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Selecting a DIY website builder for your project can be a tough task. Firstly, because there are dozens of site constructors out there. Secondly, because the web publishing industry is witnessing a real arms race these days – site builders improve their feature sets with lightning speed.

So, you’ve heard about Webydo and Wix and now wondering which one is better. I can’t say which is better, because they don’t actually compete 🙂 . Though these platforms do have a few things in common, Wix and Webydo are very different. So, in this post I will try to show you the key differences between these site builders, rather than calculate their scores in different nominations.


Wix. Wix aims at newbies. It requires no technical experience at all. It’s popular among small business owners and independent professionals who want to create and maintain their own sites independently. Wix is mostly used for creating simple blogs, business websites, and small shops.

Webydo. Webydo serves professional designers. It offers complex web design tools allowing users to create sophisticated objects right in the admin panel – no need to draw them in Photoshop or elsewhere and then upload to your site. The platform was created by designers who needed a software that could convert their designs into valid code.

Ease of Use

Wix. Wix is very easy to use. You’ll be doing lots of dragging, dropping and inline editing. Wix offers a total WYSIWYG experience. There are two areas in the control panel: a dashboard and an editor.

Wix Editor

Webydo. If you don’t have any experience in InDesign or Photoshop you’ll definitely find Webydo a bit complicated. But if you’re a seasoned designer, you’ll love it. The control panel is divided into two areas: a dashboard where you can easily manage multiple projects, and a builder where you can actually draw your sites. The builder itself has three working modes: Design, Content, and Preview.

Webydo Editor

Feature Set

Webydo. As a platform exclusively aimed at designers, Webydo primarily focuses on drawing tools. It’s like a hosted version of Photoshop. It has an advanced text editor, professional image editing tools, and even an in-house parallax scrolling animator. But in terms of interactive widgets it seems to lack those. There’s an Ecwid widget to sell goods online and a simple blogging platform called Articles. These will certainly handle a simple blog or a store, but they’re not enough for creating serious projects.

Webydo Ecwid

Wix. Wix offers a wealth of third-party extensions in their App Market, from eCommerce to online scheduling. Each can be instantly integrated into your site. See the full list of features in my Wix review.

Wix App Market


Webydo. Webydo’s collection of templates isn’t numerous. Existing templates mainly serve as a starting point, not as end designs, since the platform is expected to be used by professional designers which come to create new designs rather than use predetermined pieces.

Webydo Templates

Wix. Wix has a rich library of templates to satisfy any business. They’re all eye-catching and have a modern look. Besides ready designs, there are also blank layouts for those preferring to start with a site structure.

Wix Templates

Mobile Editor

Webydo. Webydo users can fine-tune the mobile and tablet look of their site through creating breakpoints for different screen sizes. All Webydo templates are responsive.

Wix. Wix also allows users to customize mobile versions of their sites via the Mobile View. It’s as easy-to-use as the desktop version of Wix.


Webydo. You can start with a trial 7-days account to see what Webydo looks like. Paid plans range from $90/mo to $480/mo and are differentiated based on the number of websites you can build, team members and other aspects.

Webydo prising

Wix. Wix also follows the freemium business model. There’s a free version (with ads) and premium plans unlocking advanced features.


I think you’re agree with me that Wix is the winner here: you can simply subscribe to Wix year plan for the price of the one-month Webydo’s cheapest plan.


While Wix is the de facto choice for the most of users, Webydo targets professionals. Webydo has a complex Design Management System allowing designers to create complex objects and effects. Wix, on the contrary, offers a wealth of ready solutions that can be instantly integrated and modified.

If you’re not a professional web-designer, and need to create a stunning website in a short time, Wix will be a smart decision for you.

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