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As of the beginning of 2018, Wix website builder had over 130 M websites created. The number is stunning, as well as the websites built on this platform. Surely, not all of the 130 million sites are functioning – many people create blogs just for fun and then abandon them.

However, there are also active, beautiful websites that have been running on Wix for years, and I’m going to feature some of these in this post.

Wix is proud of its creative users and gladly shows off the most inspiring, professionally-looking websites on their official Wix Get Inspired page. On their Samples Page you can browse for numerous examples of sites built on Wix by choosing one of the categories: Wix of the Day, Fashion, Business&Consulting, Food&Drinks, Personal, eCommerce, Music&Entertainment and some others. Go ahead and look what I found:

Example 1: BOC – Wix Site


Brownowlcreative.com – Owl Creative is a digital design company that combines design and technology to launch brands and help businesses grow. They endeavour towards work that drives action, generates results, and makes for change, because “it’s not enough to make something that looks good – it should be perfect in every way”.

Those who have such a motto simply can’t have a cheesy website! This one is an outstanding example of what you can achieve with a websitebuilder, having the right vision and attitude. Non-trivial design with aliens on board is always a win-win formula. Looks overly plain, but once you open them, you’ll catch yourself wanting to explore every bit in detail due to the strong visual content. Well done!

Example 2: Nelson Anyways – Wix Art Store Website

Nelson – Wix Blog Example

Nelsonanyways.com – Nelson Anyways is a website, which belongs to a talented photographer Daria Nelson. It looks as extraordinary and unique as the author, who considers herself a “retro enthusiast and influencer”. This motive is observed throughout a website to create a feeling of antiquity and let users soak the retro fashion atmosphere of those times.

The website is created with simplicity and user convenience in mind. Its elements are vividly presented against the white background to showcase the author’s portfolio in the most favorable light. There is an interesting and informative blog at the website and the “Buy My Prints” section, where the potential clients can place their orders. The website is a decent sample of a sophisticated photography website, which provides all the required information about the photographer clients might be interested in.

Example 3: A Green Life Wellness – Wix Blog Website

A Green Life Wellness – Wix Blog Example

Agreenlifewellness.com – a Green Life Wellness is a website that provides step-by-step guidance and practical advice on how to live a healthier, greener and more sustainable life. The idea to create a website with an informative blog belongs to Carly, who has over 10 years of lifestyle coaching and wellness experience and can offer assistance in setting and achieving realistic goals.

The home page of the website cannot but attracts user attention due to the saturated and bright color palette as well as the full-screen “juicy” image that makes the major mission of the project clear from the very first moment you look at it. This is the top notch destination for people, who wish to learn the basics of healthy eating, build their wellness plan and make use of the professional assistance Carly offers to everyone, who needs it. The website stands out from the crowd due to the abundance of topic-related information one may find in the “Resources” and “Blog” sections. These facts can help you find answers to the majority of health and wellness-related issues you may encounter. The website features decent design and is easy-to-browse for everyone.

Example 4: Woodsman Trading Co. – Wix eCommerce Website

Woodsman Trading Co – Wix eCommerce Example

Woodsmantrading.com – Woodsman Trading Co. is a nice sample of an eCommerce website, which offers a broad assortment of woodsman and adventure gear for everyone, who is a fan of adventures and wants to feel comfortable and confident during each journey. There is no need to spend much time browsing the website pages to find the products you need. The “View Collection” button available on a large slider depicting fascinating landscapes will redirect you to the web store in a couple of clicks. That’s very convenient, simple and quick.

For those users, who are looking for a certain type of adventure gear, the website offers several categories to simplify the search. These include Gifts, Clothing, Shop Men, Shop Women, Stationary and Contact sections. The latter provides the detailed contacts, social network accounts and even an online contact form, while the availability of the Google Maps specifying the exact location of the local company office contributes to the ease of search. All in all, this is a great place to start your journey preparations at.

Example 5: Encore Fashion – Wix Fashion Website

Encore Fashion – Wix eCommerce Example

Encore-fashion.com – if you are looking for a nice place to shop for women attires, then Encore Fashion is the top destination your should start with. As soon as you access the home page of the website, you realize that you have come to the right place.

The web store has everything a modern lady may dream about – so versatile and rich its product assortment is! You don’t have to spend much time to browse the list of items offered for sale here. Just scroll down the page and enjoy video reviews, new arrivals with price specification, multiple photos and detailed descriptions. The online contact form as well as the contacts are available at the bottom of the home page. The size chart is found there as well, which is very convenient for each and every customer. To place an order, you should sign up for your personal account, where all your shopping information will be kept private. The website design with its rich and saturated colour palette features style, elegance and contemporary approach to the shopping process! Great sample of the eCommerce website powered by Wix!

Example 6: Michalovic – Wix Store Website

Michalovic.sk – when it comes to extraordinariness and creativity merging with harmony, this website is one of the best places to have a look at. This is the web store belonging to Jana Michalovic – a talented artist, whose works represent modern art for unique homes in the most favorable light.

