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IM Creator stands out as a prime choice for crafting beautifully designed websites without the need for coding expertise. This platform doesn’t hold back professionals in need of comprehensive websites for large-scale businesses, though it might not be the first pick for absolute beginners.

The website builder empowers managers to add content responsive across different devices, like smartphones, laptops, tablets, wearables, etc. Furthermore, teams can use the suggested templates to boost website traffic, engagement, and conversions thanks to artfully schemed templates catered to various niches and pretty good SEO tools.

IM Creator Free Website Builder

However, they say IM Creator is a good website builder choice, yet it’s not for anyone. In this review, I will show you if you can be the one to benefit greatly from this content management system or not.

Quick Overview

Founded by a former Wix specialist, IM Creator has registered major moves and kept firming its place in the website builders industry since its inception. Although it doesn’t yet have the fame of Wix and other site-building services, IM Creator still is a decent contender.

Currently, IM Creator comes as one of the most cost-effective options among website builders, offering a comprehensive feature set at competitive prices. Its offerings include eCommerce capabilities across all plans, unlimited bandwidth (even with the free plan), and the handy IM XPRS mobile app for convenient website edits on the go.

Having explored the website builder and its features in this and other reviews out there, I should admit that its wide choice of aesthetically pleasing templates and design elements paired with an incredible spectrum of customization options guarantees the ability to change the site appearance through the desktop editor. The system also has a free plan (available only for artists, students, and non-profit organizations with a provision of formal proof).

Since IM Creator introduces all design elements aligning to one specific theme, it’s great for not-so-creative users who still need to keep their branding consistent. On the other hand, however, this solution will most probably appear complicated for someone just starting out on their website-building journey.

Pricing Policy

Money is always a big deal when it comes to choosing a website builder. After all, one should know how much the selected service will set them back. IM Creator offers three distinct pricing options: Free plan, Premium plan and Creator Pro Whitelabel plan.

IM Creator Price

The lifetime Free plan is uniquely available to students, non-profit organizations, and artists. Eligibility requires proof of status and a rationale for needing a website. This plan includes unlimited hosting, a suite of eCommerce tools, access to all IM Creator themes, the ability to connect a domain, and an ad-free environment.

The Premium Plan is more catered for businesses. It encompasses everything the Free plan offers, plus unlimited bandwidth, which means no worries about slow loading speeds for larger sites. Users can connect their own domain to establish brand identity, and the absence of IM Creator ads lends a more professional look to the site. At only $8 per month, IM Creator’s Premium plan is competitively priced and feature-rich compared to alternatives.

And finally, the Creator Pro Whitelabel plan, the most powerful and expensive at the same time, is a perfect choice for web designers, resellers, hosting companies, white labels, etc. If a web design agency needs to create a powerful website for a client quickly, this IM Creator plan fits better. It provides unlimited licenses (you can create as many client sites as needed). At $350 per year, you get all the power IM Creator has.

Getting Started with a Website

When creating a website on IM Creator, everything goes smoothly at first (well, from an inexperienced non-tech person’s point of view). You sign up with your email and are instantly suggested to set up a site. You start with choosing a theme, the look and feel of which I will address later.

IM Creator Building Website

Once a theme is selected, you will get a brief overview of how to customize the theme. IM Creator bot assistant will send you five pop-up windows with short guides on the main functions and corresponding buttons. Here, all the fun ends, and the adult game starts.

The website construction process involves building the site page by page. Users must name each page (and can even add them as links to the main page menu), decide on a website style—whether to adopt their own or stick with the original theme – insert slideshows, swap out images, and more.

A notable challenge with IM Creator is its lack of a drag-and-drop editor, making the platform less intuitive. Users often find themselves having to explore somewhat blindly to identify the changes or additions they want to make.

Software Interface

The interface of IM Creator is designed to be very clear, but I still find it difficult to understand. If you’re new to the platform, it’s challenging to figure out what tools are at your disposal. This contradiction arises from a couple of significant issues.

For example, if you’re used to traditional widget dashboards for adding elements, you won’t find them here. With IM Creator, you either need guidance from someone experienced with the platform or have to work blindly, selecting an existing element to modify.

Furthermore, unlike Wix, Squarespace, and other site-building platforms, IM Creator features no intuitive drag-and-drop editor. This drastically restricts the site customization process, as you can’t do much with a pre-configured layout. For example, if you want to change the background image of the header, you must spot it and update the existing one.

IM Creator Interface

The user’s dashboard gives several functions only, including the Save option, SEO/Analytics, Head Code, Help button, Editor language (IM Creator enables building multilingual websites), Backups, which are available only with Premium plans, and a function to add IM chat.

Template Choice and Design Customization

Here, at IM Creator, templates are referred to as themes. The suggested options look professional and modern. It’s easy to find the perfect template as the entire selection is categorized into sections by industries on the left-hand side to filter the choice. Some available ones are Favorites, Simple, Business, Services, Art & Design, Health & Wellness, Photography, Restaurants & Food, eCommerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty, Weddings, Music & Video, Loding, Tech etc.

