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NordVPN is a Panama-based company established in 2012. With over a decade of experience, it has evolved into a major player in the VPN market. The service is renowned for its affordability across all gadgets, advanced encryption, and abundant accessory features. Is VPN the safest, fastest, and most suitable software for you? Get to know it from our review.

Pros and Cons

There’s no ideal VPN solution – each has both strong and weak points. The same is true for even such a strong provider as NordVPN. Let’s have a quick survey of its benefits and drawbacks.

based in Panama & does not store private info;
5,000+ servers/55+ countries;
high speed;
ad blocker;
multiple security features;
VPN setup for routers;
the dedicated IP option;
up to 6 devices.
a free trial only for the Android app;
no family plans;
insufficient torrenting features.

This short presentation shows how powerful NordVPN is. Its benefits also include an easy-to-use interface across all platforms and a variety of plans. Ready to subscribe? Go straight to the NordVPN official website. If you wish to get a more detailed picture of what NordVPN can do, continue reading our guide.

NordVPN Specifications

Nord Account

Besides its direct duty of a reliable Virtual Private Network, NordVPN can cope with numerous tasks related to online security. The software also has features designed to simplify your experience with the software. Let’s list the main functions of NordVPN:

No Logs

Many VPN services can hide your Internet activities from others. Yet, it is important to deal with a VPN provider that does not collect your logs. NordVPN is one such No-Logs VPN service.

Meshnet Tech

NordVPN Meshnet

NordVPN employs the innovative tech of Meshmet. It allows a direct connection between your devices, regardless of location. A user doesn’t need to have access to the office VPN. They don’t have to change their firewall settings. There’s no need to install an extra port for remote devices and so on.

Next-Gen Encryption

Every time you connect to a NordVPN server, the software creates a secure tunnel through which all your data will be transferred. Any data sent from your devices will be encrypted with the help of AES using 256-bit keys. This is the most advanced method of encrypting information, recommended for processing classified and top-secure data.

Threat Protection

Nord VPN Threat Protection

The NordVPN Threat Protection feature consists of a number of tools, each serving to protect you from all sorts of threats. You can visit sites, download files, and do other things online while NordVPN built-in instruments perform the following tasks:

  • block malware;
  • disable trackers;
  • block annoying ads;
  • apply the auto Kill Switch tool;
  • prevent you from opening dangerous websites, and more.

Mind that the lite version of Threat Protection is available across all OS when you connect to a NordVPN server. On Windows and MacOS, you can use the premium version, which will continue protecting you even when you disconnect your NordVPN server.


The feature of Double VPN runs your data through two encrypted servers. This ensures the highest level of security for your private information.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitor is a tool that scans sites selling private data. You’ll be immediately reported if it detects any leaks from your account. NordVPN allows you to activate the Dark Web Monitor on Android, iOS, Windows, or MacOS devices.

DNS Leak Protection

NordVPN employs its own DNS servers only. That is, your DNS queries are transferred uniquely through an encrypted tunnel created by NordVPN itself. No DNS leaks are available.

Streaming & SmartPlay

The advanced servers and fast protocols used by NordVPN will let you watch your favorite movies, shows, sporting events, and other content online with comfort. The SmartPlay feature combines the NordVPN security tools and DNS techs to let you stream smart online.

NordVPN Extension for Browsers

Browser VPN versions or Proxy VPN extensions are a sort of simplified VPN. Their main mission is protection. NordVPN offers such extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers. When adding such an extension to your browser, you protect your traffic with the help of encryption. The toll also changes your IP, so this is a workable method of disabling spyware and other malicious activities aimed to seize your data.

NordVPN proxy extensions go with the lite version of the Threat Protection toolkit. It blocks intrusive ads and disallows loading of dangerous websites. With proxy extensions from NordVPN, you can expect your online activities to be more secure in general.

Dedicated IP

NordVPN allows users to switch to the dedicated IP mode. That is, your data is encrypted and routed through a remote server. You use an IP address assigned only to you.

VPN for Various Devices

NordVPN offers Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Android TV apps. It is also possible to install the VPN on your router.

Is NordVPN Safe?

NordVPN ranks among the safest software in the VPN niche. It is based on advanced methods of encryption and industry-standard protocols for secure tunneling. All NordVPN servers are RAM-based.

That is, all info is removed every time you restart a Ram server. Together with the No Logs policy and other protection measures, all this makes NordVPN the top-secure VPN service in the market.


The most frequent problem with VPN servers is that they slow down your connection. How good is NordVPN in this respect? Our all-embracing tests of various NordVPN servers have shown excellent results.

Surely, the upload/download speed depends heavily on your location and the location you’re trying to access. However, you can expect very fast work from most NordVPN servers, no matter which sort of online activities you wish to run with their help.


NordVPN offers a subscription model with several plans for individual users and businesses. Your subscription can be activated for a month, a year, or two years. The cheapest plan will cover the VPN options, ad blocker, anti-malware tools, and anti-tracker. Let’s compare the prices for individual users:

Subscription for 1 Month
Subscription for 1 Year
Subscription for 2 Years

The Standard NordVPN plan may fully satisfy you as it is full of features. If such options as 1 TB cloud storage, Data Breach Scanner, and Next-Generation File Encryption are necessary for you, consider subscribing to the Complete package.

There are also three Business plans: Basic, Advanced, and Custom. A monthly subscription to the cheapest plan here will cost you $9/mo. On the Custom plan, you can customize the necessary feature set and discuss the price with the NordVPN managers.

There’s no free version of NordVPN. There’s no free trial, either. It can only be requested when you install the NordVPN app from Google Play Market on your Android. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Privacy and Security

NordVPN Security Score

NordVPN does ensure 100% privacy and security to its clients. The company’s No Logs Policy is checked by reputable auditors (for instance, PwC) on a regular basis. The same audits are carried out for all NordVPN apps.

The company is Panama-based, and this country has much friendlier legislation for data privacy. NordVPN itself does not store any data. Thanks to the Threat Protection tools and advanced encryption methods, NordVPN remains one of the top secure choices in the industry.

NordVPN Technical Parameters

NordVPN Dashboard

You can expect excellent performance from NordVPN thanks to the top-notch equipment employed by the company. Let’s observe the key parameters ensuring the reliability of NordVPN.

VPN Protocols

NordVPN uses several protocols for tunneling data. The connection speed and security level may vary depending on a protocol:

  • NordLynx: the highest speed + a high level of security;
  • IKEv2: high speed + a medium level of security;
  • OpenVPN (TCP): low speed + a high level of security;
  • OpenVPN (UDP): high speed + a high level of security.

One more thing to pay attention to is connection stability. It is high for IKEv2 and OpenVPN (TCP) protocols. NordLynx and OpenVPN (UDP) protocols are medium-stable.

Servers Locations

At present, NordVPN offers 5625 servers in about 60 countries. Among them, be sure to find the USA, Canada, the UK, China, Cuba, Iran, India, Russia, and many other regions on all continents. The full list is available on the NordVPN official site.

Verdict: Is NordVPN Safe?

Yes! NordVPN is 100% safe, thanks to 256-bit encryption and multi-functional Threat Protection. It is fast and convenient. NordVPN is rich in useful features that will provide your online activities with privacy and security. All options will be available without complex management of the VPN’s settings.

Pay attention that NordVPN employs Ram servers only and doesn’t collect or log your private data. The software is available on all sorts of OS and can be used on six devices simultaneously.

NordVPN offers a flexible pricing model with suitable offers for any budget. For an affordable price, you can get just what you expect from a VPN service and enjoy the excellent performance of NordVPN.

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