When browsing the web store, you will find multiple original paintings, graphic design projects and illustrations that can add style and allure to each home interior. Minimalistic trends are manifested in the minimalistic website design approach, where all the elements are on their places, being displayed against the snow-white background. Nothing distracts you from enjoying the fascinating works of art here so that you could choose those of them that will ideally match your home interior. One of the highlights of this website is an opportunity to get in touch directly with the author via the Tidio-powered chat box. You can also subscribe to the mailout by specifying your email address to stay aware of new offers. Simple yet functional and stylish eCommerce website developed with Wix!

Example 7: Good Feeling Goods – Wix Website

Good Feeling Goods

Goodfeelinggoods.com is another great example of a modern and clean website made with Wix. They specialize in producing lip balms for boys that are both healthy and stylish. This color pallet injects bright burst of colors into the mix of black and white to create a playful effect. This way, the first glance at the Home page ruins a common misconception that lipsticks are not for boys. Bright and high-quality pictures in the slider instantly grab your attention and make you want to treat your child to Boy Bomb’s colorful products.

Example 8: Darzi Clothing Company – Wix Business Website

Darzi Clothing Company

Darziclothingcompany.com – Darzi Clothing Company was born out of love for colours and quality textile. The first Darzis were manufactured in Jaipur, India. Founded in 2010 by Teddy Watt, Darzi is a heritage fashion brand specialising in wools, tweeds, linens, cottons, and silks.

This online uses a color scheme that expresses professional, but isn’t boring or outdated. A mix of grey, white, and hues of blue make for a authoritative but fresh design. Although the company produces classic clothing, it doesn’t underestimate the power of promotion through social media. The “Darzi Worn Well” button will take you to the store’s instagram page, where you can find real-life photos from their customers.

Example 9: Crustz – – Wix eCommerce Website


Xiaobycrustz.com – this project is a great example of a simple food-related website built with Wix. It is a small confectionery located in Kuala Lumpur. The owner of the site does know that people eat with their eyes first, that’s why the background is a pleasant shade of white and you can concentrate on the cupcakes, jam, spreads, desserts and cakes… There’s nothing like a mouthwatering photo to motivate them to try your food: there’s a fullscreen slider featuring a confectionery piece of art, and a visual menu.

The site has a pretty simple navigation – besides the menu, there’s a contact page with an embedded interactive map, a gallery page, information about the chef, who started Xiao by Crustz at her home kitchen and is now well-known throughout the Malaysia. A noteworthy detail is that the header contains a remarkable logo which adds professional touch to every page of the website.

Example 10: Tobias Becs – Wix Sport Champion Website

Tobias Becs

Tobiasbecs.com – this website of one of the best football freestylers in the world and a current European champion. He is also among the top 16 freestylers competing in the F3 world tour who has travelled the world with his ball. Also he’s a holder of great amount of titles and a founder of a famous store 4Freestyle.

Example 11: Bhavin Taylor Design – Wix Designer’s Website

Bhavin Taylor Design – Wix Business Website Example

Bhavintaylordesign.com – Bhavin Taylor is a talented and experienced home interior designer, whose studio is physically based in North London, but can also be available online. The website allows users, who decide to hire Bhavin to complete their home interior projects, to offer commercial and residential interior design and styling services.

The website looks stylish and bright from the very first seconds you visit it. You won’t find any extra information here – the home page as well as other website sections feature the samples of the most successful projects belonging to the designer. The projects come with full-size high quality photos, which look really impressive against the bright website background. User reviews contribute to the general positive impression the website creates and encourage to deal with the designer. The menu section is hidden in the right upper corner yet it grants access to such website pages as Projects, About, Press, Journal, Products, Contact, if needed. Social network access buttons as well as the contact info are also available on the bottom of the home page for quick and convenient access. This is the worthy sample of a business website launched with Wix!

Example 12: Carolina Mountain Solar – Wix Company Website

Carolina Mountain Solar – Wix Business Website Example

Carolinamountainsolar.com – Carolina Mountain Solar is a company that sees its mission in building turn-key commercial, farm and home solar power systems. The company has established nice reputation in the US due to the high level of servicing, years of experience and individual approach to each client. The website of the company corresponds to its major specialization and displays its features and services to the advantage.

As soon as you access a home page, you will see a large image that will redirect you to the contact section, where you can get answers to all your questions, schedule a consultation and even apply for a quote. Apart from that, you can browse through other website sections to see the most successful projects of the company, explore the service areas and find out the importance of using solar energy. Green-and-white colour palette of the website ideally matches the company specialization and contributes to the general impression it creates upon a user.


The fact that all of the above mentioned websites were created with Wix and didn’t require any coding knowledge makes this builder an extremely attractive tool for almost any business owner. An online store, a personal page, a coffee shop, or a digital design company — Wix covers them all.

It offers clean and contemporary design and a breadth of features and apps to meet the specific needs of your business. Although there may be some disadvantages, e.g. no option to change a template or to transfer your website to another host, Wix still remains one of the key players of website building.

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