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It’s always a treat to visit Squarespace’s Customers page. It’s a great destination both for those lacking inspiration, and those believing it’s impossible to build a stunning website with a website builder.

As for me, Squarespace distinctly debunks all possible misconceptions associated with the popular website builders by showcasing their great Squarespace website examples. They’re proud of their customers, and happily share their accomplishments with the world.

Squarespace have a knack for making stylish, high quality and absolutely unobtrusive self-promotion campaigns :). In their website examples gallery they display logos of their most famous customers with the links to their websites. They showcase both nationally recognized brands and tiny, local businesses.

Example 1: NEW INC


Newinc.org is a website of the NEW INC program, which aims at helping creatives develop sustainable and potentially profitable business models. The program was founded by Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director, and Karen Wong, Deputy Director of the New Museum in 2013 and now offers thematic workshops, guest speaking activities, social events and mentorship projects for creative enthusiasts. 

The overall website design is quite classic and not that eye-catching. Its general background is white, with colored and black and white photos, large fonts and articles standing behind it. While browsing the website categories, you will discover useful facts about the program itself, team working on its development, partners, community members, contacts and more. 

Example 2: Architecture Plus Information


Architectureplusinformation.com is a website of the New York-based A+I project design agency that works on the development of all types of projects, from schoolhouses and up to large tech workplaces. The company aims at creating integrated experiences, which are tailored to exclusive clients’ needs. 

The A+I website initially captures user attention by its integrated video background available at the homepage. The rest of pages present white background with images and text vividly standing against it. The website abounds in bright coloured photos of projects demonstrating versatile design ideas of the company. There is also a black and white Google Maps widget available in the Contacts section that provides A+I address data and route details. That’s a convenient addition to the website, indeed. 

Example 3: The Collective Quarterly


Collectivequarterly.com is a website of The Collective Quarterly magazine, which delivers interesting, unusual and even unique information about journeys across the globe. The website involves stories and travel experiences that are not described in the magazine issues yet are worth the attention of readers. There are also concise reviews of all the magazine issues that come with bright photos and engaging posts. 

The website is quite impressive and entertaining. There is much you can find out here. The overall design of the project is plain and typical for Squarespace. Users are mostly attracted by coloured and bright footers and headers as well as images standing against the white background. There are also integrated social account buttons. Search filter option and even a newsletter sign up feature here. This unveils lots of extra advantages for website fans. 

Example 4: Egg Shop


Eggshopnyc.com is a website of the Egg Shop that offers lots of amazing egg dishes and delicious recipes for all people, who love these meals. Opened in New York in 2014 by Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis alongside chef Nick Korbee, the shop quickly gained popularity with local users and tourists. Inspired by the amazing versatility of egg dishes, the web store owners managed to work out their own seasonal menu comprising organic locally-sourced dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The website look amazingly attractive and engaging. With lots of full-screen high quality photos of egg dishes as well as wide-screen sliders depicting the colour-saturated images of these meals, it cannot but attracts the attention of foodies. The menu of the website is detailed and handy as well. You can browse the following sections here: Cookbook, About, Menu, Locations Order Catering, Catering events, Press, Order Online. Users can place order directly at the website, choosing among a variety of egg dishes available in stock. That’s a great sample of a web store launched with Squarespace! 

Example 5: Mike Kelley Art


Mikekelley.art is a perfect example of a professional photography website belonging to Mike Kelley. The website does not only tells the story of the photographer, but also displays his best works and even offers them for sale. You can order the art work you like directly at the website and buy it via the integrated shopping cacr that gives the project eCommerce functionality. 

All the portfolio works are divided into several sections here based on the locations, event types an other parameters. There are also About Us, FAQ and Contact pages here, where users can find out more about the photographer, his works and ways to get in touch with him. Social network buttons (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) are available here as well to let user browse more Mike’s works and find out more data about him and his creativity. This Squarespace website is really worth the attention!

Example 6: Hodinkee – Squarespace Store

Hodinkee - Squarespace Website Examples

Hodinkee.com is one of the Squarespace-powered websites. And it’s no accident that it’s featured on their Customers page. It’s a stunning, robust website offering a great user experience – I enjoyed navigating through it. Hodinkee is a web store that is accompanied by the professional, in-depth reviews and related articles.

I’ve checked their online shop, and I must say, that it works so smooth, it’s almost impossible to resist purchasing a watch through their website. There are lots of brands to choose from. Plus, there are so many different articles, related to the watch industry, so it’s really hard to leave the page.

Example 7: Bandsintown – Squarespace Website

Bandsintown - Squarespace Website Examples

Are you fond of music? Or maybe you’re an insane fan of some artist or a band and you desperately want to get to the concert?! Corp.bandsintown.com is just what you need! The website is a good example of a promotion webpage with lots of well-structured information.

The good thing is that the menu bar is pinned to the top part of the page, it makes navigating such long pages like this one easier. The general style of the website is really catching the eye with all the charts, photos, and images of world-famous companies like Ebay, Google, Nissan and Dr. Martens.

Example 8: Luke's Lobster – Squarespace Website

Lukes Lobster - Squarespace Website Examples

If you’ve ever tasted a lobster in your life, you’ll be very fond of this website, powered by Squarespace. If you know nothing about lobsters, trust me, you’ll be searching for the nearest restaurant after you visit these pages.

I don’t know if there’s any contest for the best lobster website, but lukeslobster.com is an ultimate winner. It’s just awesome! Lots of useful information, but not too much. The design is pretty amazing, it’s not that often you’re surfing through the website just to know how the next page looks. What I like the most is the photos of the personnel – they are not just ordinary staged photos, the pictures are full of life and joy, featuring a short bio story each. Take a look and see it for yourself.

Example 9: Mario Hugo – Squarespace Portfolio

Mario Hugo - Squarespace Website Examples

Mario Hugo is a New York based artist and mariohugo.com is some sort of his web gallery. At least it seems that way.

I’m not that good at arts, but I definitely can tell if the website is great or not. This one is far from being the best example”. The design is neat and laconic, totally focused around the pictures, which is a good thing. But viewing them is a quite tricky thing – instead of opening in a lightbox window, each picture opens in a new tab. So, you need to either view them one by one, or, if you want to view only some of the pictures – get back to the home page after each one. As I’ve said, not the best usability example.

Example 10: A+ – Squarespace Website

A plus - Squarespace Website Examples

Aplusi.com stands for the Architecture plus Information. These guys are all professionals in the field and so is their website. They are also the better-show-than-tell kind of people, and their website is one huge portfolio. I really enjoyed the full-sized high-quality pictures of their projects represented on the website.

However, you will hardly find much text here, and it is often as important as imagery. Even the contact information isn’t easily reachable, being hidden in the middle of the Profile page. Well, perhaps they have so many customers, they don’t need more.


Squarespace is one of the best-known website builders available. It can help you to create a website with a pretty good design. Whether your website is related to design, art, photography, or you are running a personal blog, you will find what you are looking for.

But I should warn that it’s not the easiest or most friendly website builder, so you’d better have some experience. As you can see from the examples, you can create an outstanding website! But it’s only if you’re willing to spend some time doing it and if you know what exactly your website should look like.

It won’t be last to say that Squarespace is not suitable for larger websites which require a deep menu structure. And the page speed is also may be a problem for the search engine rankings

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