Best Real Estate Website Builders For Agents & Brokers

Best Real Estate Website Builders For Agents & Brokers

What is the essence of a real estate website? What benefits does it offer? Is there a real necessity to get the one, if you are a real estate agent or a broker? Actually, having a website is an undeniable advantage (if not even a must-have) for any business owner or a professional, who works with clients and has an intention to build customer base and make profit. This is also important for real estate agents and here is why.

It’s no secret that real estate market is one of the most competitive niches. There are lots of brokers, who work really hard to drive the attention of clients. Those, who have websites, use them as a highly effective business promotion tool and, thus, have notable prevalence over their competitors.

A quality real estate website allows reaching several goals at a time. This is the place, where you will be able to provide your company info, including the areas of expertise, customer testimonials, list of services and pricing offers, contacts etc.

Apart from that, you’ll be able to add a separate page enlisting the real estate objects available for rent or sale along with their quality photos or even video presentations, terms of contracts and other info most users are looking for. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to integrate live chats, online forms, forums and other means that simplify communication between you and your current/potential clients.

These are only a few undeniable advantages that make real estate websites a must for any broker or agent, who has long-lasting goals and aspirations. But is it easy to launch this kind of project for a person, who has no idea of the entire process of website development? Definitely, not. This is when website builders prove to be useful tools. These platforms are initially geared towards the needs of non-coders, who have the intention to start and independently manage quality websites. They are easy-to-master and use, convenient and intuitive, while their functionality comes up to any web design aspirations and requirements.

Let’s face it: the choice of real estate website builders is quite extensive and it’s not easy to pick the best tool right from the start. Thus, let’s quickly review the most popular and full-featured all-in-one and specialized systems you can choose for this purpose.


Wix main

Wix – is the all-in-one website builder, the extensive feature set and template versatility have made it the renowned leader of the contemporary web design niche. The system encompasses multiple niche-related themes, customization tools and affordable plans to come up to any needs and requirements. It works great for all user categories, no matter how code-proficient they are.

The undeniable advantage of the website builder is its advanced Wix ADI tool – the feature that allows for automated website development based on the previously submitted information (see Wix and Wix ADI website examples). The system generates questions about your real estate agency to further develop the most suitable layout and design for it. Additionally, it offers a set of real estate templates, which are mobile-ready and come with ready-made demo content you can further replace with your own company info and media files. Wix App Market grants access to the free Simple Real Estate App as well as other niche widgets and add-ons, which lets website visitors view the available listings displayed in the logically-structured order. Finally, the system makes it possible to embed IDX listings into your real estate project and close the deals via the use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that, however, implies code injection.

Wix pricing policy is quite moderate and it definitely come up to the major web design needs of users. The website builder has a free plan that never expires and, thus, can be used for as long as you need to improve and practice your skills. For those users, who wish to gain access to advanced features, the system offers separate plans for standard websites and for business/eCommerce projects. The cost of such subscriptions starts with $13 and reaches $500 per month based on the terms and features they encompass.

CMS WordPress

WordPress main

WordPress – is the most popular Content Management System available in the modern web design niche. It allows creating feature-laden and visually-appealing projects, including real estate websites for agents. The platform has distinguished itself due to its powerful integration options, multiple free and paid themes as well as affordability. However, the system also requires the knowledge of programming basics to be used to the advantage.

The system makes it possible to choose and customize multiple responsive real-estate templates, which can be found on the web. The themes are designed by third-party developers and may be paid or free, although, the latter are less secure than paid ones. The actual highlight of the CMS is its amazing collection of integrable plugins. Among a variety of options, you will definitely come across real estate plugins, which will add functionality to your website. Some of the most popular samples include Essential Real Estate, Real Estate Pro, Easy Property Listings, IMPress Listings, WPL Real Estate, Estatik, WP-Property, WP Amortization Calculator, Appointment Booking Calendar and many more. The choice is really spectacular.

When it comes to the pricing aspect, WordPress doesn’t charge any fees for the download and installation of the software. This is free for all users without any exception at all. However, get ready to invest some budget into plugin and template installation as well as into hosting and domain name. The final charges will depend upon the hosting provider you will go for and the cost of plugins/themes you’ll pick and integrate into your real estate project.


Placester main

Placester – is a specialized real estate website builder, which focuses exclusively on the creation of projects for brokers and real estate agents. The platform offers a rich niche-oriented toolset, fully-integrated CRM, mobile-ready customizable designs and multiple features that are a must for any real estate website.

