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IM Creator – is a website builder, which has quite a long development history. Founded  in 2011 in New York, the website builder has evolved into a powerful platform that comes with advanced eCommerce, blogging and White Label solutions. The website builder is absolutely free for users, who need it for non-commercial purposes as well as for students, artists and entrepreneurs looking for a full-featured web building tool to launch and manage versatile projects.

The final version of the platform was introduced in 2015, but the developers of the system keep steadily working on its updates. After several transformations, IM Creator now comes as a full-scale platform for building different types of websites, including online stores, portfolios, business websites, blogs and landing pages. As of today, the number of websites created with the website builder has exceeded 17 million projects and many more are under development. The system stands out from the crowd due to its advanced web design features and solutions that ensure the unsurpassed intuitive web building experience. It seems like we have got the leader of the WYSIWYG niche 2019. Are you intrigued to unveil the major features of the platform? If so, then it’s high time to get a closer look at how IM Creator evolved over the time and what benefits the system offers when it comes to building websites from scratch.

Ease of Use

The first impression definitely makes the impact. This is true when it comes to browsing IM Creator. The website builder creates appealing impression from the very first moment you access its homepage. The registration process is easy, quick and hassle-free. Just provide your email, login and password to get started. The entire procedure takes around a minute only. The absence of annoying ad hoops and banners is certainly an advantage. As soon as you are done with it, you will be redirected to the template selection page, where you’ll be able to choose a theme that comes up to your web design requirements and niche specialization most of all. Have you made the choice? Then go ahead to customize the template – that’s quite simple, indeed!
IM Creator excels at convenience and simplicity. Its visual editor can rightfully be called one of the easiest editors in the modern web design niche.  All the elements are on their places here and you won’t be lost when selecting the required options. Every time you need to add a new element, simply press the “+” button. The core IM Creator advantage is its “Stripes & Polydoms” technology, which provides an advanced yet a bit unusual and unique web design approach.  When building a website, you’ll be able to choose between multiple responsive blocks  – these are the stripes, which come with diverse functionality and structure. The blocks are quite easy to edit and customize. The website builder was initially designed as a tool for users without any coding or designing skills and, thus, it practices easy approach to the process of website development. Just pick the stripes you need from corresponding categories and combine them to create website layout.  To some extent, this reminds standard drag-and-drop website editing, but the procedure is even simpler than that. You don’t have to choose and integrate any widgets – the availability of stripes ensures automated website design process.

The “show history” button make it easy to go back to previous changes. It keeps the record of changes including edited texts, changed prices, removed elements, etc. However, it does not let you go back to original images or background color. Every time you need to delete a section, simply press the “X” icon and keep customizing the project. Summing up, IM Creator is a good choice for users, who need to build a website from scratch with minimum effort and without technical and design skills.


IM Creator has proved to be a good option for web shops and resellers. This is mainly to builder’s so-called “the big three” features that include eCommerce, White Label, and blogging. On the other hand, the platform is flexible enough to design and publish websites related to other niches. We will start with some core functions.


IM Creator boasts its own eCommerce platform that delivers a set of managing and tracking tools. Simply choose a stripe from the “Store” section and add content. That’s it! You now have your own online shop that can be accessed via your personal Dashboard. It lets users handle the following issues:

  • Manage products;
  • Add new items;
  • Run the beta selling process to ensure its validity;
  • Check the Add to Cart Function;
  • Track all sections, products and completed transactions;
  • Edit price;
  • 9 variants of show window designs to choose from;
  • Overview all available products along with their prices, titles, descriptions.

“Sell this product” pop up feature is a huge plus. It appears every time you click on a particular element or product image. Users can set or change currencies right from the Dashboard. The platform currently supports 25 different currencies available in the “Setting section in user’s Dashboard. Here you can customize Refund and Premium emails enabling an effective communication with the customers.
imcreator store settings
The transfer block lets you easily setup your deposit details. Users can currently choose from two major options: Wire Transfer and Paypal. The system will automatically transfer all year earnings once a month. Opting for Pay Pal looks a better option, as setting up deposits with Paypal is faster and easier. You only need to indicate Paypal ID and email.

Setting Wire Transfers look more complicated and time-consuming, as here you need to fill in lots of data including Bank Name, Country, Address, Routing Number and more. Both options include a 5% fee on wiring. IM Creator also offers the opportunity to integrate your Stripe account by indicating Secret and Publish Keys in the Transfer Setting block.

White Label

IM Creator offers probably the best White Label solution for professional designers, resellers and hosting companies. It offers CMS solutions for internal corporate use as well. The price starts from $350 year and there is a 14-day money back guarantee for those users, who will decide that IM Creator White Label is not for them for any reason. Here is the list of features the advanced tool offers:  

  • Set up your own branded website for customers;
  • Unlimited number of domains and websites;
  • Replace IM Creator branding with your own;
  • Control Panel for resellers and tracking functions;
  • Secure payments due to the integrated SSL Certificate;
  • 24/7 support team to resolve any issues.

