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Webydo debuted in 2013 as a code-free web design software for professionals. Since then, the company morphed from a perspective startup into a powerful platform serving over 245,000 accounts worldwide.

Webydo isn’t just another DIY website builder for beginners. It’s a sophisticated platform that has a look and feel of Adobe products, such as Photoshop or InDesign. It is intended for web design professionals who are more visual than technical, as its smart code generator instantly converts your visuals into valid code. It’s like hosted Photoshop for building websites.

Webydo seems to care about its users. For this reason, the platform’s team regularly updates its templates and themes that are good for various types of websites. Whether you want to build a digital store resulting in higher conversion rates or look for a template for fixed and fluid grid galleries, Webydo always has something to offer.

Moreover, you can try yourself as a professional designer thanks to a set of updated design tools in addition to its 3 new templates. A bunch of instruments includes automated layout tools, snap-to smart guides, and more great updates to benefit that certainly make Webydo a flexible and versatile website builder.

If you’re a designer who is always at the mercy of expensive developers, Webydo is seriously worth looking at. It will help you bring your artworks to life without having to outsource the coding part of your projects.

Ease of Use

Expect a learning curve. Though Webydo provides a total WYSIWYG experience, it’s a fairly sophisticated platform. I highly recommend that you watch some introductory videos before you actually start building your site using Webydo.

Webydo Editor

What I like most about this site builder is that it is built with users’ convenience and ease of use in mind. Webydo is smartly divided into Dashboard and Design Studio that comes with three working modes, which make it easy for designers to share their projects without worrying that someone can break their site. These are the Design, Content and Preview Modes.

While the Design mode provides full control over the website design, the Content mode only allows to edit content, without affecting the site’s design. All the changes are clearly visible in the Preview mode that makes it possible to see how the entire design and content of a site will look on different devices after the publication.

For experienced designers and the newbies, Webydo offers a detailed introductory video and an interactive tour to find out the nuances of working with the platform. This is an important option, taking into account the fact that the website builder has specific automation features users may not even suspect of.

Another feature that contributes to the ease of use is the Text Editor. It helps automate numerous operations and generate cleaner codes, thus making the Design mode more effective. For all those users willing to stay aware of the recent changes and updates of the system, Webydo offers the Updates window, which becomes visible each time a user enters the dashboard.


Webydo is more a static site builder, which means it’s primarily focused on the look of your site, rather than its operation. The control panel of the service offers a variety of web design tools that allow for the advanced website customization. Among the elements you can drag and drop to your website pages are videos, images, shapes, text, galleries, widgets, Flash files, menus and even a code-free Parallax scrolling animator that makes it possible to implement various animation effects on almost all the visual objects available at the page.

Unlike many other website builders that offer users incorporated font libraries, Webydo makes it possible to upload your own fonts. This feature also contributes to the design uniqueness.


Webydo features powerful eCommerce functionality. It allows creating an online store with a few clicks only and explore the trial mode prior to switching to one of the paid plans. This step is required if you need to test the entire set of Webydo eCommerce instruments. Even though, the system doesn’t offer its own shopping cart, you can still add an Ecwid storefront to your website easily. Ecwid fees will be charged on top of the Webydo fee.

Webydo Ecwid


Webydo has a full-featured blogging system called ‘Blog Content Mode’. It allows designers to create a template for all their future posts so that their clients could add and publish articles within the same design format. The blogging option can also be applied to creating news feeds, product collections and other occasionally repeated elements.

Custom Branding

The most unusual features include Build my brand and Bill my client services. The Build my brand feature lets you re-brand the platform – you can place your own logos on the welcome page and the CMS to present Webydo as your own to your clients. The Bill my client feature lets you send payment requests to your clients directly through the Webydo Dashboard. Please note that Webydo charges 5% per successful transaction.

Webydo Branding

When your design is ready, you can export it and host it elsewhere.

Custom Domain

When in development, your website is located on a Webydo subdomain. When you’re ready to connect your own domain, you need to upgrade to a paid plan first. You can attach a domain you own or buy a new one directly through the Webydo control panel. The Team and Agency plans come with the ability to create branded subdomains. In other words, all your unpublished websites will be located on your company’s web address.


Webydo allows you to specify meta tags for individual pages (title, keywords and description), connect Google Analytics, and also set 301 redirects.

Webydo SEO

When your site is ready, you can either export its CSS and HTML code or host your site with Webydo. Since recently, you can even purchase domain names directly through the control panel.


You have three options: a ready theme, a layout or a blank canvas. All Webydo themes are responsive. Designers can create different experiences for different devices by creating breakpoints for specific screen sizes.

