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Weebly Mobile Editor

With more and more people using mobile phones and tablets to access the Internet, not having a mobile-friendly version of your site can result in lower sales and even going out of business. In general, there are three ways to provide your site visitors with a mobile experience: create a lightweight mobile version of your site, build a mobile application or apply responsive design technologies (in other words, install a responsive template).

Weebly - The New DesignWhile the first two options imply developing and publishing separate products that will differ from your primary website, the third variant implies making your main website responsive or adaptable. It will automatically adapt the layout each time someone accesses your site using a mobile phone. In other words, you’ll get one website that works across multiple devices.

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Luckily, responsive web design isn’t a luxury these days. To make your website viewable on smaller screens you can simply install a responsive theme (if you use WordPress as your publishing partner) or opt for a responsive website builder. One of these is Weebly.

Today we’re exploring the mobile editor of Weebly. It lets you see and customize how your site looks on smaller screens. All updates made to your mobile site will be automatically synchronized to your desktop site and vice versa.

Weebly - Mobile Editor

To avail the benefits of the editor simply switch to the Mobile View in the control panel and customize the default view using the same drag-and-drop tools. Their mobile editor is rather intuitive. You can switch templates, add mobile features (phone number, social icons bar etc.) with just a few clicks. I’ve tested the mobile editor myself and was quite satisfied. I’ve published my test website and viewed it on my smartphone. It looked really nice. You may try out this platform free of charge, too  :).

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