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Wix is one of the top DIY website builders, which works great for all types of web projects. Online stores are not an exception. The platform boasts quite a powerful and full-featured eCommerce system, making it possible to set up small and medium web stores via Wix Stores widget integration. At the same time, its built-in functionality is not enough to set up a large-scale online shop (a hypermarket).

Wix eCommerce engine comes with multilingual support, an extensive selection of web store templates (free, responsive and customizable), opportunity to use several payment methods, integrable eCommerce widgets and other niche tools.

Another important issue is that the website builder offers an affordable pricing policy. There is even a separate group of plans for eCommerce website development. The subscriptions are commission free, even if you set up an online shop with one of them and start selling products/services.

While Wix website builder has multiple user reviews concerning its functionality, customizability, affordability and ease of use, special attention should be given to eCommerce website examples built with the system. They are the best proof of the platform’s trustability and its powerful functionality.

1. Sticky Lemon

Web Store Example: Sticky Lemon

Sticky Lemon is a Dutch web store selling kids’ accessories for children of all ages. The products feature outstanding design and unique look. The brand motto sounds like “quirky, colorful, bold and sunny” and this absolutely complies with the items sold, website design and overall company approach to customers. Brand manufacturers artfully use patterns, textiles and illustrations to produce accessories that actually stand out from the crowd.


  • Brand logo;
  • Opportunity to sort out the products by various parameters;
  • Product selection filters;
  • Detailed shop menu;
  • Clickable products on the homepage;
  • Separate page for wholesale clients;
  • Scrolling feature;
  • Payment/shipping/return guidelines;
  • Facebook/Instagram feeds;
  • Newsletter subscription.


  • Customer reviews;
  • Online feedback forms;
  • Live chat widget for instant communication;
  • More contact options;
  • FAQ;
  • Blog;
  • More detailed product descriptions.

2. Vivi et Margo

Web Store Example: Vivi et Margo

Vivi et Margo is a French-inspired yet USA-based brand selling unique products for interior decoration. These include kitchen accessories, textile, clothing and jewelry, baskets, soap – everything needed to make your home cozy and warm. The website abounds in rich lifestyle photos that highlight the special atmosphere of the project.


  • Newsletter subscription options with a 10% discount for the first offer;
  • Brand logo;
  • Search filter option;
  • Blog;
  • Detailed menu;
  • Social network buttons;
  • Product descriptions;
  • Wix Favorites on the homepage;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Link to the Amazon marketplace;
  • Instagram feed.


  • Realtime customer reviews;
  • Live chat widget;
  • FAQ;
  • Video product presentations;
  • More contact options.

3. Celebs on Sandwiches

Web Store Example: Celebs on Sandwiches

Celebs on Sandwiches is a very unusual and extraordinary web store selling prints featuring the images on celebrities on sandwiches. Everyone who would like to see the way this or that celebrity looks on a sandwich, can browse quite an extensive gallery of prints and place an order there. The website design looks simple at first sight, but advanced functionality is not needed here. What you need is a print and an opportunity to buy it. This is what the website allows doing, offering easy navigation as a bonus.


  • Convenient scrolling feature;
  • Large-size slider on the homepage featuring the best works;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Search filter;
  • Clickable prints that come with detailed descriptions;
  • Online contact form;
  • Social network buttons;
  • A range of payment options;
  • Shipping/return policy;
  • Brand logo;
  • Special offers listed on the homepage.


  • Brighter/contrasting colors are preferable;
  • More distinct fonts/typography is needed;
  • Live chat widget for instant interaction;
  • Video product reviews;
  • FAQ;
  • Client testimonials.

4. Indian Summer

Web Store Example: Indian Summer

Indian Summer has a clear objective that becomes clear from the website name. The brand focuses on selling swimwear and accessories to users worldwide. It is also possible to buy clothing here. The website design attracts user attention at the very first sight. There are multiple photos of models wearing swimwear and advertising the clothes on all website pages. This causes the desire to explore the entire assortment of products and to place an order.


  • Detailed and informative About Us page;
  • An “Eco Alliance” badge on website pages indicating that the product packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly;
  • Contact Us widget;
  • Brand logo;
  • Search filter option;
  • Free shipping/discount terms;
  • Newsletter subscription form;
  • Instagram photo samples;
  • Refunds & Returns terms;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Quick view feature;
  • Newest collection/Sale pages;
  • Size guide.


  • Customer reviews and feedback;
  • Blog;
  • FAQ;
  • Live chat widget;
  • More intuitive navigation;
  • Video product presentations;
  • Darker fonts to make the texts easier to read.

5. Kaekoo

Web Store Example: Kaekoo

Kaekoo web store visitors get a warm and cozy feeling when browsing the project. This is the place where they can shop for beautiful handcrafted items and textiles to make your home special. The website design is quite plain and simple yet there is still everything a customer is looking for, when shopping for home decor accessories. It is interesting and easy to view the website and to get the info/products you need.


  • Hand-lettered logo;
  • Tasteful photography;
  • Popup newsletter subscription form with the 10% discount for the first order;
  • Consistent color palette;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Integrated online store with the drop-down menu;
  • CTA buttons and FAQ;
  • Video business presentation;
  • Integrated slider;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Online subscription form;
  • Shipping & Returns terms.


  • Live chat window for instant consultations;
  • Larger and more distinct fonts/typography to make the texts easier to read.


As you proceed to the web store creation, there are multiple issues to keep in mind. Along with design customization, integration of special widgets and payment options, you have to think about the way your clients will see the project. Will it be easy-to-browse for them? What special features may attract their attention? How to make your project convertible and outstanding? Wix has answers to these and lots of other questions.

The DIY website builder offers designer-made templates for all types of web stores. The same is about integrable widgets and toolset. Each eCommerce project launched with Wix comes with a range of business management tools and features needed to make it adhere to the requirements and expectations of the target audience. This is what makes Wix a worthy solution for your eCommerce project.

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