Weebly Website Examples

The Do-It-Yourself trend in web design is a terriffic example of how the website ceation industry is changing the rules on a mass scale. Today, literally anyone can design and publish a full-featured blog, webstore or a portfolio with minimum effort, thanks to online website builders that require zero coding.

Weebly is proud to be a part of that trend by offering entrepreneurs, bloggers, retailers and artists of all kinds an easy-to-use platform to create a site for themselves, and this is what these sites look like:

Example 1: Public Espresso + Coffee – Weebly Cafe Site

Public Espresso Coffee – Weebly Blog Example

Publicespresso.com – Public Espresso + Coffee is a website of a small New York-based coffee roastery, pour-over bar and espresso shop that captivates user attention from the very first seconds you visit it. This especially concerns all those coffee nerds, who can’t imagine a day without their favorite drink and are dedicated to the art and science of coffee making.

The entire website design looks stylish, contemporary and bright – this is exactly what is needed to grab user attention and keep them interested in further browsing. Just take a look at a full-size home page photo to understand what I mean. Can you resist the temptation to explore the cafe menu, to which you will be redirected in a few clicks? The store and the blog sections contribute to website’s functionality and make it stand out from the crowd.

Example 2: Leo Edwards Photography – Weebly Photography Website

Leo Edwards Photography – Weebly Blog Example

Leoedwardsphotography.com – Leo Edwards positions himself as an environmental portrait photographer and this becomes obvious from the very first seconds you visit his website. The home page displays a full-screen photo portrait, which is one of the best works of the author that highlights his talent and evokes the desire to have a look at the rest of photos taken in different corners of the world.

A user can reach any website section from the menu found in the left part of the home page. This is where you can find such sections as Gallery, Prints, Press, Bio and, of course, a Blog. The latter provides the in-depth review of the most outstanding and unique photo sessions organized and held by the website owner. The website somewhat lacks contacts as you won’t find here anything, except for the social network accounts, but this is not a problem for users willing to get in touch with the photographer.

Example 3: Muellers Chocolate Co. – Weebly Small Business Website

Muellers Chocolate Co – Weebly Blog Example

Muellerschocolate.com – this is a website of the family-owned chocolate and candy business. Thus, its entire conception is centered around this theme. The website is designed in a white-and-brown color scheme to highlight the major business specialization. There is also an informative blog here, where you can find out information about the new specialties and sweets.

The website attracts the attention from the very first sight by its image slider that displays the process of making chocolates and other treats. This just cannot be left unnoticed and triggers the desire to keep browsing a website to find out what it offers. The resource features a perfect combination of an information source and an online store. To place an order, you have to sign up for your personal account, which is done in a few clicks. The search filter option allows finding the required products much quicker, while the contacts available on the bottom of the page and in the special website section contribute to the searching convenience.

Example 4: Botany Bay Farm – Weebly Farm Business Website

Botany Bay Farm – Weebly Blog Example

Botanybayfarm.com – Botany Bay Farm is another sample of the family-owned business, which strives to offer sustainable and fertile land, produce healthy animals and nourishing food products. To match the general business specialization, the website is designed in green-and-white colours.

The website is easy-to-browse and features intuitive navigation. The menu offers all the sections a user might be interested in. Whether you are searching for the information about the family and the business they manage, the types of products offered for sale, the farming practices or shopping options, the menu will provide the detailed info. The website blog is regularly updated and provides current news concerning the Botany Bay Farm life. All in all, this is a simple, convenient yet functional and visually-attractive website developed with Weebly.

Example 5: Xobruno – Weebly eCommerce Website

Xobruno – Weebly Blog Example

Xobruno.com – Xobruno is a decent sample of how an eCommerce website should look to attract user attention and provide pleasant impression and the feeling of warm atmosphere. Just take a look at those warm and loving words the author of the website tells about her granny, who inspired her to craft the bags and whose name was used as a major trademark compound.

The website focuses on selling handcrafted leather bags, laptop/device sleeves and wallets. You can shop for them directly at the website, which is very convenient and quick. The blog section provides information about the web store updates and keeps users interested in what’s going on at the website. There is also the FAQ section, where you can find answers to lots of shopping-related questions. What’s interesting, all the products listed in the shop are clearly displayed against the snow-white background and come with informative descriptions and specifications. The website is really worth the attention!

