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Website Builder Reviews and Comparisons section will help you assess most popular site constructors in a matter of minutes, without having to test all of them yourself.

Yola Review

Just recently Yola website builder has hit a huge milestone – they now have around 9 million users worldwide! This is undoubtedly a huge achievement that indicates the platform’s power and popularity.

Webydo Review

Webydo debuted in 2013 as a code-free web design software for professionals. Since then, the company morphed from a perspective startup into a powerful platform serving over 245,000 accounts worldwide.

Webydo isn’t just another DIY website builder for beginners. It’s a sophisticated platform that has a look and feel of Adobe products, such as Photoshop or InDesign. It is intended for web design professionals who are more visual than technical, as its smart code generator instantly converts your visuals into valid code. It’s like hosted Photoshop for building websites.

Jimdo Review

Since it was founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs Fridtjof Detzner, Matthias Henze, and Christian Springub, Jimdo website builder has grown tremendously.

Squarespace Review

Squarespace website builder was launched in January 2004 by Anthony Casalena. Just like Weebly founders, Anthony could’t find an effective and elegant solution for building and publishing his personal website. So, he used his father’s $20 000 investment to develop an easy-to-use web publishing platform to help non-tech-savvy people create their own websites.

Wix Review

Wix website builder is one of the most popular DIY website builders out there. Ever since its launch in 2006 the platform has gained incredible success all over the world. You may have heard about Wix even during SuperBowl commercials.

SITE123 Review

SITE123 is a simple website builder that makes it possible for any beginner to create promo sites, landings, blogs, and small online shops. All websites powered by this platform are responsive and can be browsed on any mobile devices.

Weebly Review

Weebly is a simple, widget-based website builder that powers over 40 million websites worldwide. Launched in 2007, when the competition wasn’t fierce, Weebly quickly became one of the most popular DIY web publishing solutions.

uKit Review

Gone are the days when you needed to code each single page from scratch to build a website. Thanks to DIY website builders the barriers to building a site have vanished.

During the past few years a lot of new code-free web publishing platforms emerged to meet the growing demand, offering aspiring bloggers, independent professionals, and businesses an easy, low-cost way to build a web presence.

IM Creator (XPRS) Website Builder

Also know under such names as IM Creator and XPRS, this website builder has a very complicated history. The platform has evolved to an affordable and simple website builder with a good set of features for e-commerce and White Label in particular.