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Website Builders: Offline vs Online

When it comes to site creation, the options are almost endless, and one of the most tempting is using a website builder. While many designers consider using ready templates cheating, millions of small and medium-sized business owners have already built their web presence using these handy tools. If you’re looking to create a website yourself without having to hire a web designer, you may want to know what benefits and disadvantages site builders are associated with. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on this topic 🙂 .

Online Website Builders

Online site builders are probably the easiest solution. If you know how to create a Facebook account, upload images to it and update your status, then you’re more than ready to use an online website builder. Generally, online site construction kits are divided into two groups: all-in-one and license-based. Let’s have a closer look at both.

All-in-one platforms. The very name is quite self-explainable: everything you need to create, publish and maintain a website is gathered in one place. Benefits: no need to shop around for a domain name and hosting – you can purchase those via the system without leaving your account. Because everything is provided by the same company, your website should work smoothly and without interruptions (there should not be any conflicts). If there are any issues you’ll have contact only one support center.

Disadvantages: Purchasing a domain through a site builder can be a bit more expensive than getting it from a domain name registrar. In most cases, all-in-one site builders have no import/export features, so if one day you decide to move to another hosting, you won’t be able to take your site with you.

Zoho Sites - Homepage

License-based website builders. These platforms provide users with CMS templates which work as standalone site building apps that can run on any server. Take MotoCMS for instance. This website builder doesn’t force its users to use any particular web hosting – they’re free to use any provider. Benefits: You can transport your site anytime. No monthly fees and annual renewals – you pay once for the template (+ your hosting fee).

Disadvantages: You have to purchase a domain and hosting plan elsewhere. When selecting a hosting plan you should pay attention to the template requirements for your website to run smoothly.

MotoCMS Website Builder Works Out Of the Box

Offline Website Builders

Offline website builders or standalone web editors are also a popular option. They come as downloadable pieces of software that you download and install onto your computer. Benefits: You can work on your site when there’s no Internet connection. You pay once for the software and then pay only for the hosting of choice (similarly to the license-based site makers). Offline sitebuilders seem to be more secure, as they offer some degree of backup. Disadvantages: You can work on your website only using your own computer, as opposed to online site builders that can be accessed from any place using your login and password. As a rule, offline site builders are more complicated.

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