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Both small offline businesses and huge international corporations face the toughest level of competition despite the niche. Whether you are selling goods online or run a small chain of coffee shops, having a strong representation on the web is vital. Otherwise, main competitors will leave you behind at short notice. A website is your last straw to stand out and promote your company, products, and services via multiple channels.

A website is not just the introduction of your business. It comes as a powerful marketing and promotion tool that builds a reputation, drives traffic and automates the management process. On the other hand, creating a website from scratch may look daunting. You work hard to grow sales and do not have any free time to deal with web design or pick up some coding skills. Moreover, all that computing staff usually costs a fortune.

Website builders come as an ultimate solution to the problem. They let you create, edit and publish solid sites within a couple of hours without special skills and coding. Advanced building platforms deliver more tools to connect customers to your website, promote different events and simply build a good reputation on the web. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, three website builders might meet your expectations depending on the site objectives and purposes. They include uKit, WIX and IM Creator.

WIX: the platform comes as an ultimate web solution for different business. Wix lets you handle the creating of a webshop, business card website, blog or portfolio for independent service providers and freelancers. It boasts its own App Market with lots of different applications and widgets for marketing purposes. Wix has a list of advanced SEO features. Users can set baseline SEO parameters including meta tags and titles.

You can add a favicon to stand out from other websites in the ranking as well as set page previews. The platform was designed to create stunning blogs in addition to e-commerce options. Both provide a good way for an extension as well as the availability of third-party integration. Although WIX offers a free plan, it is good to test its tools and options. The price for the premium plan is up to $24.50 including free templates, a domain and hosting.

uKit: it comes as a simpler platform to meet the needs of mainly small businesses. It is good for creating portfolios and one-page websites from scratch. Although it does not provide extended marketing and analytic tools, it still lets users handle some fundamental; SEO setting like meta tags and titles. You can choose a focus keyword for each of your articles and benefit from great blogging features. uKit brings some web page promotion opportunities and seems to be a good option considering the price from $4 to $12 per month.

IM Creator: this website builder comes as a more diverse software. It is the best bet for e-commerce and digital stores considering its advanced analytics and marketing tools. IM Creator lets you design your own email forms to collect emails with email marketing. The platform can be integrated with all major social networks and some CRMs.

It boasts its unique White Label feature letting other companies and independent service providers use IM Creator facilities as their own to deliver full-scale web and hosting services to their customers. The platform has a free trial session while the Pro plan will cost $250 per year with the access to White Label and E-Commerce tools. Manage your products and track the sales statistics using integrated marketing tools.

How to Choose a Proper Website Builder for Business?

You have the idea for your business or an already operating company. You have decided on the type of website you need as well as defined the main purposes and objectives. It is high time you chose a proper website builder that would meet your needs. You need to consider some core issues before opting for a particular website building tool.

  • Tip #1 – Choose a Platform that Suits Your Objectives

The first thing you need to do is to define the key goals and purposes for the website. Would it be a simple blog or portfolio with no special features? Or would it be a digital store for a huge company featuring analytic and marketing tools? Once you have a clear vision of the website structure, you will be able to choose a website builder with appropriate tools.

  • Tip #2 – Check for Marketing Tools

You may provide the best services or products in the world. However, your business will be doomed to failure unless potential customers will notice your website. Think of some marketing tools to look for in the website builder. Decide on whether you need a possibility of website integration with another CRM. Not all website builders boast this feature.

Check the availability of third-party integration with MailChimp and other tools related to email marketing. Some platforms deliver effective instruments to create catchy newsletters and collect potential customers’ emails. You should never underestimate the role of email marketing as a promotional tool. Your website requires some usability. Follow the modern trends and add pop-up features in addition to parallax scrolling effects to deliver the most engaging users’ experience.

  • Tip #3 – Look for Extended SEO Features

Proper SEO optimization is a vital factor for modern websites when it comes to increased online visibility and brand recognition. However, you are very unlikely to have at least basic SEO skills. For this reason, a website builder should contain some simple tools to let you increase search engine rankings with ease. Compare different building platforms and pick the one that lets you easily manage and edit various SEO parameters, customize baseline SEO settings and bring your website to the top list of search engines.