The main idea of the White Label feature is to let companies provide website building services on behalf of their own unique brands powered by IM Creator platform. The plan for White Label includes an unlimited number of licenses, domains, users, and websites.It will suit different types of White Labels:

  • Independent Web Designers who want to create high-quality websites for their customers under their own brand;
  • Domain and Hosting Companies do not need to spend thousands on creating their own builder. IM XPRS provides full integration and lets companies keep up to 100% of their revenue;
  • Web Solution for Large Corporations – IM XPRS can be used as a single CMS solution with its own servers, hosting in addition to content editing and sharing.


Im Creator provides enough tools to create simple and catchy blogs for both individuals and huge corporations. Simply go to Blog Settings and start editing your page. Start from choosing the blog type and then remove headers or pick visible elements with only one click. Customize the space between different items or choose their number in a row to establish a unique blog posting style.
imcreator blogging
Currently, you may choose from 5 available news feed structure variants, which have appealing look and come with title, descriptions and full publication button to let you set them up effectively. If you need, you may insert video files or other media to the content field. When working on your blog, you can reach the following sections: Settings, Background, Layout, Effects and Pro to give the website unique look and customize its design. Settings let you choose the background in addition to layouts and effects, while Pro blog tools make it easy to change items’ and content width, stripe padding and more. The website builder has enough features to create a catchy and attractive blog featuring bright images and texts that can be easily customized and edited. However, it should be mentioned that the major blog features still lag behind those of specialized niche services. With IM Creator, you can launch and manage a business website blog, news presentation or a personal website blog with ease.

Export and Hosting

Whether you decide to create a free or paid account to use IM Creator, the platform provides a free hosting. No need to look for and deal with hosting services as well as spend time and money. The website builder claims to handle all the issues for their clients.

They may include security and operation upgrades to ensure a proper website running. The free plan includes 50 megabytes of space to host the content. Once you call for unlimited storage facilities, opt for the premium plan to add as many products, images, and descriptions as you need.

Add-Ons and Integrations

Apart from Google Maps and Analytics integration, IM Creator provides social media links on major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more add-ons, check the list of available:

  • Vimeo & YouTube;
  • Facebook comments;
  • Google Calendar etc.

The website builder grants an opportunity to create and customize social media buttons displayed at your website. This should be done to make them match the overall style, design and color palette of your project.  

Multilingual Support

IM Creator offers multilingual support that lets you launch and manage several language versions of your project depending upon the audience you target and the objectives you pursue when creating a website. Multilingual support does not imply any widget or plugin integration. It’s up to you to decide what languages you’d like your website to be available in. The rest is just a matter of time and your preferences.

New Menu Format

IM Creator has recently introduced the improved format of the dashboard menu, which has improved the speed and convenience of website editing. To access the editor, you should click the required menu element to be further redirected to the updated mini-menu. This is where you will be able to add new content (posts, media files, sections, links etc.), edit the existing elements and complete other required actions all in one place. The website builder offers a perfect opportunity to use advanced editing tools with one click.

What’s more, the new Mini Menu is not only convenient and simple, but it also much more effective as compared to its previous version. It has simplified the process of contextual editing, making it easy to control images, color effects, background settings and other parameters. Finally, the improved menu has made it possible to boost the speed of website performance by around 30%. Just publish the project and watch the result!


IM Creator templates are among the best in the niche due to their quality, responsive nature and customizability. The website builder offers contemporary, appealing and professional designs that work great for different niches. Thus, you may choose from business, services, photography, restaurants/food, art/design, health/wellness, eCommerce/retail, fashion/beauty, weddings, music/video, lodging, tech, reseller themes and more.
The website builder provides an extensive set of design customization tools, application of which gives your project fancy and truly contemporary look. Thus, you can apply scrolling, mouse-over and entrance effects, for example. Likewise, you can add/delete template sections, adjust their positions, edit their structure, choose and add free fonts that better match your website style, select icons  etc. Image editing options are impressive as well. It is possible to crop/edit pictures and photos, select color and opacity, apply animation effects – the options are really versatile.

It should also be mentioned that IM Creator has partnership relations with some of the most professional web developers, whose expertise and awareness of the recent niche trends let them develop high end templates. All IM Creator themes are comprised of stripe-related tools you can use, while working with the editor. Having chosen a template, you’ll have to keep working with it till website publication. This is because the system does not allow switching the templates during the web design process. If you still decide to do that, get ready to re-submit your content once again  – previously submitted info will be lost.

All themes look pretty nice when it comes to design. The IM Creator editor reserves a place for HTML code to be inserted into the website header. Please, note that you need to publish your the page to include the code in the header. Page settings are full of different tools to create a personalized page.

Here you can choose from different layouts including Hamburger Side, Hidden and Overlay. Several scroll effects are available to increase the level of website usability. The Page Setting block also includes widgets and page access sections. They are all available within a one editing panel.


