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Website Builders: Which One to Go For?

The increasing number of website builders is the best proof of their popularity nowadays.  While it was not a problem to count these platforms several years ago, it has become a real challenge to memorize all of them today. Many of these tools, however, are commercial projects. Even if a platform is free, the developers use alternative monetization methods, like placing ads and what not. So, it can be concluded that the increase of supply of website builders is triggered by the increased demand and profitability of their development.

website builderThe facts mentioned above eventually increase the niche competition, which is a benefit for web developers. While the designers of website builders keep competing for the user, the industry keeps developing. Introduction of new approaches, advanced administration panels, fantastic templates with powerful customization options and other features cannot but attract the attention of users today.

Despite the advantages and niche advancements, the problem of choice still remains a burning one. Ordinary users are puzzled by such a wide range of offers and cannot decide, which website builder will work best for them. Testing all of them does not make any sense. Instead, it is better to follow the experience of other people. We are going to share ours’ below.

What Website Builder to Choose?

So, what website builder is really worth your attention? There is no definite answer to this question. The choice of the tool depends upon the objectives you have and the problems the software is supposed to solve. This means that the choice should be made with regard to the website type you are going to create, because there are platforms, which are the best in their niche, be it business sites, online shops and what not.  

The best website builder should be selected depending on the options and features it offers to help you get the most out of your project. Just like the skills, goals and preferences of users differ, so do the tools chosen to solve the problems. Listed below are the reviews of three website builders, which can be helpful tools both for the newbies and experienced site developers. These are uKit, Wix and Weebly.

General Overview



uKit is a great tool for those users, who are not looking for multifunctional and bulky project solutions. The website builder has everything needed to create an attention grabbing business website. Correspondingly, it is oriented on the specific target audience: busy people, who are not aware of all those coding basics, template creation etc.

No special skills and knowledge are required to create a website with uKit. You just need to be an experienced user to handle the task successfully. This is due to the drag-and-drop editing options, template and content adaptability, intuitive interfaces and administration panels as well as other features the software offers. uKit can be considered the best service for business site development based on a number of characteristics, including simplicity, convenience, a rich choice of thematic templates and specialized widgets, such as live chat, social network panels, callback order, contact forms, price-lists, reviews, informers, online consultants and what not.

Decent functionality of the software allows solving the pre-defined tasks in an effective way. It is hardly possible to create a forum or a large online shop using uKit, but these are not the purposes the tool was initially created for. When choosing the service, you get what you are promised to get: a high quality website builder that is the best choice to create landing pages and business sites. If you need more options, it makes sense to continue your search.

uKit is a vivid representative of commercial-oriented site builders. This is the platform for business development with reasonable pricing and dedication to the needs of users. The only paid plan costs $4 per month (when you pay for the whole year). So, if you wish to promote your business, you are welcome to choose uKit!



Wix is a trusted and credible foreign website builder and one of the best services used to create simple and attention grabbing websites. The system is based on the visual editor, easy-to-use administration panel and extra functionality features that can be availed by adding free and paid widgets to website pages. At the same time, the software is somewhat overloaded with settings, but this is the problem that can easily be handled.

The range of options Wix offers includes the ability to choose background videos, activation of the scrolling parallax effect, adjustment of blocks with the required information and horizontal lines resembling landing page layouts.  By the way, the service can be used to create landing pages as well. Apart from that, there is also enough functionality to launch an online shop, although, the prices are quite high. Wix can be used as a forum creation tool, but the apps it offers are great for blogs or extra business site features only. Their functionality is not enough to create a forum.

All in all, Wix is a high quality website builder for the newbies, who do not have to be programming pros to work with it. It can be compared to uKit, but the latter comes with a simpler administration panel and more restrained specialized templates, which are, though, quite attractive.



Weebly is a powerful website builder, which enjoys popularity with millions of users across the globe. Since 2007 and up to this day, the tool offers their clients numerous benefits that cannot be found in other site builders. These include high quality modern templates, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable variant for any business, multiple drag-and-drop editing options, rich selection of elements that help create functional websites from scratch and an ability to add HTML modules to the pages, which leave enough place for web design experiments. The page editing option is simple and easy-to-understand even for the newbies.

Weebly offers both free and paid plans. Although, the latter have more advantages and site creation options, a free version is enough to create a functional basic website most users need today.

As a site builder, Weebly caters to the highest niche standards. Despite minor disadvantages, the software offers numerous powerful and convenient features, including a convenient administration panel, great modern templates and a selection of widgets to make site pages versatile. No wonder, experts admit that Weebly is definitely worth the money you invest into it.

Which One Is the Best?

Gone are those days, when a simple website could be created with substantial financial investments. With modern and functional website builders, each user may get a lucrative website, filled with informative content and lots of special features. Does it make sense to pay more for using advanced web building platforms then?

Website builders have already proven their efficacy, while sites created with their help often do not differ a lot from those developed by other methods. The only thing that matters here is the right choice of the best platform. If you need a functional business website, for example, uKit is the one that will meet your needs. It comes with superb templates and a set of options required to establish the powerful online business presence.  

Wix is the right choice when it comes to creating websites that represent different ideas and artistic trends, for instance. It lacks functionality to create a large business site, but it is great for smaller projects. Wix benefits include a rich selection of quality templates, a convenient and easy-to-use administration panel and the incorporated app store.

Weebly caters to the highest industry standards and may be used to create large projects, such as the development of business websites. It comes with a set of templates, a large choice of widgets, multiple drag-and-drop editing options, intuitive interface and other powerful elements needed to create a high quality business website.

The choice of the best website builder is quite controversial and depends upon your preferences and goals. If you have any doubts, then select the one, the features of which impress you most and will help you reach the goals you have set. You can test all the platforms mentioned above and make your choice afterwards. The signup procedure at all of them does not take longer than five minutes, while testing the software requires around half an hour. It makes sense to spend a few hours analyzing these options to choose the website builder you will use for years to come!

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