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Wix Website Examples

As of the beginning of 2017, Wix website builder had over 92 M websites created. The number is stunning, as well as the websites built on this platform. Surely, not all of the 90 million sites are functioning – many people create blogs just for fun and then abandon them.

However, there are also active, beautiful websites that have been running on Wix for years, and I’m going to feature some of these in this post.

Wix is proud of its creative users and gladly shows off the most inspiring, professionally-looking websites on their official Wix Get Inspired page. On their Samples Page you can browse for numerous examples of sites built on Wix by choosing one of the categories: Wix of the Day, Fashion, Business&Consulting, Food&Drinks, Personal, eCommerce, Music&Entertainment and some others.

Because I’m fond of cooking (this is my #2 occupation after reviewing website builders 🙂 ), I couldn’t help but check their Food and Drinks Wix website examples. Look what I found:



This project is a great example of a simple food-related website built with Wix. It is a small confectionery located in Kuala Lumpur. The owner of the site does know that people eat with their eyes first, that’s why the background is a pleasant shade of white and you can concentrate on the cupcakes, jam, spreads, desserts and cakes… There’s nothing like a mouthwatering photo to motivate them to try your food: there’s a fullscreen slider featuring a confectionery piece of art, and a visual menu.

The site has a pretty simple navigation – besides the menu, there’s a contact page with an embedded interactive map, a gallery page, information about the chef, who started Xiao by Crustz at her home kitchen and is now well-known throughout the Malaysia. A noteworthy detail is that the header contains a remarkable logo which adds professional touch to every page of the website.



Epicureatlanta is a website of a farm-to-table catering company out of Atlanta, Georgia owned and operated by Shelly Shultz, a member of U.S. Personal Chef Association. Shelly’s website is as appetizing as her signature dishes – she specializes in ‘finger foods’ which are ideal for bridal showers, birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate office events and other great moments to remember.

The website uses a timeless classic design with black and white color scheme, while the modern logo grabs visitors’ attention and communicates what the business is about. The only thing that seems missing is an order option. Though, it appears that Epicure is aware of it and is working on their own Online Shop which will hopefully add another great boost to Shelly`s business.



Brown Owl Creative is a digital design company that combines design and technology to launch brands and help businesses grow. They endeavour towards work that drives action, generates results, and makes for change, because “it’s not enough to make something that looks good – it should be perfect in every way”.

Those who have such a motto simply can’t have a cheesy website! This one is an outstanding example of what you can achieve with a websitebuilder, having the right vision and attitude. Non-trivial design with aliens on board is always a win-win formula. Looks overly plain, but once you open them, you’ll catch yourself wanting to explore every bit in detail due to the strong visual content. Well done!

Seven Grams

Seven Grams Caffe

Seven Grams Caffe – the name Seven Grams is an ode to the true Italian standard, where the perfect espresso shot is made out of exactly seven grams of ground premium coffee.

This is a single long-scroll website which uses a contemporary layout trend – lots of full screen horizontal stripes featuring beautiful coffee and confectionery. Another nice thing is how they draw visitors’ attention to the order forms. To get their order buttons noticed, they placed them directly into the menu. Once clicked, they take you to an online shop where you can buy your favorite blend of coffee and something tasty from their bakery, as well as to leave an order for catering.

Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs

This website of one of the best football freestylers in the world and a current European champion. He is also among the top 16 freestylers competing in the F3 world tour who has travelled the world with his ball. Also he’s a holder of great amount of titles and a founder of a famous store 4Freestyle.

Just as with the previous example, this personal website is made in a single-page format and uses a lot of horizontal sections with photos and animation promoting him as a professional player. It’s very exciting to see videos of Tobias’s performances and a list of accomplishments. But unlike Seven Grams, the navigation bar isn’t fixed on top which makes you scroll the whole page to get to the bottom part. It’s also curious to see how the author’s identity is reflected in the website’s structure.

Good Feeling Goods

Good Feeling Goods

Goodfeelinggoods.com is another great example of a modern and clean website made with Wix. They specialize in producing lip balms for boys that are both healthy and stylish. This color pallet injects bright burst of colors into the mix of black and white to create a playful effect. This way, the first glance at the Home page ruins a common misconception that lipsticks are not for boys. Bright and high-quality pictures in the slider instantly grab your attention and make you want to treat your child to Boy Bomb’s colorful products.

Darzi Clothing Company

Darzi Clothing Company

Darzi Clothing Company was born out of love for colours and quality textile. The first Darzis were manufactured in Jaipur, India. Founded in 2010 by Teddy Watt, Darzi is a heritage fashion brand specialising in wools, tweeds, linens, cottons, and silks.

This online uses a color scheme that expresses professional, but isn’t boring or outdated. A mix of grey, white, and hues of blue make for a authoritative but fresh design. Although the company produces classic clothing, it doesn’t underestimate the power of promotion through social media. The “Darzi Worn Well” button will take you to the store’s instagram page, where you can find real-life photos from their customers.

Bottom Line:

The fact that all of the above mentioned websites were created with Wix and didn’t require any coding knowledge makes this builder an extremely attractive tool for almost any business owner. An online store, a personal page, a coffee shop, or a digital design company — Wix covers them all.

It offers clean and contemporary design and a breadth of features and apps to meet the specific needs of your business. Although there may be some disadvantages, e.g. no option to change a template or to transfer your website to another host, Wix still remains one of the key players of website building.

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