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Best Photography Website Builders

Best Photography Website Builders Photo Credit - PhotKing

While having a hard copy of a portfolio is a must for professional photographers, it never hurts to run a photography website, too. If you earn a living making snapshots and want to expand your photo sharing further than just placing images in a family album or Facebook, consider using one of the code-free website builders.

Just imagine: your own logotype, your name, professional-looking domain, eye-popping photo galleries and many positive comments and customer testimonials… Stop dreaming! Dreams don’t work unless you do. Read this article, pick a website builder, and build it – the photography website of your dreams!

Option 1: Wix

One of the easiest and most affordable solutions for non-techies is Wix website builder. Why Wix?

  • Hundreds of trendy templates for all tastes.
  • Incredibly easy editing.
  • App Market: a collection of extensions that you can use to extend your site’s functionality (forums, form builders, email marketing, eCommerce apps).

Wix Templates

Pricing: there’s a free lifetime version that can be upgraded anytime; the lowest Connect Domain plan is $4.50/mo (paid yearly), but it doesn’t remove Wix ads from your site; the cheapest ad-free plan is $8.50/mo (paid yearly).

If you consider using Wix for your photography website, take a look at ready Wix-powered sites.

Option 2: uKit

With uKit website builder, you can create a personal photography website with a custom domain name in about thirty minutes. The platform offers a variety of interactive features for viewers, such as Callback, Livechat, and anchor links, among others. For the owner, uKit provides many design/settings customization options, and most important – a library of clean responsive templates that don’t get in the way of art.


Pricing: free 14-day trial period; $4/mo if you pay for the whole year; $5/mo paid month to month.

Option 3: Weebly

The last nominee for the best solutions for photographers is Weebly website builder. This popular website building platform allows to create perfect websites in a few clicks. So, let’s look on main Weebly’s Pros for the photography website:

  • Ease of use – even a beginner in website development can build own website using Weebly Editor. Another question – how this project will look like.
  • Powerful eCommerce module – you can not only place your photos but also sell the best of them. Useful thing.
  • Html and CSS control – you can modify CSS style and page HTML format and customize your website as you want.

Weebly Templates

Pricing: although Weebly has a free plan, you’re able to create website only at Weebly’s subdomain. The minimum paid plan – Starter, costs $8/mo, the maximum – Business – $25/mo (now Weebly is running Sale program and propose paid plans from $6/mo to $18.75/mo respectively).

All the four of these platforms aren’t specialized photography website builders – they can be equally used for creating different websites (shops, blogs, communities etc.).

You may have noticed that none is a free photography website builder. If you’re looking for a free site builder for your photo business, I’m afraid I will disappoint you. There are no free site builders to create a good-looking personal site. Using a free version of a site builder means displaying adverts on your site and the inability to connect a custom domain, saying nothing of limited feature sets. Your Flickr or Instagram account will have a more professional look than a website with third-party ads and a creepy subdomain.

The good news is that upgrading your account won’t cost you a truckload of money – if you choose to go with uKit for instance, you’ll only pay $48/year!

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