IM Creator Templates

All the themes are mobile-responsive and can be previewed before making your final selection. Each IM Creator theme comes pre-populated with sample content, allowing users to customize it to their preferences. Just keep in mind that once you’ve chosen a theme, created a site, and published it, you won’t be able to change the theme anymore. If you do decide to change it, you’ll need to manually re-insert all of the content.

In IM Creator, we use blocks, also known as “stripes,” for almost any function a user may need, from store layouts to galleries, contact forms, and more. What’s remarkable is that each stripe can be edited in multiple ways. Simply click on the item you want to modify to access the available options, including replacing and changing it.

IM Creator Website Design

As I mentioned earlier, IM Creator allows you to build a website page by page. You can change the page you’re working on and add and manage new ones from the top left-hand corner, depending on the chosen template and its industry.

IM Creator also allows adding new sections regardless of the theme you’re working on. Click on the + button in the bottom right-hand corner to add a section, a page, or a popup, and edit the menu. To add features to a particular section, simply hover your cursor over it and click the + symbol. This way, you can modify titles, videos, images, and more. IM Creator provides robust multimedia functionality to let you add videos, high-resolution images, and more.

Each time you add a new feature, IM Creator offers multiple options to choose from, giving you greater design freedom. Once your website looks its best, you’ll find the saving, previewing, and publishing buttons at the top of the editor.

As you see, the IM Creator editor isn’t the simplest around. You don’t drag and drop elements from a menu anywhere on the page. Furthermore, while you can move items around in blocks, the editor doesn’t allow custom-arranging them on the webpage. This limits the IM Creator editor slightly but, conversely, doesn’t let a user “ruin” the brand’s designs.

However, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and the suggested themes don’t meet your aesthetic requirements, there’s always the option to create a design from scratch. If you don’t have web design experience, it’s best to stick to the offered templates. Unfortunately, IM Creator doesn’t provide an option to access CSS or HTML codes for more advanced site customization, even if you’re starting from scratch. Indeed, this can be frustrating for those who are keen coders.

Setting Up an Online Store

At IM Creator, we have an intuitive eCommerce module tailored for vendors. It enables you to create an online store with basic eCommerce functionality without needing to upgrade your subscription. Even with a Free plan, you can access checkout services, store analytics and manage orders.

The set of eCommerce tools is quite limited. In fact, the only advantage IM Creator has over several other website builders in terms of online store building is the unlimited bandwidth and storage on all pricing plans. Besides this, the solution can boast only its checkout services and store analytics.

As you see, IM Creator is far from being a perfect solution for online merchants, and you’d better be off if you intend to set up a virtual store. If you need to set up a full-featured web store, though, go ahead to choose one of available IM Creator alternatives here.


IM Creator provides robust SEO tools right out of the box. These tools are designed to help users boost their site’s traffic, engagement, and conversions. The structured suite and HTML ensure that websites load quickly, and IM Creator’s optimization for Google crawlers helps achieve higher rankings in Google searches.

IM Creator SEO

With IM Creator, you can customize the title, add keywords and descriptions, upload a favicon or a social image preview, and add Google Analytics Id, Facebook Pixel Id, and IMOS Property Id.

Despite being free, the IM Creator site builder is packed with SEO features. However, if you prefer to keep your site hidden from search engines temporarily, you can set it to no-index. This allows you to ensure that your site looks amazing before making it visible to all search engines and potential visitors.

Tech Support

Availability of reliable customer support service is crucial, no matter how powerful the website builder is. Backed with good assistance, you can always keep your site good in people’s eyes and avoid website downtime.

However, I can’t praise IM Creator for its support service since it’s rather basic. The round-the-clock support becomes available only for Premium plan owners, while the Free plan users get a ticketing system. After submitting a support ticket with your problem or query, expect an answer within 12 hours.

IM Creator Support

The content management system also features an extended knowledge base with downloadable PDF guides, an FAQ section, and how-to articles.

Unfortunately, there is no phone support available, even for paid plan owners. Additionally, the Live Chat support system doesn’t provide instant responses, typically taking a few hours to reply.


Having reviewed and analyzed all the key areas for building a site with IM Creator, I can conclude it’s not for beginners. It provides no visual cues or hints on how to build the site and make the most of its customization, the editor lacks intuitiveness, and the support team isn’t easy to contact if you need it urgently.

On the other hand, though, IM Creator offers professionally designed templates,a comprehensive set of SEO tools right from the start, and a free plan suitable for artists, students, or non-profit organizations. It lets users create literally anything, from a single-page site to a 1000-pager one. Your growth won’t be limited, whether it’s an ordinary landing page or the largest news site. However, this is true if your plans don’t include an eCommerce platform establishment.

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