Webydo Templates

Webydo doesn’t boast an impressive collection of templates, but those you can make use of are professionally-designed and feature high quality. All in all, there are currently 32 templates, which are absolutely free. You can check how your website will look with a template of your choice in the Preview mode.

Technical Support

There’s a Live Chat window located in your control panel, a video knowledge base and a separate Participate section where you can report a bug and vote for existing suggestions. U.S. users can get free support by phone.

Apart from that, Webydo experts can get in touch with the clients through the SSo. Thus, if you would like to make any suggestions that could help improve your web design experience – you are welcome to do that! It really works!


There’s a 7 days trial version and four paid subscriptions. Paid pricing plans include the Pro Plan ($90/mo), the Team Plan ($180/mo) and the Agency Plan ($480/mo). There is also a separate Enterprise Plan that comes with special conditions and individual pricing. The plans differ based on the number of websites you can create, the number of collaborators, and other aspects. Apart from that, the system offers discounted plans for entrepreneurs and students.

Webydo prising

Possible Drawbacks

The website builder mainly focuses on website design rather than on functionality. You won’t find any advanced plugins or widgets here. Another drawback is that Webydo has a complex design studio, which makes it difficult for a newbie or an inexperienced web designer to make use of it.

The Strongest Side

Collaboration tools. Webydo’s Dashboard allows professional designers to lead multiple projects simultaneously, share designs with co-workers and clients with a few clicks and instantly get feedback. An opportunity to suggest a desirable feature is also a notable benefit of the system.

My Conclusions

Webydo is a renowned name in the web building niche. It is a nice choice for building portfolio websites, corporate sites and online stores. You don’t need any coding skills to create websites with it. The pricing plans it offers are not cheap, however, and, thus, they are more suitable for professionals creating dozens of websites each month. The platform provides users with a complex interface full of advanced design features. They include a set of design instruments include Smart Grouping feature in addition to Flex Panel Arrangement. Now it comes up with an updated version to provide users a clear vision of their website canvas. Some more options include different types of popups and navigation buttons, instruments to customize your gallery setting and set a specific number of columns, combine various hover effects or switch between them. Webydo offers great opportunities to show off your brand.

Multi-page website themes can be good for companies that need to establish their unique style. Video backgrounds create a lavish effect and add some atmosphere to boring plain sections. Those familiar with Adobe tools will certainly recognize it. I think it’s really good at what it does. And what are your thoughts?

Malcolm Thomas

My name is Malcolm, I'm a blogger. I mostly spend my time reviewing website building software and helping others turn their ideas into exceptional websites. I like meeting new people, so feel free to contact me anytime.

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4 Responses

  1. Tamara says:

    Hi ! I would like to know if there is a way to integrate webydo with shopify? What I mean under this is to design in webydo a theme, a template for the shopify store for product pages, etc. and then to export it to shopify store so the whole design applies to the store with all the products in there?

    • Hi, Tamara,
      Thanks for your question.
      You can integrate Shopify with you Webydo site by adding a Shopify ‘Buy’ button to you Webydo website. In this case you can sell your products with a Shopify platform and your website will be of that design you’ve made.

  2. Alec says:

    I signed up for a free test account in dec 2015 and was impresseed with the interface and templates.
    Being a small design and marketing company we host our customer’s sites in our own servers so I was focused only on the design features of the interface.
    When a representative of Webydo contact me by phone in my language to explain me all the features I was impressed again! But this representative assured me that I can easily download my designs to host them elsewhere whenever I want. He offer me “50 sites” so I pay my anual plan inmediatly although I was emphatic about the fact that I was not interested on webydo’s hosting service at all.

    To my surprise, the “downloaded” code generated by Webydo is full of garbage and dependant of Webydo’s javascripts and classes. Forms won’t work at all outside Webydo and the “download” is not instantanly. You have to submit your requirement and they send you the zipped files by email. I found later that such “download” was simply a crawl of the published site on webydo’s subdomains and the structure and coding was unmantainable.Also to my surprise, the “50 sites” turned out to be “50 DOWNLOADS” instead, so if you have to fix something like an image or a footer text, you have to go back to webydo interface, re-publish and ask again for a download… as your download’s counter goes down.

    We end up using Webydo to generate visual proposals to our customers, but in any case, once the project was sold, we end up rebuilding the site from scratch in order to have a decent mantainable code and contact forms that work, so by now I only login ocasionally to see if there’s a new template or something interesting.

    When I was trying to get a refund they finaly explained to me more clearly: “think of webydo as an incredible full flagged hosted CMS, not as a design tool”. Lesson learned.

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