that the website is multilingual.

Example 3: Balt Trade – uCoz Webstore

Balttradeusa.com was founded in 2008, they are the largest European food wholesaler in Washington state and Oregon, mostly focused on bringing high-quality products to the USA from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Hungary, China etc.

Balt Trade USA - uCoz Website Examples

The website’s layout is unusual, it’s not often that you see a grocery store stylized like an old piece of paper 🙂 I find it hard to admit, but it looks fine. The website has two menus – one with a site map, the other with the product assortment – which may be a bit confusing at first, but eventually will turn out convenient.

The website has the uCoz’s eCommerce solution installed, but it is used just as a product catalog. It’s a shame because the module has lots of useful features.

Example 4: The Singapore Democratic Party – uCoz Website

It’s not that often that I see political websites created with website builders. Even more rarely I review them.
Yoursdp.org is a website of The Singapore Democratic Party.

Singapore Democratic Party  - uCoz Website Examples

So, what can I say about the website? There are lots of posts in the news section, which I consider as good, because not all websites make it their habit to post news regularly. It’s great to see social media buttons and a menu bar pinned at the top, which comes in really handy on websites with long pages.

The color scheme is nice and pleasant to the eye. I should note that the website’s design is a custom one, it’s not one of the default uCoz designs. All in all, SDP’s website is a quality online presentation of the party, having just the right amount of content and a suitable design.

Example 5: Farming Simulator Mods – uCoz Website

Well, Farmingsimulator-mods.info is a website related to the…farming simulators mods. It’s a game about farming stuff.

Farming Simulator Mods - uCoz Website Examples

Let’s not dwell on this too long and focus our attention on the website itself. Despite the fact that the functionality is a little bit overwhelmed with different menu sections, it’s intuitively understandable even for a child. I should say that I’m not a fan of such dark designs.

The background is coil black, the color scheme is the other shade of black. When you find texts in white, you’ll feel some blurring in your eyes. As I said, I’ve never liked too dark color schemes, so I wouldn’t recommend repeating it on your website.

Example 6: Russian Step By Step – uCoz Website

Have you ever thought about learning Russian? Yes? Then russianstepbystep.com is just the right place. It has tons of learning materials, videos, books etc. Have questions about the pronunciation or spelling of a word? Join the forum and get help from the website administration.,/p>

Russian Step by Step - uCoz Website Examples

As for the website in general, it’s pretty common to me. What I mean is that I’ve seen lots of online learning websites. Most of them have more or less similar structure, which isn’t always a bad thing. Still, why limit your website in any way possible, considering all the opportunities, that a website builder can offer?


uCoz is a very versatile website builder. You can use it for creating any website type, for example, if you want to create a blog – turn on the Blog and Social Media Publisher modules; to set up a portfolio, activate the Photo Gallery module; to start a web store, install the Online Shop. You can mix and match the module as you want.

One of the annoying things is that free websites display slightly noticeable ad banner, and there’s no drag-and-drop editing for those who are complete newbies in website building.

The best thing about uCoz is its flexibility. It’s highly customizable (but you need to know some basics of CSS and HTML if you want to give your website a truly custom look). Users have full access to the code, can install a fully custom design and even use PHP.

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