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Best Website Builders for Business

Thanks to online DIY website builders, more and more people take their web representation to their own hands and build websites to promote their services and share different accomplishments. While building a personal page just for fun doesn’t require any specific functionality, creating a website to represent your business is a very responsible task. Your business image, agility and sales will strongly depend on the platform you choose for your future website. So, in order to avoid any undesirable risks, select a website builder that is specifically developed for business needs. Possibly, the best solutions in the modern market are uKit and Zoho Sites website builders. In this post we’ll focus on treir business-specific features. To see the full list of specifications, read my uKit review and Zoho Sites review.

Website Customization

uKit. uKit is a block-based website builder. This means that you can add standard blocks, for example Ecwid Store, Contact Form, Galleries and Headings into every page of your website. And you can manually change preferences of each block, so the design of your site will be so unique as it only possible.

uKit widgets

Important note: you can do as many backups as you want, so if some design changes seem to you not perfect, you can easily undo them with just one click.

Zoho Sites. As you probably know, Zoho Corporation is one of the most reputable business apps providers out there. So it’s no accident that their website builder offers an easy-to-use Forms Builder as one of the numerous customization instruments.. You can use either one of the existing forms or create a custom one to fit your unique business needs. With Zoho Sites you can build and integrate both basic and very complex lead forms for all your data collection needs.

Zoho Form


Can you imagine a professional website without favicons, logotypes and other brand-related elements? Me neither.

uKit. This powerful but at that time simple website builder gives you a chance to choose your website logo from hundreds of icons from its gallery. And if you still want to place your own logo, just drag it from your folder and drop it to the specific block. It’s more than simple.

Zoho Sites. With Zoho Sites you’ll be able to upload your own imagery to maximize your brand identity in the same drag-and-drop way, as usual. Just upload your logos and edit their them in the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing mode. But what I like most about Zoho Sites, is the ability to create custom 404 Error Pages.

Google Connection

uKit. uKit has built-in Google Analytics, Search Console and Business listings widgets. And if you’re newbie in analytics research – just use that widget, and you can discover main website metrics without hours of learning Analytics tool from Google. The same applies to Yandex Metrics – another powerful instrument of website activity analysis. Another nice detail is a possibility to add social share buttons, that help to promote you website over Linked In, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other popular networks.

uKit Tools

Zoho Sites. Zoho Sites devs made it easy to integrate any Google App into your website. These include Google Custom Search Engine, Google AdSense, Webmaster Tools and many other extensions. Besides Google products, you can also integrate any third-party widget: just enter the code into a required box and save changes. As for the default widgets, there are extended Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other sharing tools.

Zoho Sites - Code Snippet

Mobile Websites

uKit. By default, every website, created with uKit, has a fully-responsive design. This means, that your project will look both pretty on desktop PC’s, tablets or other mobile devices.

uKit Mobile view

Zoho Sites. Each Zoho-based website is mobile-friendly from the start. You don’t have to lift a finger to get a touch-friendly version of your website that will work and look perfect across different devices. You can preview your optimized pages by switching to the Mobile Editor.

Zoho Mobile

Themes and design

uKit. You can easily change not just only color scheme of your website but also you can cardinally transform design theme by choosing definitely another style. Besides, all your content, images, styles and links remain it’s places.


Zoho Sites. Each default template is fully customizable. You can either use their Visual Editor or take advantage of their advanced HTML/CSS editor. There’s also an impressive gallery of web fonts which is updated on a regular basis. This means you can personalize your website easily and make its design memorable and eye-catching.

Zoho templates


uKit. This website builder for small business, possibly, is the best solution for those who wish to make a business in Internet but has not enough skills to code HTML/CSS. To tell the truth, you can create website within several hours and it will start working on you. I would unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone looking to build a business website hassle-free.

Zoho Sites. Zoho Sites can be rightfully called one of the best web building platforms for business. Many compare this website builder with Google Sites for its business-specific functionality. Summing up, I want to tell, that this website building platform would be suitable for more experienced users.

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