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Webydo has been confidently making its way into the market of top sitebuilders since its launch about a year ago. This community-led platform for designers has already amassed over 235,000 creative users, most of which are professionals who use Webydo as their major working tool for creating and publishing sites for their clients.

Webydo is indeed a unique website builder. It has a Photoshop-ish design management system allowing designers to draw sophisticated shapes and objects directly in their browsers. It’s like InDesign on steroids – everything you draw is automatically converted into an updated HTML code along with CMS for your client.

Today we’re taking a closer look at a couple of Webydo-powered websites. I’ve found those on their official website (in the Spotlight section).

Example 1: Amy Manor – Webydo Portfolio

Amy Manor

AmyManor.com is a portfolio website, owned and operated by Amy Manor who’s an interior designer with an impressive experience in the industry. This experience is winningly showcased in the ‘Projects’ tab which is a collection of high quality photographs. Each project has a nicely structured preview that simplifies navigation. The site is simple, sleek and elegant, but somewhat dark, to my mind.

Though this website doesn’t offer any unusual user experiences, it confidently shows off the branding and helps visitors find useful information about the designer. There is a pretty standard gallery with beautiful images, and the press section contains magazine publications. All in all, it’s a nice website.

Example 2: StellaAndLori – Webydo Store

Stella Andlori

It’s a very lovely website! I was thoroughly impressed with the hand-drawn elements, bright colors and interactive effects. 5 stars out of 5! StellaAndLori.com is a handmade leather products shop by Vered Blank Grizim and Zohar Blank Kama. The name of the company represents the names of the women’s grandmothers :). Most of all I liked their Contact Us page. It’s definitely one of the best works I’ve ever seen! These girls have an excellent sense of aesthetics.

The website is linked to an Ecwid account where you can purchase unique Stella and Lori products. Let me remind you that Webydo doesn’t have its own eCommerce solution, yet allows easy Ecwid shop integration (there’s a special widget for that).

Example 3: Booghi – Webydo Site


Booghi.be are a communication company with an evolved approach of web development. It’s a team of talented and experienced artists. What do they do exactly? It’ll be easy to say what they don’t.

Their business site is very attractive and effective! This is a great example of a minimalist style in website building. You won’t find lots of unnecessary elements, buttons, photos, because there are few and it’s more than enough. Black and white mix is an undying classic. In one click on the “cross” button you will see how the black color will gently transform into white. Every page is very informative, but not overloaded. Actually, it’s one of the best promo sites I’ve seen this year. Bravo.

Example 4: GX Land Rovers – Webydo Site


GXLandRovers.co.uk firm is a family repair business, and as you’ve already guessed their main speciality are Land Rovers and all that’s related to them.

Land Rover is a perfect choice if you need a powerhorse in a beautiful dust-jacket. So do their website. It’s almost like a swiss army knife, very functional, its good structure provides easy navigation. Social media have become an integral part of business, so having social buttons on the website is mandatory. The visual part is styled with the typical Land Rover colors such as black, white, and different shades of grey. I would only recommend that they add a Callback option to the website.

Example 5: Jennifer’s Paper – Webydo Site


JennifersPaper.com is a website of the Brooklyn’s designer, who started her own project of making custom envelopes, wedding cards, and party invitations. Jen is a big fan of Pinterest (and who isn’t, Jen?), that’s the reason why her website looks so damn good!

The background of white and black dots is a winning combination for a design oriented website. You will see lots of Jen’s works in good quality images. It’s not a problem to navigate around the website, you have a feeling like you’ve been there before. Good, creative decision is to organize testimonials in a newspaper-like style. It’s a very good example.

Example 6: Jennifer’s Paper – Webydo Site


Lindoneast.co.uk – here we have a website of Adam McNaught-Davis. He’s a designer, editor and just a cheerful guy.

His website, or it’s better to name it a promo website, is an interesting example. The first thing to mention is beer, wine and a mustache guy in the hat – that’s the background. Actually, it’s one of two interesting things about the website. The other is Adam’s texts, it’s very fascinating to read his short notes, despite the fact that navigation could be a lot better. Having a navigation menu ”nailed” to the top is definitely handy when it comes to long one-pagers. Still, these little gaps are not spoiling the fun.

You will find more information about this site maker in my in-depth Webydo review. To get a better understanding about what sets Webydo apart from other site builders join me comparing it with Wix. You may also want to take a look at their advanced Mobile Editor.

If you are a happy owner of a Webydo website, don’t hesitate to share its URL with us.

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