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Online site makers have always been a debatable topic. Web designers have a grunge on them, since website builders literally steal their potential clients. Other naysayers consider site makers as a very weak alternative to the traditional website creation. It seems that mixed opinions and strong feelings have been always surrounding DIY software of any kind. So, which camp wins? Are website builders good enough to produce viable, competitive websites? Take a look at several websites built using IMCreator, probably the most intuitive web builder out there.

Example 1: Mad Tiger – IMCreator Bar&Shop

Mad Tiger – IMCreator Bar&Shop

Madtigershop is a web presence of a shop selling creative gadgets. The website is built according to the latest web design trends: simplicity, huge backgrounds, flat UI colors, apps-style layout. There’s a Google Maps embed, product gallery and links to their fan pages. However, there’s no shopping cart. The website serves mainly as a web storefront.

More Examples

IMCreator is proud of its users and gladly shares the most successful and creative websites based on their platform in their Featured section. This section is updated monthly. Most of the websites spotlighted by IMCreator are online portfolios of photographers, designers, stylists and other creative individuals.

IMCreator serves more than 4 million websites. It gained popularity as an easy, fast and affordable way to build good-looking websites. It is also popular among professional designers – many add IMCreator to their toolkits as a major working tool. The system is completely free until you’re ready to connect a custom domain. You will find more facts about this website builder in my in-depth IMCreator review.

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