Example 6: Backwoods Soap and Body – Weebly Online Store

Backwoods Beer Soap

Backwoodsbeersoap.com – this soap store seems to be the best example of a eCommerce website built with Weebly. Such statement is proven by the fact that Emily – owner of beer soap business, now is the face of Weebly main page.

Elements of a successful e-store include four pages – About, Shop, FAQ and Contact Page. This website is an example of a near-perfect internet-shop for small business. It’s minimalist and easy-to-navigate. Dozens of products divided into three groups that makes it easy to find any favorite item potential customers might buy. There are links to website’s social media profiles like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Example 7: The Ready Desk – Weebly Startup Product Website

The Ready Desk

Thereadydesk.com – if you need a perfect solution that helps to organize you working place – you’re welcome to the Ready Desk website. It’s founders Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson offer you elegant desks for you laptops and desktops to work standing.

The Ready Desk is a great example of a Weebly-powered webstore. The site has all the attributes of a highly successful eCommerce store:

  1. It’s well-organized. The site has a simple structure making it easy to jump to any section.
  2. It has a modern look and feel. The website features some of the hottest web design trends, including long-scrolling homepage, lots of whitespace and minimalist typography, among others.
  3. They integrate with social networks. The guys behind The Ready Desk understand the power of social media. The website lets users easily share any product on their social media.
  4. There’s a FAQ section which means the brand has accumulated interactions with clients.
  5. They entice with images. The Ready Desk provides multiple images for each product. Each item has a unique description.
  6. They offer multiple payment options.

Example 8: The Bike Seat – Weebly Online Shop Website

The Bike Seat

Thebikeseat.com – the Bike Seat has a modern look and feel. Paul O’Leary, the owner of the store, started TheBikeSeat four years ago. After the original design was refreshed earlier this year, the site’s bounce-rate reduced from 60% to 24% overnight, and with more people spending more time on the site, sales improved by 135%, Paul O’Leary says.

So what makes The Bike Seat so engaging and effective? Here are some of the features that, in my opinion, contribute to the site’s success:

  • modern look;
  • responsive design;
  • customer reviews;
  • uncluttered homepage;
  • blog;
  • free shipping for all orders in the US, and more.

Each product page on The Bike Seat provides plenty of information: there are multiple photographs, product description, social media sharing buttons, customer reviews, links for tips and bike shop retailers that sell this product as well, information on return policy, and also ‘you may also like’ section.

The owner of the site did a great job of keeping the product pages informative without overwhelming the visitor. Great job!

Example 9: Whistle + Bango – Weebly Jewellery Website

Whistle Bango – Weebly Store Example

Florence-london.com – Whistle + Bango is a top notch destination for everyone, who is looking for a great personalized gift. The web store is a British jewellery brand launched to create distinctive personalized enamel jewellery. This is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

A user can start designing a personalized jewelry item directly at the home page, which grants access to the menu with lots of sections based on the products offered. This is where you can find Bangles + Cuffs, Necklaces, Mens, Earrings and more. Each product you work on comes with detailed personalization instructions to make the process simple and engaging. Design options are provided here as well. Do you need help? Then a live chat window is always at hand as well as the search filter option. As soon as you are done with the design, you are welcome to add a jewelry item to the shopping cart and place the order online. A decent Weebly-powered eCommerce website!

Example 10: Saltopia – Weebly Sea Salt Store

Saltopia – Weebly Store Example

Saltopiasalts.com – Saltopia Infused Sea Salts is a family-owned business centered around harvesting and selling natural sea salts from all over the world. At their web store, they currently offer about 28 various salt types and other related products to meet different needs, tastes and preferences of customers. The salts are devoid of any chemicals or artificial ingredients, which makes them safe and healthy. This is the major mission the web store owners pursue.

