Select the Best eCommerce Website Builder for Your Business

If you run a brick-and-mortar store and you still don’t have a web presence, you may be losing many customers, both current and future ones.

Right now, at this very minute your potential customers are scouring the web for your official website, but can’t find it and go to your competitor’s web store instead. The sooner you will create a website, the sooner you will start making more money.

WebstoreThere are many ways to get a webstore, yet the cheapest and fastest are website builders. Based on my personal experience, they are easy enough to be effectively used even by non-techies, and functional enough to deliver enterprise-level shopping experience.

Depending on your particular business needs and ambitions, you may choose either a basic hosted shopping cart or an advanced, feature-laden eCommerce website builder. Below is a list of eCommerce site makers that I find suitable for building decent e-shops.


Shopify logo1

Shopify is serving more than 80,000 active web stores as of today. It is considered by many as the best eCommerce website builder for the assortment of apps it offers to extend the functionality of your website and thus make your webstore even more attractive to your shoppers. Shopify also offers a rich library of beautiful themes. Good for large-scale businesses.


Wix Main Page

Wix, probably, the most popular website builder. The number of it’s users reached more than 65M. Wix has its own eCommerce solution that gives you possibility to build a simple store. But you can do it only with paid plan. Read my Wix website builder review to get more information.



Though Weebly isn’t a pure eCommerce site builder, it offers excellent shopping cart capabilities. Their eCommerce platform is very flexible. So, if you’re looking to build a webstore with stunning visual effects and elegant layout, this website builder can be just what you need. You may want to read my full Weebly review.



uKit is a website builder for small business allowing you to sell up to 10 of your products with Ecwid Shop widget for free. To be able to sell more goods, you need to upgrade your Ecwid account. uKit provides you with full-responsive website templates. It’s mainly popular among small business owners and independent professionals (painters, designers, jewelers etc.). You may want to see examples of websites built with uKit.



BigCommerce is another well established hosted shopping cart. It’s very popular, as it offers a set of comprehensive tools working out-of-the-box. Nothing to code. BigCommerce is also loved for the excellent social media integration.


Jimdo Designs

This list would be incomplete without this eCommerce-focused website builder. There’s a completely free version of Jimdo – you can use it as long as you need, there are no time limitations. For more details read my detailed Jimdo review.

The aforementioned platforms are all hosted solutions: you get everything you need to build and publish a website in one place. There are also open source shopping carts intended for advanced users. You’ve probably heard about them: Magento, WooCommerce and others.

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