IM Creator makes it possible to launch websites that come with clear codes and, thus, are properly indexed by the search engines. The tools and features the system offers are enough to optimize your future website and benefit from higher search engine rankings. The website builder makes it easy to edit titles, insert SEO-friendly descriptions that contain topical keywords. By the way, you can set a focus keyword for every single page depending on the content. Additional tools include:

  • Visibility by All Search Engines;
  • Favicon Upload Function;
  • Social Image Preview
  • Simple Integration with Google Analytics.

Having launched a website with IM Creator, you may be sure that it will be ranked high in the search engines. To some extent, this is explained by the system parameters like web page code validity, speed, performance, proper settings provided by default etc. If you are aware of SEO basics, you can manually set up the major parameters that affect the quality of search engine promotion. You can assign these parameters for each web page, adding titles, keywords and descriptions. Apart from that, you can upload your website favicon, connect Facebook Pixel and enable Google Analytics. Domain connection is also possible, but only after you upgrade to the Premium Plan.

Customer Support

Both new and returning customers can choose several customer support options available at IM Creator:

  • Intro Videos – outline all baseline aspects of using the website builder step by step;
  • IM Creator Knowledge Base – extensive knowledge base is available round the clock. It includes useful articles and software documentation;
  • Direct Customer Support – contact the support team directly via email to handle any issue;
  • Live Chat Support  – get in touch with IM Creator support team in person to get the immediate response regarding your problems;
  • Answer Bot  – the bot will answer your questions and help you handle the issues, when Live Chat representatives are not available for some reason.
  • 24/7 Email Support – the system allows getting in touch with the customer support team any time of the day via email;
  • Ticketing System – the website builder has recently made it possible to use the ticketing system, which lets users submit support tickets to the developers of the service any time they face platform-relate problems they cannot solve on their own. Each new query is reviewed by the support agents to be effectively resolved in around 12 hours;
  • User Guide – the platform allows downloading informative and helpful user guides that deliver valuable info regarding the most important system-related nuances.

IMCreator Support


IM Creator offers free and paid plans. A free plan is a good choice, if you want to build a website for personal needs. It includes access to a selection of templates, basic support, and 50 MB storage that hardly looks enough for a more complicated web resource. The system doesn’t have any ads or banners displayed at free websites, which is a notable bonus for their owners.  Once you want to build a fully customizable website with all available eCommerce and managing features, a premium plan would be a bargain.

Non-profit organizations, independent artists and students can apply for their free IM Creator license via filling out the corresponding contact form that will further be sent to the tech support team of the service. When completing the form, you should specify your website domain name or other proofs of the fact that your website complies with the terms of IM Creator loyalty program.
imcreator pricing
Users, who have an intention to use IM Creator for profit generation, are recommended to  upgrade to one of the premium plans meant for standard websites. The available subscriptions are as follows:

  • Annual Licence ($8/mo) – one-time yearly payment ($96/year), implies the connection of 1 domain, opportunity to launch 1 website, unlimited storage space, bandwidth, premium tech support, eCommerce functionality;
  • Biannual Licence ($11/mo) – one-time half-year payment ($66/half year), offers 1 domain, opportunity to create 1 website, unlimited storage space, bandwidth, premium tech support, eCommerce functionality;
  • SSL Protected ($21/mo) – encompasses the features of the above mentioned plans plus an opportunity to connect the SSL certificate to one domain name.

Professional web designers, hosting providers and resellers, in their turn, should better go for the White Label Plan, which unveils numerous advantages and allows using the system under their own brand names to get the most out of its feature set. The available White Label plans currently include:

  • Standard White Label ($350/year) – grants Unlimited Licenses, opportunity to remove IM Creator brand & replace it with that of your own, ensures full billing & pricing control, full control over users as well as an opportunity to display your own templates.
  • Host It Yourself ($2500/year) – includes the features provided by the Standard White Label plus cPanel Integration, opportunity to get the downloadable website version, host websites on your servers, access to the editor’s CSS control, your own domains API.
  • Servers Control (25K/year) – provides the above-mentioned features as well as Login APIs, cPanel & API, Server ownership.

Additionally, it makes sense to mention specific eCommerce billing nuances. All the money generated via sales is securely stored on your account. As soon as you decide to transfer it, you can do that via Stripe considering the 5% commission fee charged by IM Creator for the transaction.


IM Creator is associated with a simplified but still effective website builder for different purposes. The platform will be a good option whenever you need to build a simple blog or a webshop. It also lets users handle personal business projects without the slightest embarrassment upon their heads.

Summing up, IM Creator has proved to be a solid platform featuring some more sophisticated and smoother features when it comes to e-commerce website that highlights simple product management, order tracking, safe transactions and more.

The platform is obviously good for small but catchy blogs and eCommerce websites. This is a great corporate solution for internal use as well.

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