Wix Business Website Examples

Going to establish a powerful online presence for your business? Wix is that very platform that will help you get started with ease, no matter what niche you specialize in, what web design skills you have (if any), what budget you possess and what result you intend to avail.

The website builder had much to offer to non-coders and web experts. It boasts an extensive collection of business templates that fit various categories. They are all responsive, free and customizable. To edit the selected theme, you are offered two opinions – a Standard Editor that allows for deeper project customization and Wix ADI tool used mostly by beginners.

Another highlight of the software that will contribute to the functionality of your business website is Wix Ascend platform. Its integration makes it possible to effectively manage all types of business projects, using professional marketing tools. If needed, you can additionally integrate a blog and/or a web store in your business website.

Finally, the system grants access to business/customer interaction widgets (free and paid) available in its App Market. You can pick as many of them as required based on your project budget, type and specialization.

To help you understand what business website you can set up with Wix website builder, I have prepared an overview of several impressive samples. Here they go.

1. Piboco

App Website Example: Piboco

Piboco is a business website that represents an interactive application for kids designed with a creative approach. The app was developed by a team of picture book makers to encourage children to read interesting stories with animated designs on a regular basis. The website is both informative and attention-grabbing. You will certainly get the desire to download the app, having browsed it.


  • Video header on the homepage;
  • Interactive, uncluttered and clean design;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Business logo;
  • Multilingual support (6 languages);
  • Animated geometric shapes presenting the info about the app;
  • Integrated Instagram feed;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Social network buttons;
  • 7-day trial;
  • Contacts.


  • Blog;
  • Customer reviews;
  • FAQ;
  • Live chat support;
  • Online feedback forms.

2. Puffin Packaging

Business Website Example: Puffin Packaging

Puffin Packaging is a project presenting eco-friendly packaging solutions to customers who value comfort and safety above all. The company sees its mission in manufacturing cost-effective and environmentally secure alternatives to standard polystyrene boxes. Made of natural sheep’s wool, they ensure natural insulation and preservation of correct temperature inside the package. The website includes the exhaustive info about the brand and products/services provided.


  • Catchy logo that serves as a key brand presentation element;
  • Memorable slogan that highlights the company mission;
  • Brand voice applied across the website;
  • Testimonials section;
  • Online contact form;
  • Free sample order;
  • Pleasant white and blue color scheme;
  • CTA buttons;
  • FAQs and detailed contacts;
  • Get a Quote option;
  • Social network buttons.


  • Easier navigation;
  • Detailed customer reviews;
  • Blog;
  • More shipping/order/payment directions;
  • Integrated web store for simpler ordering.

3. Islango

Rentals Website Example: Islango

Islango is a yacht rentals website created and managed by Wix website builder. The design, images and video integrations just won’t leave you indifferent here. They are all quality and attention-grabbing to highlight the major business mission. The only look at the video featuring calm turquoise waves and photos of yachts taken from the air trigger the desire to dive into a new adventure.


  • Logo and brand slogan;
  • Large-screen high-res header;
  • Marine-related elements;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Velo by Wix tools that help book sailing vacations;
  • Rich info about itineraries, services and available destinations;
  • Dynamic pages with consistent design across the website;
  • Live chat widget available on all pages;
  • FAQ page and online contact form;
  • Photo slider;
  • Special deals.


  • Customer testimonials;
  • More contact options;
  • Detailed route/packages descriptions;
  • More user interaction widgets;
  • Easier navigation.

4. Corso’s Cookies

Cookie Business Website Example: Corso’s Cookies

Corso’s Cookies is a place to shop for the brightest and the most delicious decorated cookies in the USA. They are not only nice-looking but safe for people of all ages. Baked, decorated and presented by the brand author and owner – Tina Corso – the cookies have become a favorite treat for hundreds of kids and adults in the US. The assortment of cookies and related products is impressive as well – just browse the website to see the available offers.


  • Brand logo;
  • Animated and colorful website design;
  • Exhaustive info about the business, history of its foundation, product assortment etc.;
  • Products are divided into categories to simplify the search;
  • List of ingredients cookies are made of;
  • Search filter option;
  • Integrated web store;
  • Special products for kids;
  • Instagram feed;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account;
  • Google Maps widget;
  • FAQ and online contact form.


  • A bit complex navigation;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • Blog;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Multilingual support.

5. Acupuncture with Fabi

usiness Website Example: Acupuncture with Fabi

Acupuncture with Fabi presents the UK-based acupuncture business owned and managed by Fabi – a licensed specialist with years of expertise. The website created with Wix provides sufficient info about the business, its foundation, Fabi’s bio and professional advancement, services the clinic offers and other crucial info. The website design looks simple, but more complex elements and advanced functionality are not needed here as all the info is presented all in one place.


  • Illustrations tailor-made for the website;
  • Integrated online booking system;
  • Members Area;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account;
  • About the author info and personal photo;
  • Animated elements;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Social network accounts;
  • Google Maps widget for detailed location specification;
  • Newsletter subscription.


  • Customer testimonials;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Blog with acupuncture-related posts;
  • More visible and larger fonts for easier reading;
  • Online searching option.


Wix is that very DIY website builder that works equally great for personal and business projects. Starting a large business website may be quite difficult for a beginner here but setting up a small or a medium project is quite possible for everyone.

Letting you choose from hundreds of business templates, the platform grants access to multiple tools, integrable widgets and design customization options. They make it possible to give your business project a trusted and feature-laden look.

Wix also allows for blog and web store integration, which depends on your project type and focus. If needed, you can add customer interaction tools, business management features or even subscribe for a Wix Ascend platform. Options are close to unlimited here.

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