  • Tip #4 – Crave for Extension

Building a new website never guarantees millions of profits right at once. You need to support and maintain your resources adding relevant content. A promising website requires permanent development. For this reason, you need to choose a website builder that offers enough possibilities for further extension. Check for extended features like blogging functions and social sharing buttons as well as e-commerce tools. Opt for the platform that makes third-party integration available for users. It will let you connect different services and develop your business website.

  • Tip #5 – Affordable Prices

Most users look for the slightest chance to save money due to a limited budget especially if they only launch their business. Website builders are certainly a cheaper and more cost-effective solution of compared with custom developers for hire. They usually charge up to $300 per hour when it comes to a complicated business portal with lots of pages and different features. On the other hand, the price of a simple business blog may go up to $2-$3 thousands.

Website builders are much cheaper. They let you create, host and publish your future site for not more than $30 monthly. You can benefit from even cheaper plans that provide enough storage in addition to free domain and hosting. Each upgrade or change is free and will not take much time.

List of Best Website Builders for Business

Let’s have look if our three best website builders for business will handle the task considering the tips above.

WIX – Best Website Builder for Business Purposes

Best Website Builder for Business Purposes

WIX has proved to be a versatile website building tool for different purposes. Whether you run a small Bed & Breakfast Hotel or a huge international construction company, the platform delivers a diverse set of tools and features out of the box. It is a perfect option for small businesses that need a small corporate website. The main benefits include:

  • Mobile Optimized Templates for All Tastes – choose from a diverse selection of functional and well-design templates for different business niches. All templates are ready to use on mobile devices as well. The key factor in reaching a broader audience that constantly goes mobile;
  • Easy-to-Use – forget about coding and web designing. No special skills are required. Add new elements to a web page with just a click, Customize your sections and use drag-n-drop functions to add media files;
  • Apps and Add-Ons – WIX has its own App Market full of different widgets and applications to promote your website and make it more user-friendly. Add analytic tools to track the conversion and customize your pages with functional widgets;
  • Affordable Prices – using WIX will let you save thousands of dollars if compared with hiring a custom development team. The plan prices range from free plans (enough only to test platform’s features and tools) for $24.50 per month including a free domain and hosting.

It lets independent, photographers, designers and corporate studios build a catchy portfolio to attract more customers. WIX is good for any niche and business filed form sports & recreation to retail and e-commerce.

uKit – The Cheapest Small Business Website Builder

The Cheapest Small Business Website Builder

uKit is positioned as a perfect solution for small businesses. It lets you create a corporate or a one-page website from scratch that will introduce your company on the web. uKit is good for establishing stunning professional portfolios. It is easy and fast to use making it easy to build a solid website for small business within several hours. The main uKit benefits include:

  • Ease of Use – uKit is probably the easiest website building tool you can come across. It is perfect for newbies with a selection of simple editing instruments in one pack. Users can remove and add blocks, edit texts, add high-quality videos and photos using an intuitive drag-and-drop function;
  • Mobile Ready Templates – all templates are optimized to run equally well on desktop and mobile devices despite their screen size or OS;
  • Affordable Prices– uKit plans’ prices range from $ to $12 per month. A good solution to put an ease on the wallet;
  • Free Hosting – Free hosting is already included in the plan price.
  • Special Features – although uKit is considered the easiest website builder, it still offers some baseline
  • SEO and e-commerce tools in addition to free widgets and third-party integration opportunities.

uKit is a website builder to meet the expectations of small business owners. It is cheap and easy to use. The platform lets you create and publish a decent website from scratch without special skills. A good choice for those looking for time- and cost-effective software.

