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IMCreator Website Builder

IMCreator is a New York based website builder. It is an all-in-one platform: it offers web building, editing and hosting services all in one place. The system was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Saragossi (the stable open-beta version was released in May 2011). The platform is primarily targeted at non-techies, as it requires zero knowledge of code. Websites built with this platform are automatically optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Ease of Use

It’s really easy. You can start building a website with IMCreator even without registration. Just pick a template and start editing it. Their templates all have flexible demo versions allowing users to examine the template’s look, feel and functionality in real time using WYSIWYG editing mode. It’s very intuitive and absolutely code-free: just click on the area you’re going to edit and customize it using simple tools we’re all familiar with.



I’ve checked their Featured section (place where they compile examples of successful websites built with IMCreator) and I was surprised at the quality of the displayed sites. There were business websites, online portfolios, restaurant websites, fashion blogs and even web stores (featuring third-party shopping carts). Thus, this platform can be used for building different types of websites. Surely, if you’re considering building an e-shop with lots of bells, whistles and enterprise-level shopping experience you’d better try a specialized eCommerce web builder.

Custom Domain

The platform is absolutely free if you use their subdomain (i-m.co/username/sitename). To be able to add a custom domain (existing or a new one) you have to purchase either their Premium ($5.95 – $9.95 per month) or Pro plan. With the latter you’ll be able to create multiple websites.


IMCreator offers a traditional SEO pack with the following boxes: Title, Description and Keywords.



IMCreator has some of the best templates in the industry. And it’s no accident, as they cooperate with many recognized designers. Their library can be browsed by industry (Wedding, Bio, Musicians, Hotels, Restaurants etc.). There’s also a separate section for themes geared specially for mobile sites. The templates are 100% customizable.


Technical Support

IMCreator’s support can be reached directly through the editor (see the screenshot). There’s also a separate Support page offering four options: HowTos base, FAQ, Forum and Email Support.

IMCreator Support


There’s a free version and two paid packages: Premium and Pro. The Premium package ranges from $5.95 to $9.95 per month depending on the length of your subscription. As for the Pro package – you have to contact their Team to learn the details.

Possible drawbacks: You can’t build an e-shop or a membership website (a Forum, for instance) with IMCreator. However, if you already own an account with an eCommerce platform, you may try to add it to your website (as a link or button – using their ‘HTML’ widget).

IMCreator HTML Code

The strongest side: Templates. They are all high-quality, modern, sleek and make an excellent visual impression. Perfect for designers, photographers, stylists and other creative individuals.

IMCreator Website Example


Building a website with IMCreator is a cakewalk. Their excellent, polished designs are very inspiring. With their help you’ll be able to represent yourself or your business the best way. The platform is perfect for simple websites focusing on design.

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