CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost stands out from the range of VPN services with an immense number of servers, extended security options, and a quality free trial. Like all top platforms, it shows great performance in hiding IPs, unblocking restricted locations, and letting access to streaming/gaming networks.

Can you expect more useful functions from CyberGhost? Will the VPN service be the best option for you? Join this review to explore CyberGhost’s essential features and learn the answers to these questions. We’ll also explain if CyberGhost is a good choice from a privacy perspective.

Pros and Cons

Will CyberGhost be an advantageous or disadvantageous solution for you? It depends on your expectations. Yet, the key strengths and weaknesses of the service are as follows:

About 10K RAM-only servers worldwide.
Audited No Logs Policy.
WireGuard among the protocol options.
A Free Trial.
Streaming/Gaming/Torrenting-optimized servers.
Apps for everything.
7 devices per account.
Unlimited bandwidth & traffic.
No evidence that it works dependably in China.
Not all streaming networks unblocked.

Thus, CyberGhost offers its customers an impressive set of possibilities. The further chapters give a more detailed description of the VPN’s functionality.

CyberGhost Specifications

CyberGhost Main

The story of CyberGhost started in Bucharest in 2011. Now, the company has headquarters in Romania and Germany. Its audience embraces over 38M clients across the globe. Such confidence has become possible due to the following features of the service.

IP Masking

The key ability of an effective VPN is masking a user’s identity, and CyberGhost copes with this mission perfectly. The VPN service will let you securely use your home Internet and connect to public Wi-Fi channels without disclosing your IP, device details, etc. The platform employs various techs to ensure it. They include Split Tunneling, advanced anti-trackers, a no-logs guarantee, and many more.

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Strong Encryption

CyberGhost Specifications

One more fundamental specialty of CyberGhost necessary for anonymous web surfing is a secure encryption method. The VPN’s functions are based on the AES 256-bit method. The cipher is seen as the industry’s forwarding encryption technique. In today’s market, there’s no better option, and yes, it works. Data encrypted with the help of this method practically cannot be cracked.

Specialized Servers

A vital advantage of CyberGhost is that it offers servers optimized for specific purposes. Thus, you can expect to connect your favorite TV channel, a gaming website, a torrent tracker, or whatever with a server designed to open this exact web content and ensure an excellent experience with it for you.

Unblocking Shows, Films & Sports

The first thing many users expect to get from a VPN is the ability to watch stream videos from whatever location. CyberGhost allows users to enjoy Youtube, Netflix, and over 80 other streaming networks, including these popular resources:

  • Sky Sport;
  • Disney+;
  • HBO Max;
  • Crunchyroll;
  • Apple TV+;
  • ESPN;
  • Plex;
  • NBC;
  • CBS;
  • Hulu;
  • Paramount+;
  • DAZN;
  • BBC iPlayer, etc.

CyberGhost’s servers will also give you access to a myriad of sporting events for free. The platform allows users to watch free streams on the best TV channels in the world.

Unblocking Gaming & Torrenting

CyberGhost Gaming

Why need a VPN for gaming? First, there are sites with a long list of restricted countries, and your area may also be on the list. The only way to access such a site is via a VPN. CyberGhost can solve many other problems for a gambler.

The most significant instruments include anti-throttling tools that won’t let your ISP cut your traffic while playing, protection tools that will rebuff all sorts of DDoS attacks, tools to lower your ping, etc.

The VPN service is a workable solution for torrenting, too. CyberGhost offers servers optimized for seamless P2P file sharing. These torrent-oriented servers will let you unblock any tracker and upload/download files fast enough.

VPN for Any Device

It’s hard to imagine a device for which CyberGhost hasn’t developed a dedicated app. Besides applications for all major desktop and mobile OS, the VPN software is available for Smart TV, routers, Samsung TV, etc.

No matter which plan you pick, CyberGhost will let you connect up to seven gadgets to its VPN servers (with one account). There exist more generous offers in the VPN industry. Yet, the one from CyberGhost seems to be enough for most users using a VPN for their personal activities online.

