Squarespace Online Store Examples

Squarespace has distinguished itself as one of the most popular, feature-rich and contemporary website builders for web store creation. It may lack some features to set up a large-scale project yet its functionality and toolset are enough to create small to medium eCommerce projects.

In addition to numerous web store creation features, Squarespace also grants access to quite an extensive collection of eCommerce templates. All of them are free, responsive and completely customizable.

Another Squarespace advantage is that you don’t have to be a coding expert to set up websites with the software. The system offers an intuitive web design approach that allows creating personalized web store design without any deep programming awareness. At the same time, it leaves space for advanced template customization, which allows for code editing.

To decide whether Squarespace adheres to your needs and requirements and to set up your own online store with the website builder, have a look at several samples of eCommerce projects created with the service now.

1. Jones Bar-B-Q

Web Store Example: Jones Bar-B-Q

Jones Bar-B-Q is a Kansas-based online store that stands out from the crowd due to its delicious sauce flavors. The story of the place started in 1970 and it now remains one of the most popular locations to get sauces from any location worldwide. The website attracts user attention by its hot red-and-white color palette as well as juice photos of dishes cooked with it.


  • Clear navigation bar with a CTA button that leads to the online store;
  • Interactive news feed;
  • Multiple CTA buttons available in various website sections;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Social network links;
  • Contacts with detailed physical web store location;
  • Restaurant menu;
  • Story of the online store;
  • Google Maps widget;
  • Press reviews.


  • Live chat widget for instant consultations;
  • Blog;
  • Detailed shopping guidelines;
  • FAQs;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Online contact forms for reviews and personal user inquiries.

2. Supernatural

Baking Products Web Store Example: Supernatural

Supernatural is a web store selling products for baking that stand out from the crowd due to their quality, taste, absence of harmful ingredients and utmost safety for kids and adults. The website cannot but attracts user attention due to its vibrant design with prevailing yellow and white colors. This creates a positive and energetic impression, causing the desire to shop for these products and to try cooking something delicious with them.


  • Newsletter sign up form with a 10% discount offer for the first order;
  • Bright website design;
  • Abundance of interactive elements;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Rich collection of products offered for sale with detailed descriptions;
  • FAQ and CTA buttons.


  • Customer reviews and feedbacks;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Shipping guidelines;
  • Blog;
  • Samples of recipes;
  • Video product reviews.

3. Melula

Kids’ Fashion Web Store Example: Melula

Melula is a kids’ fashion brand that has a quality website presentation. The brand sells unique and colorful collections of kids’ clothes and shoes the children of all ages adore. Whatever item of clothing you come across here, it reflects kids’ imagination, energy and active lifestyle. The entire website design is simple, if not even minimalist. However, it allows diving deep in details, when viewing the details and placing an order here.


  • Minimum text amount with a couple of menu items and headlines;
  • Clear CTA messages;
  • Multiple images that tell a lot about the brand and products offered for sale;
  • Social account buttons;
  • Shipping and return guidelines;
  • Brand logo;
  • Detailed contacts.


  • Customer reviews;
  • Live chat widget for instant online consultations;
  • No detailed product parameters on the main catalog page;
  • Blog.

4. Little Clay Land

Web Store Example: Little Clay Land

Little Clay Land is a top notch destination for users looking for custom handmade clay miniatures, portraits and figures that are made by Laura – the web store owner. The author can create any clay figure with regard to user requirements, be it a portrait of a family member, friend or even a pet. Thus, you can make up your own story or prepare a present that will really stand out from the crowd.


  • “Order portraits” CTA button;
  • Opportunity to customize your portrait;
  • Website design featuring the author’s works;
  • Newsletter sign up option;
  • Video background featuring the work in progress;
  • Instagram feed;
  • Social network buttons;
  • Video product reviews;
  • Step-by-step shipping and ordering information;
  • Detailed online order form;
  • FAQ.


  • Real customer reviews (including video feedbacks);
  • Live chat widget;
  • Blog page;
  • Online feedback forms.

5. Minna

Organic Tea Web Store Example: Minna

Minna is quite a nice sample of a web store selling organic tea products with multiple flavors. They are available for sale in individual cans or in multiple assorted packs. These offers are all available on the homepage to simplify users’ search. The images of drinks look quite realistic to cause the desire to keep browsing the website and to place an order there.


  • Full-sized header image;
  • Nutrition facts related to each product;
  • CSS parallax scrolling effect;
  • Link to the Amazon product listings;
  • Detailed ordering, payment and shipping info;
  • Social network accounts;
  • Email contact options for various types of inquiries;
  • Brand logo.


  • The navigation text lacks contrast as opposed to the background image;
  • Live chat widget for instant access;
  • Video product reviews;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • Online feedback/contact forms.

6. Alexandra Grecco

Fashion Web Store Example: Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco is a contemporary fashion web store powered by Squarespace.This is the place where one can come across inspiring, stylish and gentle bridal gowns as well as classic collections of dresses designed and sold by Alexandra Grecco. All collections are unique and one-of-a-kind featuring the designer’s talent and individual vision of the bride’s special needs and preferences. The website design absolutely adheres to the web store specialization. This is manifested in the light and gentle color palette and special design elements.


  • Newsletter sign up form;
  • List of favorites on the homepage;
  • Drop down menu for convenient shopping and simple navigation;
  • Brand logo;
  • Search filter;
  • Several categories of products available for sale;
  • Products come with detailed descriptions, real photos and parameters;
  • FAQ and Press sections;
  • Online journal featuring customer testimonials and photos of dresses purchased;
  • Social network buttons.


  • More detailed product descriptions and item specifications are desirable;
  • Size chart has to be added to simplify the online shopping process;
  • Vague and indistinct fonts/typography;
  • Live chat for easy and quick interaction with web store managers;
  • Client reviews.

7. Ocelot

Chocolate Web Store Example: Ocelot

Ocelot is an independent artisan chocolate company that focuses on manufacturing and selling ethical and extremely delicious organic chocolate. Their products can now be purchased from any location worldwide. The website provides detailed information about the company, chocolate assortment and general features that make it stand out from the crowd.


  • Unique geometry-like website design elements;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Link to the Instagram feed;
  • Product descriptions;
  • Size and quantity specifications;
  • Wholesale info.


  • Indistinct and vague fonts that make the text difficult to read;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Company blog;
  • Video product reviews.


Successful web store creation is unthinkable without using the right platform to get started with your eCommerce project. Squarespace can help you with that, especially if you have an idea to set up a small-to-medium online store.

The website builder comes with a powerful and feature-rich eCommerce engine, a rich selection of web store templates and tools to customize them. You can integrate useful widgets and pick a subscription that fits your requirements most.

As a result, you can create a web store that absolutely complies with your web store development needs, budget and expectations when using Squarespace.

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