The website builder offers a comprehensive and quite understandable CRM module, application of which allows tracking and monitoring user activity rates, traffic growth and fluctuations, the amount of driven leads and lots of other crucial aspects. Placester also makes it possible to integrate ready-made IDX/MLS listings into your project to display property objects, their descriptions, real quality images and recent updates. This eventually helps drive user attention and keep them interested and informed about burning offers they are looking for. As a real estate website builder, the system offers a collection of responsive templates that fit various industry-related categories and simplify users’ choice. Finally, the system grants access to high end email marketing tools, which let you organize email drip campaigns to generate new leads, boost customer retention rate and interest in the subject matter.

You won’t find a free plan, when using Placester, but you’ll be able to choose between two paid plans, each offering a certain set of features and tools. The prices differ with regard to user categories. Thus, realtors may pick subscriptions that cost $99 and $199 per month correspondingly, while Non-NAR members will be able to choose between the subscriptions, which cost $125 and $250 per month. Additionally, the system charges set up fees for each plan you go for. Consequently, it’s difficult to call Placester a cheap website builder, but if you have long-lasting business aspirations and wish to start a feature-laden real estate website, this website builder is worth the investment.


Weebly Main

Weebly – is a modern DIY website builder, which serves a variety of purposes and can be chosen to start and manage a website for real estate agents or brokers. This is due to the feature set, design selection options and moderate pricing policy the system offers. Weebly can be mastered equally well by first-timers and web design pros – so intuitive and understandable it is.

The website builder boasts a rich set of templates, which can be used for the development of real estate projects. The designs are responsive by default and they are also 100% customizable, which allows creating one-of-a-kind projects. Created initially for blogging purposes, the system comes with a powerful blogging engine that allows connecting a blog to your real estate website and update it with niche information to keep the target audience informed about the latest trends and offers. If you need extra functionality, go ahead to access the App Center of the service to choose real estate-related widgets and add-ons (Formilla Live Chat, Traffic Booster, Comments Plus+, Paid Members, Instagram Reviews, Messenger Chat, Social Media Stream, Live Testimonials, Poll, JivoChat, Maps, LOCALIZER, Hit Counter, Sales Pop, From builder and many more). Weebly also makes it possible to publish real estate property listings and boost their efficacy by video presentations and high res images. This is due to the integrated video hosting and advanced image editor the system has. Finally, you can make use of Weebly Promote Tool to organize and hold effective email marketing campaigns for lead generation and your website promotion.

As to the pricing policy, Weebly offers several plans for ordinary websites and eCommerce projects. The website builder also has a free plan that letas newbies test the feature set of the plans they are interested in. The cheapest Weebly subscriptions costs $4/mo only, while the cost of the most expensive plan constitutes $38/mo with one-time yearly payment.


uKit Main Page

uKit – is a drag-and-drop website builder, which is considered one of the best systems to launch websites for small businesses. The system is a great pick for real estate agents, who wish to popularize their agencies and beat niche competition. The platform stands out from the crowd due to its intuitive editor, which allows newbies and professionals create impressive projects in less than an hour.

The website builder deserves special attention due to its strong business focus. Its template collection is rich and versatile, while all the designs (including those for real estate websites) are completely customizable. You can also pick a blank theme and design it from scratch to give your resource one-of-a-king look. If you are not satisfied with the selected template for some reason, you can switch to another theme on any stage of website development. This is also a bonus for first-timers. uKit grants access to multiple user interaction options, which is a must for client-focused real estate objects. What you can do to stay in touch with the target audience is integrating live chat and callback features, creating online forms etc. CRM Integration is another highlight of the website builder. It will be of great help to those users, who have an intention to control the client/order management process, while working on website development. uKit grants access to the advanced IDX tool, integration of which via code injection is available within the terms of the ProPlan for those web developers, who have enough skills and knowledge to include a real estate database into their projects.

The website builder lets you test its complete feature set during 14 days – that’s how long the trial period lasts. After the end of the trial, you’ll have to decide upon the subscription that covers your web design needs and real estate objectives. The most cost-effective solution (Premium Plan) will cost you $4/mo, while the most expensive offer (Pro Plan) constitutes $12/mo. Et;s face it: uKit pricing policy is more than affordable, considering the business focus of the website builder.

Bottom Line

If you are a real estate agent or a broker, you won’t go without launching a website to establish reliable web presence for your agency. This is the surefire way to spread the word about your agency, beat niche competition, drive traffic, build customer base and generate profit in the long run. The best was to do that for the inexperienced person is to use a website builder.

Currently, you may choose between all-in-one website builders like Wix, uKit or Weebly, for example, and specialized real estate systems like Placester. In case you are a code-aware user, you may try working with a CMS like WordPress to launch a feature-laden and complex project that requires programming skills.

It’s up to you to decide what web building tool works better for your individual requirements, knowledge and budget. Whatever platform you will go for, take your time to explore all the options to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

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