All the salt types offered for sale are conveniently subdivided into several product categories to simplify the choice. There is also the Recipes section, where you can find and then cook healthy dishes with natural salts. To place an order, you should create your personal account here, which is done in a matter of seconds. Social network integration and search filter option boost web store performance and design. The website can rightfully be called one of the best samples of Weebly-powered web stores.

Example 11: MochiSu – Weebly eCommerce Site

MochiSu – Weebly Store Example

Mochisu.com – MochiSu is one of the most amazing and unique online stores I’ve ever come across. The reason for that is that all the products sold here are handcrafted by the Wayuu ethnic group women, who live in small settlements and weave the bags and other items to earn income for their families, thus sharing their traditions and culture.

The website ideally creates the feeling of uniquity and originality. Just take a look at the products enlisted in the web store to understand what I mean. The collections are really rich and extraordinary, which triggers the desire to place an order there. New arrivals are regularly added to it. The website is logically-structured as it displays all the required menu sections to the advantage. The white background highlights the beauty and originality of products, each of which is bright and unique. This is a perfect web store created with Weebly!

Example 12: Element Clay Studio – Weebly Portfolio Website

Element Clay Studio – Weebly Portfolio Example

Elementclaystudio.com – Element Clay Studio website is a perfect combination of a personal portfolio, web store and informational website. The project belongs to Heather Knight, a ceramic artist, who has gained worldwide popularity due to her unique hand built porcelain items that encompass stylish patterns, modern textures, shapes and designs.

The website is centered around Heather’s work, highlighting their originality and special creative approach. The best pieces are featured on the home page and you can subscribe to the newsletter there to be aware of all the news and updates. The website is easy-to-browse due to its simple and understandable structure. The menu consists of several sections, including Store, Clay, Policies, About, Cart and, of course, Contacts. Integration with social networks boosts the popularity of the author and her works. Well done!

Example 13: Merchant Method – Weebly Business Consultant Website

Merchant Method – Weebly Portfolio Example

Merchantmethod.com – At Merchant Method, retailers and business owners can learn the information and master the skills that will help them gain success with their project development. The knowledge base encompasses the advanced techniques and processes, which contribute to strategic business growth. The website is owned by Christine Guillot – a goal-oriented retail consultant, who believes that the most essential lessons may be quite painstaking yet valuable.

The resource is logically-organized, featuring the most essential elements, such as a blog, press releases with current updates, information on how to become a client, user reviews and more. The design of the website is simple, distinct, clear and plain, but this is typical for such projects. The navigation is intuitive and it doesn’t take much time or effort to get to the section you need. Everything is understandable, stylish and concise!

Example 14: Kikoplastic Weebly Artist Website

Kikoplastic – Weebly Portfolio Example

Kikoplastic.com – Kikoplastic is a website belonging to a Cuban born designer and artist – Kiko Rodríguez, who currently lives in the US and develops multifaceted projects for clients from different parts of the world. He is the author of multiple ad campaigns, posters, books, graphic design works, magazines branding projects and what not.

The website is a decent manifestation of Kiko’s creativity and the urge for aesthetic freedom merging with unique artistic solutions. There are only four website pages here (Art, Design, Kiko and Shop), but this is more than enough to present Kiko’s talent and skills. This is where you can find the best work samples and can get access to the web store with the author’s works. The website design is minimalistic and plain, but it is a great sample of a modern portfolio developed with Weebly.

Example 15: Cmycities

Cmycities – Weebly Portfolio Example

Cmycities.com – Cmycities is a website of an international network of Destination Experts, who share the experience of living in their native locations. They offer assistance in organizing trips to their cities by making travelers aware of what they can expect from their journeys.

The website impresses everyone by its functionality. It is possible to select any destination you are traveling to and find an expert to get in touch with by email, Skype, FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsApp, phone or directly through a website. The resource is available in several languages to simplify browsing for people from different countries. The search filter option as well as the social network buttons contribute to the searching convenience. The overall website design is concise, simple, but attractive and comforting – this is exactly what most travelers like about it. Great job done with Weebly!


Weebly is a versatile website builder. Whether you want to start a blog, set up a webstore or create a simple personal site, it will handle it. I’m always on the hunt for new Weebly examples, so feel free to submit your site!

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