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Weebly Website Examples

The Do-It-Yourself trend in web design is a terriffic example of how the website ceation industry is changing the rules on a mass scale. Today, literally anyone can design and publish a full-featured blog, webstore or a portfolio with minimum effort, thanks to online website builders that require zero coding.

Weebly is proud to be a part of that trend by offering entrepreneurs, bloggers, retailers and artists of all kinds an easy-to-use platform to create a site for themselves, and this is what these sites look like:

Backwoods Soap and Body

Backwoods Beer Soap

This soap store seems to be the best example of a eCommerce website built with Weebly. Such statement is proven by the fact that Emily – owner of beer soap business, now is the face of Weebly main page.

Elements of a successful e-store include four pages – About, Shop, FAQ and Contact Page. This website is an example of a near-perfect internet-shop for small business. It’s minimalist and easy-to-navigate. Dozens of products divided into three groups that makes it easy to find any favorite item potential customers might buy. There are links to website’s social media profiles like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Sara Oliveira Music

Sara Oliveira Music

Sara Oliveira uses her bio-focused website to introduce the person behind her music, show off some official videos and provide info on upcoming gigs.

The information on Sara’s website is presented so neatly and logically that you don’t notice it has just two pages! Sara did a great job of displaying so much content on a single page without making a mess. The practical layout of her welcome page combines with an aesthetically appealing design elements including hero header, lots of whitespace and anchor links. The other page is Sara’s blog. Sara uses Weebly’s in-house blogging system to write about upcoming and past concerts, video shooting and whatever is interesting to her fans.

The Ready Desk

The Ready Desk

If you need a perfect solution that helps to organize you working place – you’re welcome to the Ready Desk website. It’s founders Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson offer you elegant desks for you laptops and desktops to work standing.

The Ready Desk is a great example of a Weebly-powered webstore. The site has all the attributes of a highly successful eCommerce store:

  1. It’s well-organized. The site has a simple structure making it easy to jump to any section.
  2. It has a modern look and feel. The website features some of the hottest web design trends, including long-scrolling homepage, lots of whitespace and minimalist typography, among others.
  3. They integrate with social networks. The guys behind The Ready Desk understand the power of social media. The website lets users easily share any product on their social media.
  4. There’s a FAQ section which means the brand has accumulated interactions with clients.
  5. They entice with images. The Ready Desk provides multiple images for each product. Each item has a unique description.
  6. They offer multiple payment options.

Brunch on Chestnut

Brunch on Chestnut

Brunch On Chestnut is fun and fresh. Its owned by Ashley Kane who writes about style and fashion for both you and your home. She developed a distinctive appeal with images and card style photo galleries that highlight fashion and decor trends.

To recap, here are the key features of Weebly’s blogging system:

  • multiple commenting systems;
  • semantic URL structure of your posts;
  • scheduled posting;
  • the ability to add custom header and footer code for individual posts, and more.

The Bike Seat

The Bike Seat

The Bike Seat has a modern look and feel. Paul O’Leary, the owner of the store, started TheBikeSeat four years ago. After the original design was refreshed earlier this year, the site’s bounce-rate reduced from 60% to 24% overnight, and with more people spending more time on the site, sales improved by 135%, Paul O’Leary says.

So what makes The Bike Seat so engaging and effective? Here are some of the features that, in my opinion, contribute to the site’s success:

  • modern look;
  • responsive design;
  • customer reviews;
  • uncluttered homepage;
  • blog;
  • free shipping for all orders in the US, and more.

Each product page on The Bike Seat provides plenty of information: there are multiple photographs, product description, social media sharing buttons, customer reviews, links for tips and bike shop retailers that sell this product as well, information on return policy, and also ‘you may also like’ section.

The owner of the site did a great job of keeping the product pages informative without overwhelming the visitor. Great job!

Weebly is a versatile website builder. Whether you want to start a blog, set up a webstore or create a simple personal site, it will handle it. I’m always on the hunt for new Weebly examples, so feel free to submit your site!

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