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Jimdo Website Examples

Jimdo is a website builder that is very similar to Wix and Weebly. It doesn’t require any code writing skills from users. Instead, people are offered to use pre-designed templates and they can customize them by adding new elements of their own.

Germany is a country of origin for Jimdo and their team and website support are offered in more than 9 different languages. It’s a very huge global presence, I should say. Over 15 million websites were created with Jimdo starting from the first day until nowadays.

Jimdo is a good choice for newbies as well as for those, who have some coding basis. Let’s take a look at some Jimdo-powered websites.



Jandeys is an online shop based in New Zealand. The company was established in 2012. What do they sell? Jandals! There’s an interesting fact that people from New Zealand spend almost half of their lives in jandals. No kidding, they are quite popular there.

I like the way their website looks. It feels like summer but without those screaming colors. They have a custom favicon, which looks like a top part of a jandal but is also very similar to curly brackets. Navigation is very standard, each online shop has something in common. In general, everything looks nice, but you have a feeling like something’s missing…maybe a bit more HD images could solve the problem.

Straight Edge Scaffolding

Straight Edge

This website was formed by a group of individuals who have a modern, passionate and experienced approach to the scaffold industry. I think, we don’t have to know more about them right now. If you’ve ever seen any website related to the architecture sphere, you’ll always associate the yellow-grey color scheme with this particular theme. This one is not an exception.

Despite the ordinary choice of a background, the website looks pretty good. I like to see references to the companies they cooperate with. Some of them are famous, some aren’t, but it’s always a good thing. The website looks complete and that’s what I like most about it.

Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions

This is a website of an investment company, which can help you with an advice, lend some funds or help you gain a credit from a bank…well, you get the idea. From the very first look, you can tell that the company has taken the right approach with their website. It looks great! Lots of elements are animated and look really cool. No issues with navigation system, it’s plain and simple. The only thing missing is a one-click callback option. It’s always good to connect with people in just a couple of seconds, without searching a phone number or email address.

Black Yeti

Black Yeti

Blackyeti.net is an online shop, which was founded late 2014 in Austria, so it’s quite young. We’ll skip the long introduction part and focus on a website itself. It’s a good-looking website with lots of colorful images on board and, to tell the truth, I’m not sure I like this feature. This white background is so widely used that it makes me sad. There are dozens of shades for each color, so why use simple white color only?

I should also say that the menu bar is overloaded, there are too many sections popping-up there. I really think that it could be less complicated, there are hundreds of websites with a more convenient system.

Eileen Egan

Elileen Egan Pottery

This one is a sort of an artground for Eileen Egan, who is a porcelain master. I’ll start with the benefits: the good thing is that images are of high quality. I also like when websites have their own custom favicons displayed in a browser tab; and there’s a shopping cart icon, which is very convenient to work with.

The bad thing is a background, which looks poor. But the main issue is that Eileen should‘ve created a one-page website instead of this one. It lacks information and, thus, looks incomplete. Eileen, make a promo page representing your works, choose something other than white background and you’ll see the difference right from the start!

Hub Vintges Photography

Hub Vintges Photography

Here we have a nice sample of a wedding website. Mostly, these sites are not very interesting, because we’ve already seen something similar on weddings of our friends, relatives etc. But this one is quite impressive (and it’s not because I’m a ‘vintage’ fan:) All images are in HD quality and look awesome, so, traditional white background doesn’t matter a lot here. Despite that the Journal section is overloaded with posts and photos, it’s interesting to explore it, but, I think, in this case, there should be a “stick” on the top menu bar. And a few words about the menu bar itself – it’s very easy to left it unnoticed, it may be a bit more eye-catching.


The good thing about Jimdo is that you don’t have to be a member of Silicon Valley to use it. If you have enough time, there’s another good thing: a pretty long free trial period, so you can test the platform before buying it.

However, if you intend to create your own blog or a promo-page of any sort, Jimdo is not the best solution for it. Jimdo doesn’t offer a great variety of templates. Of course, quality is more important than quantity, but with a limited choice, you run a risk of having your website look and feel like many others.