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With a broad diversity of web design platforms, picking that one that will absolutely come up to your project requirements, budget and coding proficiency may be a challenge. IM Creator is one of those tools that will cover the prevailing amount of your website development needs, offering powerful integrated functionality, advanced design customization tools and responsive designs to fit any niche.

The website builder is a great pick for entrepreneurs, web store owners and creatives. What’s more, it is absolutely free for artists, students and non-profit projects. Due to its simple website editor, hassle-free customization and intuitive web design approach, even a beginner can set up and manage a full-featured project. This is not to mention advanced white labeling solutions business owners will certainly appreciate.

Ready to get started? Then go ahead to view several interesting IM Creator website examples to understand what makes the website builder a worthy choice for your personal or business project.

1. Alex Louka

Alex Louka is a great sample of a portfolio website owned and managed by Alex Louka – an artist and a professional filmmaker with years of expertise. In this portfolio, the author tends to present her works and her creative talent to gain new clients and just to reach the target audience. The very project design is contrasting and unusual mainly due to the combination of black and orange colors. You are interested to find out what’s behind those oranges on the homepage and, thus, you immediately start browsing the portfolio.


  • Rich portfolio section;
  • Artist CV page;
  • Author’s real photo in the About section;
  • Detailed project descriptions;
  • YouTube video presentations of works;
  • Online contact form.


  • Live chat window for quick and easy interaction;
  • Blog;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • List of services and pricing;
  • Customer reviews.

2. Moran Shavit

Moran Shavit is a photographer website that belongs to Moran Shavit – an expert, who specializes in the creation of impressive photo sessions to come up to any event or occasion. The website looks quite plain at first sight, but it actually includes the explicit info and work samples of the photographer that help showcase her talent. Along with information about Moran, users will come across her work samples that are vividly displayed against the show white background. This looks interesting and attention-grabbing at a time.


  • Portfolio gallery;
  • Session booking option;
  • Opportunity to send an email directly from the website;
  • Online contact form;
  • Client testimonials.


  • The fonts are too small and indistinct that complicates text reading;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Video presentations of portfolio works;
  • More detailed work descriptions;
  • Blog;
  • Separate pages for each website section.

3. Record Babies

Record Babies is a modern record label located in Sydney, Australia. The studio is run by two independent artists, who are real fans of their work. All their projects are inspiring and innovative as they always try to add something unusual to each record they make. This is what music fans value a lot about them. The very first look at the website homepage with its cartoon-like images lets you feel the real atmosphere of the place. This is quite an extraordinary solution for a record studio, indeed.


  • Unusual cartoon-inspired design approach;
  • YouTube video clips of records made in the studio;
  • New releases featured on the homepage;
  • Email for direct contact;
  • YouTube and Facebook buttons.


  • Detailed info about the studio and services offered;
  • Live chat window or online contact form for quick interaction;
  • FAQ;
  • More samples of works;
  • Separate website pages for each website section/info part;
  • Descriptions of each work listed on the website.

4. Cabinet 37

Cabinet 37 is another sample of IM Creator-powered website that belongs to the organization focusing on state affairs. Its major mission is to support Normandy-based private and state companies. The project is currently available in the French language, delivering exhaustive info about the organization, its contacts, services, partners, members and major objectives. Website design absolutely complies with its type – it looks stylish, trusted and contemporary at a time.


  • Company logo;
  • History of the organization development;
  • Services section;
  • Contacts;
  • One-page layout;
  • Reviews.


  • English version (the website is currently available in French only);
  • Live chat window;
  • FAQ;
  • Blog;
  • More distinct and larger fonts/typography for easy reading.

5. Vicky Diaz Yoga

Vicky Diaz Yoga serves quite a nice sample of how a yoga teacher website should look like. Built with IM Creator, the project is owned by Vicky Diaz who lives in Mallorca and provides a wide range of yoga services. Whether you need information about Vicky and her training experience, personal approach to practicing and retreats, info about online classes and workshops or contacts, you will certainly find them here.


  • English and Spanish website versions;
  • Video backgrounds on website pages;
  • Several pages containing the major info;
  • Online contact form;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Unique author’s logo;
  • Retreat/practice order option;
  • Real photos of the author showcasing her trainings.


  • Live chat support;
  • FAQ;
  • Video presentations;
  • Larger fonts/distinct typography for convenient reading;
  • Client testimonials.

6. Inside Out Cleaning

Inside Out Cleaning presents the major info about the cleaning company that mainly focuses on furniture cleaning. This is understandable from the very first look on the website. The services the company offers are thoroughly listed on the homepage with detailed descriptions and images that correspond to each service. This helps get all the required info current and potential clients may be interested in.


  • Company logo;
  • Online form and contacts in the footer;
  • Facebook and Instagram feeds;
  • Separate Pricing page;
  • Before/After photos that increase trustability rate.


  • English website version is required (the project is currently available in Dutch only);
  • Too small and indistinct fonts;
  • Client reviews;
  • Niche blog;
  • Live chat window for quick and convenient consultations.

7. Yeelight

Yeelight is one of the most impressive eCommerce website examples powered by IM Creator. The web store based in Singapore offers lighting fixtures, accessories and appliances for sale. They all have a contemporary look and advanced functionality that ideally fits any interior.


  • Telegram channel access;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Large-scale slider on the homepage featuring interior photos with lighting fixtures;
  • Best selling products with detailed parameter specifications on the homepage;
  • Appointment booking option;
  • Home Tips page;
  • FAQ;
  • Video product presentation;
  • Detailed contacts with a large Google Maps widget;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Social network buttons;
  • Projects page;
  • Convenient drop-down menu.


  • Live chat feature requires fixing;
  • Client testimonials;
  • Larger fonts for easier reading.


IM Creator is one of those DIY website builders that have much to offer to non-techies and web design pros. The system is absolutely free for creatives and students, but its premium plan is affordable enough even for a business owners willing to establish trusted web presence.

The system works equally great for commercial and non-commercial projects. If you have any doubts regarding IM Creator functionality, just have a look at the samples of websites it currently powers. All of them deserve user attention as they are stylish, contemporary and feature-rich. Whatever idea you have, IM Creator will let you bring it to life.

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