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Zyro is one of the popular DIY website builders that can be effectively used to set up, manage and customize all types of projects – from simple personal pages and up to full-featured websites. Featuring a large collection of flawless designs, simple customization tools, intuitive guidelines and tips along with powerful integrations, the platform becomes a one-stop destination for all user categories – both non-techies and web design experts.

There is no need to possess advanced programming skills to launch websites with Zyro website builder. Its integrated artificial intelligence tool will help you get started with ease, completing the prevailing amount of work for you.

Zyro websites all have a contemporary look, simple navigation and lots of high end features that drive user attention and help focus on the major project message. It is possible to build blogs and online stores projects here as well due to the integrated blogging/eCommerce engines provided by default.

If you have made up your mind to use Zyro as a web design tool yet have slight doubts regarding its application, take a look at some of the best samples of projects created with the website builder now.

1. Monika Rimiene

Monika Rimiene

Monika Rimiene is a personal portfolio website owned and managed by Monika Rimiene. As a Lithuania-based freelance artist and interior designer, she sees her mission in presenting her creativity and best works to the target audience. That’s all the website is about. The project stands out from the crowd due to its light color palette, pleasant color combination and impressive portfolio of interior projects that cannot but drives user attention. Its minimalistic yet clean design highlights the author’s professionalism and attention to details.


  • Header with logo;
  • Menu with links to various website sections/pages;
  • Rich portfolio divided into sections;
  • Access to social accounts of the author;
  • CTA buttons.


  • Blog;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Client testimonials;
  • FAQs;
  • Online forms.

2. Video Camp

Video Camp

Video Camp is a brand website of the video production company located in Lithuania. Founded and run by Vitalis Mika – a camera/drone operator and a video editor, the company has been in business for over 10 years. The website effectively showcases the provided video production services along with the best samples of successfully completed projects. It also delivers concise yet exhaustive information for potential clients and offers a glimpse into the brand style and individual approach to the process of video production.


  • Video banner showcasing the company work;
  • Effective presentation of services (video production, animation, and aerial filming);
  • Extensive Portfolio section with plenty of video production projects, samples of commercials, corporate/music videos etc.;
  • Each project comes with a thumbnail image, a short description and a link to the full video;
  • Blog;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • Chat window;
  • Social account buttons;
  • Support of 2 languages – English and Lithuanian.


  • The main website version is currently available in Lithuanian;
  • FAQs;
  • Indistinct fonts;
  • Online forms;
  • Customer testimonials.

3. Gud.Renders


Gud.Renders is a quality and quite interesting sample of the project powered by Zyro. This is a website of the 3D visualization and rendering company, which offers services for interior design, architecture and product visualization. With a clear and simple design along with effective black-and-white color combination, the website highlights the elegant and sophisticated interior design ideas realized in the projects. The website also lets users find out more about the brand style and its approach to the development of visualization solutions.


  • Full-screen project previews on the homepage;
  • CTA buttons redirecting to projects;
  • Instagram and LinkedIn button in the footer;
  • Detailed project images with sketches and visualization ideas;
  • Each project comes with a thumbnail image;
  • Author’s photo.


  • More detailed contacts;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Personal blog;
  • Customer reviews and feedbacks;
  • Online forms;
  • Video project presentations.

4. Jared McCormack


Jared McCormack stands out from the crowd as a quality sample of Zyro-based personal portfolio website. As a writer, podcaster and teacher, Jared intends to present his works and his creativity in general to potential clients and just to people interested in the niche. The website delivers much info about its owner, his biography, contacts, media and writing work samples etc. Its simple design highlights this info, making it easy to access for the target audience.


  • Simple layout and easy navigation;
  • Extracts of written works with links to full versions;
  • List of media resources with links to them;
  • Podcast page;
  • Twitter account access of the author;
  • Online contact form.


  • Resume section;
  • Live chat window for simple communication;
  • Client testimonials;
  • More detailed contacts;
  • Blog page;
  • More visuals and more distinct typography.

5. Open Bar Ghetto Gourmet


Open Bar Ghetto Gourmet will surely impress everyone, who is genuinely fond of unusual taste combinations and unique access to the cooking process. Here, at OBGG kitchen, the team of chefs strives to make each dish unique. Everything they create here is something a person won’t be able to find in grocery shops. Basically, this is the motto they follow. Just take a look at the large photo of chefs on the homepage to understand how unusual their approach to cooking is. This is definitely the top destination for everyone, who is not against culinary experiments.


  • Brand logo;
  • Multiple images;
  • Integrated web store;
  • Links to social network accounts;
  • Page with recipes;
  • Discounts and special offers;
  • Online contact form;
  • Google Maps widget;
  • Catering services page;
  • Order tracking option;
  • Personal account creation feature;
  • Featured products section.


  • Blog;
  • Client reviews and feedbacks;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Video presentations of dishes/products;
  • FAQs;
  • Shopping guidelines.


Zyro is quite a full-featured website builder for DIY projects. It allows launching and running websites with no tech knowledge and expertise. Zyro grants access to a broad range of features and tools to help set up professional-looking websites. These include customizable templates, drag-and-drop interface, built-in SEO tools, blogging and eCommerce functionality. The software offers several pricing plans to cater to various user requirements and budget.

Samples of websites reviewed above highlight the software power, rich feature set and applicability for various project types. You don’t have to be a programming expert to work with Zyro – its integrated AI tool will complete almost any task for you. Just follow the steps and guidelines it generates to guide you through all the complexities of the website creation process with ease.

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