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SITE123 is the top notch solution for users who need simple yet functional web projects, but lck advanced coding knowledge to set up one. The website builder comes with a user-friendly interface, a list of customizable responsive templates, social media sharing options, SEO-friendly URLs as well as a diversity of integration options. Such functionality allows both beginners and web design experts to launch various types of personal and business projects with no programming background.

Websites created with the software generally look simple yet provide high informational value. To give them a professional look, a user has access to multiple built-in tools and features that refer to various project types. Whether you plan to set up a blog, a landing page, a business website, a portfolio or even a small/medium web store, SITE123 will get you covered.

Interested to browse some of the most spectacular website samples built with the software? Then go ahead to view short reviews below.

1. CrossFit Sapphire

Cross Fit Sapphire

CrossFit Sapphire is the official website of the fitness club based in Virginia, USA. This is a family run business that has developed into a powerful sports facility offering multiple sports-related services. As a community of coaches and clients, they strive to support each other in their attempts to improve health and lifestyle as well as to achieve goals. The website looks contemporary and professional yet it does not compromise with integrated functionality. Whatever information you need, you will surely find it on website pages – just take your time to browse them.


  • Full-screen photo of the training that urges the desire to join the club;
  • Large catchy tagline (motto);
  • CTA buttons;
  • Built-in client gallery;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • Integrated web store;
  • Team presentation;
  • Social account sharing buttons;
  • Google Maps widget.


  • Live chat widget for easy and quick interaction;
  • FAQs;
  • Video presentation of the gym;
  • Client success stories.

2. RB Windows

Windows Doors Glass

RB Windows comes as a website of the window replacement and installation company located in Southern California, USA. The main message of the company is to showcase its professional services, products, successful projects and years of niche expertise. This becomes clear from the very first second you visit the project. You just can’t but notice large and quality photos of buildings presented as a slider. The detailed menu is found below the header not to distract user attention. This is quite an unusual website design approach.


  • Split-screen website design with the text and a slider on opposite sides;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Brand logo;
  • One-page layout;
  • Social sharing buttons;
  • Support of English and Spanish languages;
  • Interactive counter;
  • Google Maps that provide the exact company location;
  • Detailed contacts with the online form.


  • Online calculator;
  • FAQs;
  • Live chat popup window;
  • Order specifications;
  • Pricing solutions;
  • Customer reviews.

3. Cory Gallant

Cory Gallant

Cory Gallant is another quality sample of the SITE123-powered website. It belongs to Cory Gallant – a country singer who resides in Canada. The project design absolutely adheres to its major specialization. It showcases Cory’s best singles, upcoming tracks and shows, merchandise products etc. The website has several pages dedicated to the singer’s music, including his albums, videos, shows, photos, singles etc. The homepage drives user attention due to the image of Gallant performing on stage.


  • Parallax image background with the full-screen hero image;
  • Video and photo integrations;
  • Subscription and contact forms;
  • Lightbox image gallery and slider;
  • Social media integrations;
  • Search bar;
  • List of shows and upcoming events;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account.


  • Customer feedbacks and comments;
  • FAQs;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • Live chat window;
  • Samples of best songs with words.

4. James Movies

James Movies

James Movies was created and is now managed by James Movies – a writer, actor and director who has dedicated his life to filming. The website is the major proof of this fact as it comprises the best photo/video works of the author, highlighting their strong points and unique features. “I like to think that philosophy is the math of art” – that’s the motto available on the homepage, which absolutely complies with the website owner’s work approach, making the project interesting for current and potential clients.


  • Lightbox image galleries;
  • Donation section;
  • Rich collection of videos and images;
  • Gear section;
  • Social network accounts access;
  • Team presentation;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • Support of English and French languages;
  • Brand logo;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account.


  • Client testimonials and reviews;
  • Live chat widget;
  • FAQs;
  • Simpler website navigation.

5. Five Star BNB

Five Star BNB

Five Star BNB is a website showcasing cleaning concierge services that are licensed and completely reliable. The company focuses on cleaning BNB vacation homes and apartment rentals only, offering an individual approach to each and every client. They employ dedicated staff members to guarantee the highest quality servicing at affordable rates. The project absolutely adheres to this very goal. There is explicit info about the company and its services available on separate pages here. Just take your time to browse each of them to find answers to your special questions.


  • Video background on the homepage;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account;
  • “Book a Cleaning” option;
  • Detailed contacts section/page;
  • Integrated Google Maps widget;
  • Convenient one-page layout.


  • Customer feedbacks and comments;
  • Online calculator;
  • Pricing page/section;
  • FAQs;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Real photos of cleaned apartments/houses.


SITE123 is that very website builder, which works well for non-techies. Offering a broad range of customizable designs that fit various niches, they make it possible to easily add all types of content, including images, videos, texts, multimedia features etc. the process is simple and quick due to the built-in drag-and-drop editor that lets you control all the steps ad fix the bugs in time.

Additionally, SITE123 offers eCommerce and blogging features that provide an opportunity to set up/manage online stores and blogs. Overall, the system is a great option for users who want to create professional-looking and full-featured websites quickly and simply, without any programming or tech skills. If you expect to avail more advanced options, it makes sense to look for a more powerful platform, though.

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