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For over 15 years, I've delved into the dynamic world of website builders and hosting. As a seasoned expert in web development, my passion for technology fuels my journey of exploration and analysis. Through meticulous reviews and comprehensive insights, I empower readers to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations, I strive to offer practical advice and informed perspectives. Join me on this adventure as we uncover the best solutions and strategies for building and hosting your online presence.

Website Builders

Modern web design niche grants access to hundreds of various website builders (both all-in-one and specialized). They all differ in functionality, pricing and goals they serve. Picking the right tool that matches your needs becomes a challenge. This is no wonder as it is impossible to test all the available services, and there´s no need to, as there are experts who can do that for you. I have tested more than 120 services and I’m here to share the results with you. Explore my reviews to make your decision.

Best Restaurant Website Builders

by Malcolm Thomas · June 10, 2024

As a restaurant owner, you will sooner or later realize the importance of starting a website. This is a kind of a visiting card for your business needed to present it to the public,...

Website Builders for Small Business

by Malcolm Thomas · June 7, 2024

Picking a proper site builder for a small business website may present a more complex problem than for a large enterprise. While freelancers, tiny companies, and similar projects have smaller budgets, a site with...

Wix Review

by Malcolm Thomas · May 29, 2024

Wix might be among the top five recommended site builders in your search query. The platform has enough features for quickly creating and launching a website for whatever purpose. It offers a huge choice...

Tailor Brands Review

by Malcolm Thomas · April 2, 2024

Finding a trusted and full-featured web design and hosting software may be quite challengeable for developers, especially for those who are just starting their business. With so many platforms out there, picking the best...


Choosing quality website hosting is no less important than picking a full-featured website builder. It’s not even about keeping your site live; it ´s about ensuring it loads quickly, remains secure and can handle traffic spikes without crashing. Poor hosting can lead to frustrating downtime, slow page loads and security vulnerabilities, while quality hosting will support your SEO effort and enhance user satisfaction, providing a strong foundation for your site. I have tested, reviewed and compared the most popular hosting providers and I’m ready to share the insights with you in this very section.

Best Hosting Providers for WordPress Website

by Malcolm Thomas · June 7, 2024

WordPress is a renowned CMS that is rightfully considered the top service in its niche that powers various types of projects – from small personal blogs to the digital homes of large corporations. Its...

IONOS Review

by Malcolm Thomas · May 23, 2024

IONOS can generate a workable solution for practically every project. You may need reliable hosting for your existing website or search for a custom domain together with hosting. Finally, you may have no website...

GreenGeeks Review

by Malcolm Thomas · May 21, 2024

Finding a good website hosting provider is equally important for eCommerce site owners, professional bloggers, and amateurs alike. To avoid having your website plagued with ads, spammy links, and downtimes, stay away from free...

HostGator Review

by Malcolm Thomas · May 17, 2024

If you have ever dealt with hosting or website development, you are sure to know about Hostgator, a widely-recognizable brand in the hosting industry. Today, the company ranks among the top-preferred providers in the...


When it comes to your website online safety, you won’t go without a trusted VPN. It’s not just about anonymity; it ´s about ensuring end-to-end security for both you and your users. A reliable VPN encrypts data transfers, safeguarding sensitive information from potential breaches and cyber threats. It shields a website from hackers, mitigates DDoS attacks and even helps bypass geo-restrictions, enhancing accessibility. Investing in a quality VPN is investing in the credibility and security of your website. Realizing this, I have tested several popular tools. Go ahead to browse the reviews here, in this section.

Asocks Review

Asocks Review

by Malcolm Thomas · July 11, 2024

Whether you are going to get involved in web scraping, data verification, completion of SEO/SMM/SERM tasks or ensuring your website security, having access to reliable and flexible proxy services is crucial. Asocks, a relatively...

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

by Malcolm Thomas · August 7, 2023

Hotspot Shield ranks among the top-popular and top-reliable services in the VPN industry. The platform has been in service since 2008, a year when it was founded in California, US. Now, it has a...

CyberGhost Review

by Malcolm Thomas · August 3, 2023

CyberGhost stands out from the range of VPN services with an immense number of servers, extended security options, and a quality free trial. Like all top platforms, it shows great performance in hiding IPs,...

10 Best VPN Services in the World

by Malcolm Thomas · August 3, 2023

Whether you surf the web via the home network or use a public Wi-Fi source, you’ll need a reliable VPN sooner or later. Everyone hides their identity occasionally, shares sensitive information, or visits a...