Proxy Extensions

One more way to use the CyberGhost VPN is as an extension for your browser. The service offers advanced versions for Chrome and Firefox. They are free to install, and you’ll get access to all the VPN’s security features and 9,700 servers in 90+ countries.

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Is CyberGhost Safe?

By all means, CyberGhost belongs to the top-secure VPN services in the world. The ensuring factors include the following:

  • Government-level encryption.
  • An abundance of security features.
  • Location outside the surveillance-network countries.
  • A strong No-Logs Policy.

Thus, by dealing with CyberGhost, you can expect full protection of your data and intact privacy.


CyberGhost is not the fastest VPN in the industry. Yet, it hits our Top 5 fastest solutions for Virtual Private Network services, yielding to such giants as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. The uploading/downloading rates of CyberGhost depend on the chosen protocol.

Frankly, we expected more from WireGuard-based servers. On the other hand, the platform showed nice performance for its less advanced protocols. So, our verdict on CyberGhost in terms of speed is that the service is fast enough to let you enjoy your VPN connections without irritating latency periods.


CyberGhost Cost

CyberGhost offers a single plan for its services. You only can opt for one of the three subscription modes. You can pay for a single month, and this is the most expensive way – you’ll need to pay $12.99/mo. A more reasonable option is to choose a six-month subscription available at $6.99 a month.

A special offer from CyberGhost is only $2.11 a month when subscribing for two years. In addition, you’ll get three months for free. Thus, you can avail yourself of a 27-month subscription for as much as $56.97.

An extra from CyberGhost is the Security Suite for Windows. It consists of an antivirus and a security updater. At present, you can add these functions for $1 a month.

One more benefit of the platform is the money-back option. If you dislike the service, the company guarantees a full refund within 45 days after confirming your subscription.

CyberGhost Free Trial

Another excellent option from the VPN service is a free trial. Its duration is limited and depends on your device. The option works in this way:

  • You receive a 24-hour free trial on Windows/macOS.
  • You get a 3-day free trial on any Android gadget.
  • You can enjoy a 7-day free trial on any iOS device.

The best thing about the CyberGhost free trial version is that you can use it anonymously. There’s no need to indicate your credit card info to use the option on any Windows or macOS gadget.

However, that’s not all. Bear in mind that the free trial version is only time-limited. In other respects, this is the full version of the VPN. It includes all the premium features of prepaid plans.

Privacy and Security

CyberGhost Privacy

The VPN service is headquartered in Romania, and it’s great from a privacy perspective. The country has privacy-friendly legislation ensuring data protection against governmental requests.

On the other hand, CyberGhost has its own privacy policy with strict rules. Moreover, the platform doesn’t collect logs. Its No Logs policy was audited by reputable organizations. The company employs RAM-only servers, which also contributes to enhanced privacy.

The VPN goes with an extended list of security features as well. They include Automatic Kill Switch, protective tools against IP and DNS leaks, Obfuscating servers, CyberGhost Privacy Guard, and more.

CyberGhost Technical Parameters

Let’s observe the technical equipment of the VPN platform. The main components here are supported protocols and servers.

VPN Protocols

CyberHost supports the top-advanced protocols for tunneling:

  • WireGuard.
  • IKEv2.
  • OpenVPN.

WireGuard is seen by most experts as the fastest solution in the industry. Yet, we tested similar speed indices for all these protocols. WireGuard may make the difference when planning to use servers for distant locations.

Servers Locations

CyberGhost Location

In terms of the number of servers, CyberGhost ranks among the market’s leaders. At present, it offers 9,807 of them. Only US servers make up 1,423 items. The service can connect you to 91 countries of the world.

Verdict: Is CyberGhost Safe?

The safety of the CyberGhost VPN services is indisputable. The company offers a reliable VPN based on the latest techs like WireGuard protocol, 256-AES encryption, Split Tunneling, and many others.

Thanks to these features, CyberGhost is ready to protect your identity and data against any unauthorized access 24/7. The platform will let you securely enjoy your favorite streaming, torrenting, and gaming networks. Be sure that your VPN experience with them will be satisfactory in terms of speed, too.

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