IM Creator – The Easiest Platform to Build Website for Business

The Easiest Platform to Build Website for Business

IM Creator looks like the best solution whenever you need to build a web shop to handle e-commerce online. The platform is good for creating business card websites, blogs, digital stores and sites for other business niches. It offers a set of diverse E-Commerce, SEO, and analytic tools to develop your business in addition to White Label. Here are some core IM Creator benefits:

  • Versatile Selection of Templates – select a category of mobile-friendly templates and choose the one to suit your particular niche. The categories range from bars & cafes to e-commerce, blogs, and forums;
  • Advanced Blogging Features – create a blog that will speak volumes using IM Creator. Advanced setting will let you easily customize each element of the text as well as add high-quality media files;
  • E-Commerce Features – manage your webshop with a couple of clicks. Edit products and categories, change the currency, remove or add new products, edit their titles and descriptions, track the purchases, etc.;
  • White Label Feature – a unique IM Creator feature lets independent webs designers, hosting providers and design companies bring their services to a new level using IM Creator background.

Although IM Creator is more expensive if compared with other platforms, it delivers an extended list of tools to create business websites for different purposes. Despite its plans’ prices. Using IM Creator is still cheaper than hiring a custom development team.

Small Business Website Builder Comparison

IM Creator WIX uKit
Best for: Digital shops


Corporate Sites

Web Shops

Business Cards

All-niches websites



One-Page Sites

Pros: Extended SEO Tools

E-Commerce Features

White Label Feature

Extended Blogging Feature

CRM/Third-Party Integration

Pro Settings.

Good for all types of websites, affordable prices, free hosting, Wix App Store, Widgets and Add-Ons, Basic SEO Tools. Simple editing, reat blogging features, low price, mobile-friendly templates, widgets, blogging features, basic SEO setting, cheap and easy.
Cons: Higher plan prices, more     difficult to edit for newbies Limited Free offer, no import feature, Wix ads only for small websites, limited SEO and analytic tools
Pricing: $0-$350 per year $0-$24 per month $4-$12 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Building a website from scratch is a tough challenge. It is not surmising users have some questions about how to get started. We have conducted a list of most frequently asked questions to highlight the key factors of using a website builder from scratch. We do hope you will find the answers here.

Q: I need to build a website for my business. What Should I start with?

A: First of all, you need to define the goals and purposes of the website. Whether you need a simple one-page business card of a full-cycle digital store. Define the functions and features it should have and then choose a website builder that meets your requirements.

Q: What is the easiest to use website builder?

A: uKit is definitely the easiest website builder from the list above. It is perfect for newbies who need to create and publish a blog or portfolio within a couple of hours. However, you need to choose a more powerful software once you crave for a more complex website with an extended list of functions.

Q: Is it possible to find a free website builder and hosting for small business?

A: Website builders like Wix offer free plans. However, they are good only for testing software capabilities. Your website will need further optimization and promotion not mentioning photos, videos and other content to store. For this reason, you still need to choose premium plans and it your needs.

Q: What are the best website templates for small business?

A: Website builders have a separate section for business-themed templates. They come with built-in sections like “About US” and “Contacts”. All templates are mobile responsive and run equally well on desktop and mobile devices no matter what screen size or OS they have.

Q: What is the best website builder for a service business?

A: WIX seems to be the best option to introduce and promote your services. It has an extended blogging feature in addition to SEO setting, analytic widgets and marketing tools. It lets you easily connect a website with major social links and deliver your services to a target audience.

Q: What is the most customizable website builder for business?

A: While IM Creator is a bit difficult to use and uKit is limited with features, WIX seems to be the most customizable platform. It features its own App store full of different applications and widgets in addition to third-party integration capabilities.

Final Word

Your business definitely needs a website no matter if you run a small barbershop or a huge oil corporation. A website is a chance to promote your services and deliver them directly to your buyer persona. While hiring a development team may look too expensive and time-consuming, website builders come as a simple, fast and affordable solution. All you need is to define the goals and purposes for the future site. The chose a platform that can bring your ideas to life.

uKit, WIX and IM Creator are the best options for your business goals. While uKit is the simplest and cheapest solution for small businesses and on-page sites, IM Creator is a more e-commerce-oriented software. WIX seems to be the ultimate solution with plenty of features and tools to promote your services and develop your business concept in general.

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