Strikingly Website Examples

Strikingly is one of the easiest yet quality and full-featured DIY website builders that equally targets beginners and web design pros. However, the software is mostly oriented on non-coders, offering an easy website development approach and dozens of customizable templates that make it possible to create polished and clean web projects without using advanced coding skills.

Websites built with the system are easy to navigate, with clear menus and calls to action. This matters a lot for users who wish to find the required info with maximum efficacy and minimum time loss.

An important issue is that Strikingly-powered websites are optimized for mobile viewing. This is due to the responsive nature of templates available in stock here. The website builder lets you choose from several subscriptions that differ in integrated functionality, terms, options and toolset. Thus, everyone can pick a plan to fit the budget and preferences here.

Are you interested in viewing Strikingly websites? Some of the most remarkable samples are listed further to give you the idea of what the software has to offer.

1. Project Punchline

Project Punchline

Project Punchline is a website of a comedy club, where all the genre fans have an opportunity to enjoy live stand-up comedy events and shows. “Life’s Too Short, Have a Laugh” is the motto the guys have chosen for this project. It absolutely complies with the major website specialization. The same is above the color scheme and general atmosphere of the project. The website features modern design, with an appealing combination of vibrant colors, entertaining visuals and bold typography that gives the sense of energy to each and every user.


  • Easy navigation menu that grants access to major events, ticket sales etc.;
  • Integrated online store;
  • Built-in calendar with scheduled shows and their detailed descriptions;
  • Blog;
  • Detailed About Us section revealing the club history, mission and goals;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account;
  • Online contact form;
  • Access to social media accounts;
  • Sponsorship option.


  • FAQs;
  • Live chat widget;
  • User reviews section;
  • Google Maps for easy location search.

2. Inspire Organics

Inspire Organics

Inspire Organics is a quality sample of the Strikingly-based website that belongs to the wellness and natural skincare brand offering an extensive range of safe organic products. The company mainly targets women selling treatments, supplements and services for various health problems. The project looks easy-to-navigate, featuring minimalist design with quality visuals showcasing products and ingredients they contain. Thus, it is possible to find out more about all kinds of treatments here and to book the best products to take care of ladies’ health here.


  • Sign up popup window;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Simple navigation menu providing access to versatile product categories (haircare, skincare, wellness products etc.);
  • Detailed product descriptions with photos, pricing info and other specifications;
  • Blog;
  • Online store;
  • Monthly subscription box offer;
  • Service booking option;
  • Women’s testimonials;
  • FAQs and customer support sections;
  • Brand logo;
  • CTA buttons.


  • Shopping guidelines;
  • Detailed payment/shipping terms;
  • Order tracking option;
  • Video product reviews;
  • More distinct fonts.

3. Lever & Bloom Coffee

Lever & Bloom Coffee

Lever & Bloom Coffee is a website of the UK-based coffee cart that serves the local residents and guests of the town delicious hand-pulled drinks. The project is well-designed offering user-friendly interface and valuable info to all coffee fans who would like to discover more about the process of coffee production and drinks in general. The website has simple and minimalist design, maintaining high informational value. Its warm color palette and prevailing use of light colors reflects the company’s dedication to sustainability and professionalism.


  • Detailed coffee products reviews (origin, type, blend, flavor, decaf, brewing recommendations etc.);
  • Opportunity to choose the grind and size of coffee beans;
  • Integrated eCommerce engine;
  • Info about the company, its values and commitments;
  • FAQs and customer support options;
  • Detailed contacts;
  • Google Maps widget;
  • Social account buttons.


  • Customer reviews;
  • Shopping guidelines;
  • Order tracking;
  • Live chat;
  • Video product reviews.

4. Momentary


Momentary is a website started with Strikingly platform that belongs to the Montreal-based video production company. It uses powerful and contemporary visual storytelling tools in order to make a quality social impact upon its clients. All the videos are meaningful and beautiful, which makes them a great solution for all types of business and personal projects. Momentary is also a certified B Corporation that effectively collaborates with non-profit organizations as well as with goal-driven companies, which share their mission and vision.


  • Large-screen video background;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Social account buttons;
  • Brand logo;
  • Video gallery;
  • Steps of the video production process;
  • List of clients;
  • Contacts.


  • Blog;
  • Live chat widget;
  • FAQs;
  • Customer reviews and testimonials;
  • More works in the portfolio.

5. Grow Food Where People Live

Grow Food

Grow Food Where People Live sees its mission in promoting healthy life values. They “believe in a world where everyone has access to fresh, healthy food” and this is how their motto sounds. Thus, they promote community gardening and urban agriculture principles. The website of the organization features simple design with a focus on the main thought – the advantages of growing healthy food in urban locations. This is where you will find exhaustive info about the importance of community gardening, the merits of growing food locally, and the necessity of involving individuals/community organizations in the process.


  • Brand logo;
  • Mission statement;
  • Volunteer testimonials;
  • Donation option;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Extensive photo gallery;
  • List of sponsors;
  • Schedule of community gardening events and upcoming workshops;
  • Facebook and Twitter account access;
  • Blog;
  • Single-page layout with a scrolling feature.


  • The website is currently published on the subdomain;
  • FAQs;
  • Video presentations;
  • Online forms;
  • Live chat window for quick interaction.


If your coding skills are insufficient to launch a complex full-featured website, using Strikingly website builder can be a smart idea. This is because the software was initially created with beginner convenience in mind.

Samples of Strikingly-powered websites reviewed above showcase the system’s versatility. This means that the platform can be used to set up and manage all types of web projects – from non-profit websites and up to online stores. You just need to follow the guidelines to complete all the steps of the project creation process with ease.

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