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Wix has proved to be a good website builder to handle different needs. The platform serves great whenever you need to build different types of websites without coding and designing skills. Wix boasts numerous handful features to cope with various tasks with ease. However, it is far from being perfect. Users can opt for some better alternatives to Wix that are cheaper, easier to use and have features that are more flexible when it comes to customizing your website pages.

Despite all great Wix features that make this website builder pretty affordable and easy-to-use, the software has some obvious disadvantages. They mainly include:

  • Inability to Switch between Themes – once you have opted for a particular template, the platform reserves no chances to choose a different theme and export the website content. It means that you need to start building from scratch;
    Annoying Ads – while most beginners opt for a Wix free plan due to limited budgets, they come across tons of ads that interfere with the building process;
    The Lack of Extended Features – although Wix is positioned as a multi-purpose website builder, users can still find it challenging to configure their digital stores and some more complicated websites.

Considering the above mentioned, let’s review some of the best alternatives to Wix.

#1. uKit – The Best Alternative to Wix

uKit Main Page

Price always matters when it comes to beginners eager to build a website from scratch. Although Wix offers affordable plans, uKit looks like a more cost-effective alternative with actually the same set of features and advantages:

  • Professionally Designed Templates – uKit offers a selection of free mobile responsive templates for different needs. Whether you need to create a solid one-page website or professional portfolio, simply choose a theme you like and start editing;
  • Ease-of-Use – uKit is a great option for beginners with no technical skills. A set of intuitive editing functions let users create a new section, remove blogs and add content they need;
  • Business Widgets – product card and price widgets make it easy to set the way your price and products will be depicted to visitors. The product card may contain a link to a product description, order button, etc.;
  • Affordable Prices – the price from $4 to $12 per month will hardly be a challenge for your wallet. It already includes free domain and hosting.

uKit has proved to be a cheaper and simpler alternative to Wix with a bunch of SEO and blogging features. It comes as a good platform to build a website builder from scratch.

#2. IM Creator – A Cheaper Alternative to Wix


Designed to build solid webshops and e-commerce websites, IM Creator is a cheaper alternative to Wix boasting a bunch of advanced features in addition to simple editing, SEO settings, and White Label. The main advantages include:

  • Intuitive Interface – Based on WYSISWG technologies, IM Creator is a simple software to edit any of the website pages, add new content, remove or change blocks, etc. Advanced PRO setting let users dive deep into the elements’ dimensions and appearance changing page’s fonts, element’s colors, etc.;
  • More Flexible Features – IM Creator is an effective platform to build, manage and promote your digital store online. Manage SEO settings and insert focus keywords, add analytic tools to track sales, edit categories and products, change currencies and more;
  • Affordable Price – apart from typical plans, IM Creator is available free for non-profitable organizations and students;
  • E-Commerce Features – IM Creator was designed to make the process of selling online as easy as possible. E-Commerce features include different payment options, third-party integration in addition to 20+ currencies, easy product and category editing tools, analytics and tracking instruments, sale management, etc.;
  • White Label – a unique builder’s feature to let independent web developers, companies and hosting providers enhance their business and bring their customer services to a new level using IMK Creator facilities.

IM Creator is a decent software to build professional looking solid websites of any type. Extended e-commerce features deliver great opportunities to develop your online sales.

#3. WordPress – a More Flexible Wix Alternative


WordPress is a living legend when it comes to website building platforms. It has evolved over the times bringing new advanced tools that make the software a more flexible alternative to Wix. The main benefits include:

  • Open Source Platform – it means that anyone is able to access the code and edit it. Although this feature requires at least basic HTML knowledge, it won’t take you long to modify a custom theme or create your own;
  • Recognition – almost 40% of all websites on the web are made on WordPress. Billions of users have already downloaded its professionally designed themes;
  • Versatile Templates – WordPress boasts probably the guest selection of adaptive templates for any purpose. From capturing blogs and new portals to business cards, forums and more.
  • Plugins – choose from thousands of free plugins available delivered by WordPress. From captcha and blogging tools to Analytics, third-party integration and more.

For many decades, WordPress has been the #1 choice for both professional webmaster and beginners. On the other hand, it still requires some technical skills and knowledge while setting up a website requires much attention.

#4. Weebly – A Simpler Alternative to Wix

Weebly Main

Weebly is a better alternative to Wix whenever you need to build a professional blog or portfolio. The platform is more user-friendly and simpler to use. Weebly advantages are as follows:

  • Trendy Templates – although Weebly was not paying too much attention to its themes in the past, the situation has changed. The platform delivers a bunch of trendy templates that are easy to edit, change and customize;
  • Marketing Tools – Weebly is a multi-purpose platform boasting a list of SEO and e-commerce features to create a digital store and promote it on the web. Users will appreciate built-in analytic tools as well;
  • Pre-Set Layouts – apart from CSS/HTML editing, Weebly comes as the perfect platform for beginners who do not know how to get started. Simply choose any of the 40 available pre-set layouts and start building a solid website.

Weebly comes as a better Wix alternative due to its flexibility and a broader blogging features’ offering. The software is a good tool for building a professionally-looking portfolio highlighting cathy photos to stand out as well as engaging blogs.

#5. Squarespace – a Secure All-in-One Alternative to Wix

Squarespace main

Every time you crave for a more functional and versatile way, Squarespace looks like a better alternative to Wix. The software was designed to build complex sites with plenty of functions and features. Although Squarespace is hardly the best option for beginners, as it calls some knowledge to set up a website, it is still a better Wix alternative for more demanding users:

  • Beautiful Templates – Squarespace offers a selection of award-winning templates featuring professional design and style. They are good for different website types especially for digital stores;
  • All-Inclusive Platform – Squarespace is a so-called all-in-one website builder with tons of built-in features. From navigation and metrics to RSS subscription and SEO settings – the builder offers app compatible extensions for different needs;
  • Digital Security – the platform cares about your website and its digital security with its built-in safety software. Users do not need to handle any security configurations on their own;
  • Data Export Opportunities – Squarespace boasts advanced export/import capabilities in addition to Git. A good option whenever you want to leave the platform for any reason.

Squarespace offers high speed and website digital security in addition to backend templates’ design and trendy themes.

#6. Shopify – A Better E-Commerce Alternative to Wix

Shopify main

Hailing from Canada, Shopify has been delivering its website building services since 2006. The platform was designed to let beginners and newbies sell their products online effortlessly. No technical hurdles, a selection of great e-commerce features, ease of use and other features make the software a good Wix alternative:

  • A Full-Scale E-Commerce CMS – Shopify is a simple platform where users can add or edit content with just several clicks. The platform comes with a real-time guide that will take you step by step to the publishing stage;
  • Extended Scaling – although Shopify is a simple platform, it is still good for both small digital stores and more complex e-commerce websites;
  • Features – the platform boasts flexible e-commerce features like add to cart, test purchases and more. Simple editing tools will help you change, add or remove products and categories, set baseline SEO settings, manage snippets, etc.

For over a decade, Shopify has been proving to be the leading e-commerce website platform with over 170 different themes and templates for any digital shop.

Summing Up

Every time you want to build a website, you need to choose the right platform that meets your needs. The process of selecting the right software may look rather daunting especially for beginners. For this reason, you need to have a clear vision of the website type you need as well as for purposes it will serve. It will help you choose a website builder with enough potential and features to bring your idea to life.

Apart from all Wix benefits, you can choose from various Wix alternatives. Some of them are more flexible and cost-effective. Others offer a wider list of advanced features. Make sure you set clear targets to define which of the above-mentioned will be the right choice.

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