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Online site makers have always been a debatable topic. Web designers have a grunge on them, since website builders literally steal their potential clients. Other naysayers consider site makers as a very weak alternative to the traditional website creation. It seems that mixed opinions and strong feelings have been always surrounding DIY software of any kind.

So, which camp wins? Are website builders good enough to produce viable, competitive websites? Take a look at several websites built using IM Creator, probably the most intuitive web builder out there.


Example 1: Nathan Gregory

Nathan Gregory is a website of a commercial media producer, who lives in Southern California and has rich experience in completing lots of complicated media projects. The website is created in subtle colours with bright images standing against dark background. This helps focus user attention on Nathan’s works to find out his expertise rate. The website provides all the required information about the producer. This info is available in several website sections, including Portfolio, Video, About and Contact. Social network account buttons are also accessible at the website, granting access to more projects successfully completed by the producer.

Example 2: Provatera

Provatera is a website of the digital advisory and transformation firm that specializes in customer engagement via creating high end products, experiences and effective business models. The website is well-structured, granting access to several must-have categories that deliver the explicit information about the company and its activity. These include About, Services Career and Contact pages. For better visual perception of information provided, the site is completed in light colors, with bright high resolution images standing against the snow whitebackground. This lets users focus on the main message of the project, paying special attention to the company-related info that matters most.

Example 3: Cabinet 37

Cabinet37 is a website of the organization that focuses on state affairs and supports state and private companies located in Normandy and neighboring locations. The website is created in the French language and provides all the required info users would like to know about the organization, its missions, services, contacts, members, partners etc. The website looks quite appealing, with black-and-white photos being published against the show white background. This helps drive users attention to the most significant company-related info and creates pleasant impression right from the start.

Example 4: Vicky Diaz Yoga

Vicky Diaz Yoga is a website of the yoga teacher – Vicky Diaz – who lives in Mallorca and delivers a broad spectrum of yoga-related services. The website contains the exhaustive information about Vicky and her professional activity. This info is available in the major website sections, namely The Practice, Begin Your Practice, Retreats, About and Contact. There are also social network account buttons that let you find out more about the yoga teacher from other popular web-based resources. The website is available in two language versions – English and Spanish. There is also the online form you can fill out to get in touch with Vicky. Website design is appealing and attention-grabbing as well. Video background available on the homepage cannot but drives user attention, while coloured high-res images help stay focused on the website content. A great sample of professional website launched with IM Creator!

Example 5: Moran Shavit

Moran Shavit is a website belonging to Moran Shavit – a professional photographer, who reveals her passion for her job via creating beautiful photography sessions on various occasions. The website contain s all the required info about Moran, which can be found in its main sections. These are Gallery, About, Offers, Contact. There is an opportunity to send the email directly to the photographer or fill out the online form to specify the desired details and her job-related info. What’s more, website visitors can view customer testimonials to see what other clients can tell about the photographer and her professionalism.

More Examples

IM Creator is proud of its users and gladly shares the most successful and creative websites based on their platform in the Blog section. Most of the websites spotlighted by IM Creator are online portfolios of photographers, designers, stylists and other creative individuals.

IM Creator serves more than 17 million websites. It gained popularity as an easy, fast and affordable way to build good-looking websites. It is also popular among professional designers – many add IM Creator to their toolkits as a major working tool. The system is completely free until you’re ready to connect a custom domain. You will find more facts about this website builder in my in-depth IM Creator review.

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