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Malcolm Thomas

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4 Responses

  1. Tamara says:

    Hi ! I would like to know if there is a way to integrate webydo with shopify? What I mean under this is to design in webydo a theme, a template for the shopify store for product pages, etc. and then to export it to shopify store so the whole design applies to the store with all the products in there?

    • Hi, Tamara,
      Thanks for your question.
      You can integrate Shopify with you Webydo site by adding a Shopify ‘Buy’ button to you Webydo website. In this case you can sell your products with a Shopify platform and your website will be of that design you’ve made.

  2. Alec says:

    I signed up for a free test account in dec 2015 and was impresseed with the interface and templates.
    Being a small design and marketing company we host our customer’s sites in our own servers so I was focused only on the design features of the interface.
    When a representative of Webydo contact me by phone in my language to explain me all the features I was impressed again! But this representative assured me that I can easily download my designs to host them elsewhere whenever I want. He offer me “50 sites” so I pay my anual plan inmediatly although I was emphatic about the fact that I was not interested on webydo’s hosting service at all.

    To my surprise, the “downloaded” code generated by Webydo is full of garbage and dependant of Webydo’s javascripts and classes. Forms won’t work at all outside Webydo and the “download” is not instantanly. You have to submit your requirement and they send you the zipped files by email. I found later that such “download” was simply a crawl of the published site on webydo’s subdomains and the structure and coding was unmantainable.Also to my surprise, the “50 sites” turned out to be “50 DOWNLOADS” instead, so if you have to fix something like an image or a footer text, you have to go back to webydo interface, re-publish and ask again for a download… as your download’s counter goes down.

    We end up using Webydo to generate visual proposals to our customers, but in any case, once the project was sold, we end up rebuilding the site from scratch in order to have a decent mantainable code and contact forms that work, so by now I only login ocasionally to see if there’s a new template or something interesting.

    When I was trying to get a refund they finaly explained to me more clearly: “think of webydo as an incredible full flagged hosted CMS, not as a design tool”. Lesson learned.

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