Wix Photography Website Examples

Does Wix work well for a photography website? Does it make sense to use the website builder to set up your photo project or is it better to look for a specialized software instead?

If you are right about to launch this type of website, there is a great piece of news for you! Wix is that very website builder that lets everyone (including non-techies) design, customize and manage photography and portfolio websites. Here is why.

As a cloud platform, it does not require any installation. What you need is just to create a personal account, pick a template and proceed to its customization. By the way, Wix offers one of the most extensive, versatile and contemporary collections of designs. There is a separate category of photography/portfolio themes there, all of which are free, responsive and 100% customizable.

What’s more, the platform makes it possible to choose a suitable editing option – either a Standard Editor or Wix ADI. The software also comes with functional blogging and eCommerce engines that allows connecting a blog or a web store to your portfolio based on the goals you pursue. Widget integration is possible here as well.

Impressed with the functionality and applicability of Wix website builder? Then take your time to view some of the best samples of photography projects it powers. They will certainly appeal to you.

1. Gryst Photo

Photography Gryst Photo

Gryst Photo is a photo studio established, owned and managed by Jeremy Gryst. Specializing in commercial, fashion, wedding and lifestyle photography, he decided to create a personal project to put the spotlight on his best works. The best of them are presented on the homepage.

You won’t find any complex color combinations or design elements here.This, however, is not needed as all the photos vividly stand against the white background, showcasing the author’s talent and photography skills.


  • Full-page slideshow featuring high-res images;
  • Minimalist user interface;
  • Blog;
  • Several photo categories;
  • Facebook/Instagram feeds;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Online contact form;
  • Social network sharing option;
  • Intuitive website navigation.


  • Video presentations of works;
  • Other contact options;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Photo descriptions/titles.

2. Andrew Scrivani

Photography Andrew Scrivani

Andrew Scrivani is a perfect website of a photographer, motion designer, producer, director and on-camera expert, who specializes in various types of photo/film projects. These include documentary, advertising, promo and feature films as well as special works for social networks and other third-party services.

The website contains tons of information about the photographer, his career, achievements, catalog of best works etc.


  • Author’s logo;
  • Scrolling effect;
  • Wix Instagram feed app integration;
  • Streamlined photo grid layout;
  • Photo/video integrations;
  • Podcasts;
  • Separate pages for different types of photo/motion projects;
  • Live feed chat for instant interaction;
  • Links to external platforms;
  • Detailed contacts.


  • Customer testimonials;
  • A bit overloaded layout;
  • Complex navigation;
  • Small fonts.

3. Lisa Michele Burns

Travel Photography Lisa Michele Burns

Lisa Michele Burns is a travel photographer, who has been fond of photo art since childhood. As a travel journalist, she visited lots of countries, capturing lots of places worldwide. Later on, she founded The Wandering Lens business cooperating with global brands that produce visual content for different publications, tourist companies and websites.

Lisa also has lots of projects devoted to traveling and tourism. The website is the best reflection of her hobbies – traveling and photography.


  • Photographer’s logo;
  • Photo grid layout featuring the best works;
  • Wix Pro Gallery integration;
  • eCommerce engine (Built-in Print Store);
  • Scrolling effect;
  • User-friendly tools;
  • Social media buttons;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Links to third-party services;
  • Client page;
  • Online contact form;
  • Portfolio with several drop down categories.


  • Customer reviews;
  • Detailed project descriptions;
  • Live chat widget for instant communication;
  • Video presentation of portfolio works;
  • Indistinct and small fonts;
  • More contact options.

4. Mark McNeill Photography

Travel Photography Lisa Michele Burns

Mark McNeill Photography is another impressive Wix-powered project owned and managed by Mark McNeill – a talented landscape photographer living in the UK.

The website doesn’t look extraordinary at first sight yet it provides detailed information about the photographer, his work, career achievements and services.


  • Popup newsletter subscription;
  • Live chat popup window;
  • Social media access;
  • Gift vouchers;
  • Blog;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Scrolling feature;
  • Blog;
  • Google Maps widget;
  • Online contact form;
  • Integrated web store.


  • Client testimonials;
  • A bit complex navigation;
  • More detailed descriptions of works available in the store;
  • More contact options;
  • Indistinct and small fonts that complicate text reading.

5. Hilary O’Leary

Personal Photography Hilary O’Leary

Hilary O’Leary is a quality and truly impressive photography website example managed by Hilary O’Leary.

She has distinguished herself as a wildlife photographer, having dozens of works in her portfolio along with years of expertise. The quality of these photos won’t leave you indifferent. Realistic and natural, they cause the desire to keep browsing the portfolio to see other works of the author.


  • Quality author presentation;
  • Social network accounts;
  • Online contact form;
  • Facebook sharing option;
  • Stunning slideshows;
  • Powerful wildlife focus;
  • Successful combination of black-and-white and colorful photos in the gallery;
  • Integrated online store;
  • Drop down menu;
  • Clickable photos with the full-screen preview.


  • Complicated website navigation, especially for beginners;
  • User testimonials;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Customer interaction tools for quick order placement;
  • More detailed and informative photo/project descriptions;
  • Blog;
  • More clear and larger fonts/typography for easier reading.


Photography website creation won’t be difficult, when using Wix platform for its development. This is because the software comes with multiple niche tools and features that make it possible to set up portfolio projects with distinct focus on photo presentation.

The software has multiple integrable photo-related widgets, customer interaction tools, a separate category of photography templates, blogging and eCommerce platforms.

There are also several pricing plans to choose from with regard to your website specialization and budget. Interested in other Wix features and tools to make your portfolio outstanding? Take a look at the projects reviewed above to understand what the website builder has in stock.

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