Squarespace Portfolio Website Examples

Squarespace has been one of the most popular, full-featured and affordable DIY website builders for portfolio creation for quite a long period of time. What’s more, it is now included in the list of the best portfolio design systems illustrators, artists and other creatives value a lot.

Actually, this is no wonder as the website builder has much to offer to its subscribers, when it tackles the portfolio creation issue. Along with built-in blogging and eCommerce engines, versatility of free responsive portfolio templates and diversity of design customization tools, the platform does not require any coding proficiency to get started with your creative project.

Other Squarespace advantages include a handy drag-and-drop website editor, abundance of integrable widgets for customer interaction and convenient project management, Logo Maker, Style Editor, Cover Page Builder and affordable pricing to mention a few.

Hundreds of projects have been built with the software. They all differ in integrated functionality, customizability and complexity rate yet all of them encompass the major features the website builder has in stock. To understand what exactly you can avail from the service, take your time to browse the sample reviewed below.

1. Johanna Springer

Illustrator Johanna Springer

Johanna Springer is an illustrator portfolio example that belongs to Johanna Springer – a creative artist, who lives and works in Germany. Despite this fact, the portfolio is created in the English language to target users from all over the world. Its design, functionality and available feature set absolutely complies with the goal. Users can browse the best works – illustrations for books, magazines and comics – that are displayed on the homepage.


  • Clickable works on the homepage;
  • Newsletter club subscription;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Detailed descriptions and multiple photos of each project;
  • Author’s Sketchbook Page;
  • Integrated online store with product specifications, pricing, shipping/order/payment details;
  • FAQ;
  • Personal references.


  • Customer reviews;
  • Online feedback forms;
  • Live chat widget for instant interaction;
  • More contact options.

2. Joana Neves

Artist Joana Neves

Joana Neves is a colorful and unusual portfolio owned and managed by Joana Neves, who is a Portugal-based artist willing to present her talent and creative design approach to the target audience worldwide. The portfolio looks interesting, indeed. There are lots of female portraits and images there with interactive elements and prevailing use of warm colors. This creates a pleasant impression and encourages users for further portfolio exploration.


  • Simple layout and intuitive navigation;
  • Character design works;
  • A sample of a standard case study;
  • Author’s personal resume;
  • Integrated online store;
  • Online contact form;
  • Social network buttons.


  • Client reviews;
  • More contact options;
  • Detailed descriptions of works;
  • Live chat window;
  • More online forms for user feedback.

3. Mathias Ball

Art Mathias Ball

Mathias Ball is another sample of a quality art portfolio website belonging to the Canadian illustrator Mathias Ball. The project looks energetic, bright and cheerful. It triggers the desire to immediately start browsing it to see other works. The overall project design, however, is simple and easy to explore. You actually don’t need to browse all the pages – the best works of the author are presented on the homepage for easy and quick access.


  • Playful logo on the homepage;
  • Bright color palette;
  • Availability of three categories – Narrative, Editorial and Personal that helps simplify users’ search;
  • Short descriptions of each work available in the portfolio;
  • Social network buttons;
  • About the Author page.


  • Live chat widget;
  • Client reviews and testimonials;
  • More distinct and visible fonts;
  • Other contact options.

4. Lee Holmes

Producer Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes is a producer portfolio sample belonging to Lee Holmes, who is also an editor, a filmmaker, a motion graphics expert and a director. Specializing in music, documentary and branded content, he has lots of works to offer to his clients. The artist has cooperated with multiple well-known companies, including National Geographic TV, Harper’s Bazaar and more.


  • Homepage that grants access to other portfolio pages;
  • Social network buttons;
  • About page providing brief info about the artist;
  • Video presentations;
  • Project preview option;
  • Easy website navigation;
  • Video background.


  • Detailed author’s contacts;
  • Live chat widget for east interaction;
  • Larger fonts/more visible typography;
  • More informative descriptions of works available in the catalog.

5. Malin Gyllensvaan

Textile Designer Malingy llensvaan

Malin Gyllensvaan has created this portfolio to showcase her best works and to attract the attention of potential clients. As a Swedish Textile designer and illustrator, she uses large-scale images of her work samples featuring floral ornaments and drawings. The project showcases the products Malin created during her career to let other users see what exactly she can offer. The works vividly stand out against the white background and you can scroll down the page to see the samples.


  • Author’s logo;
  • Integrated web store;
  • Extensive portfolio page;
  • Newsletter subscription form;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Instagram feed;
  • Contacts for inquiries and quick access.


  • Live chat widget;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • Larger and more distinct fonts;
  • More informative and longer work descriptions.

6. Christine Gregory Photography

Photography Christine Gregory Photography

Christine Gregory Photography features the major motto of the author on the homepage. It sounds like “I’m in love with capturing love”. That’s all you need to know about the project and its major focus. The portfolio belongs to Christine Gregory – a professional photographer living and working in Virginia. She mainly centers around taking portrait photos yet she is also fond of other photography types, including Wedding, Family, Maternity and Newborn and other topics.


  • Prevailing use of black-and-white colors;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Rich portfolio gallery with multiple sections;
  • Blog;
  • Online contact form along with email and telephone;
  • Catchy author’s logo;
  • Photo preview feature.


  • Live chat window;
  • Real client testimonials;
  • More contact options;
  • Fonts should be more distinct and clear;
  • The website texts are complex to read.

7. Mindy Nguyen

Art Director Mindy Nguyen

Mindy Nguyen sees her mission in helping potential and current clients learn more about her professional expertise and talent through this portfolio. She tends to get acquainted with people worldwide to develop international brands. As an art director and designer, Mindy Nguyen provides access to her best works featured on the homepage. The website itself looks quite simple at first sight yet it encompasses the most crucial info about the author and her work.


  • Best works features on the homepage;
  • Project preview feature;
  • Social account buttons access;
  • Links to live works;
  • Email for project inquiries;
  • Detailed descriptions of works;
  • Animated elements and integrations.


  • Blog;
  • Too large fonts on the homepage;
  • Live chat widget;
  • Clickable photos of projects;
  • Customer testimonials.


Squarespace is one of the top website builders to set up a professional portfolio project. You don’t have to be a web design expert to launch a website with the system – just follow the guidelines it generates to complete the task.

The platform grants access to multiple portfolio-related features and tools that are indispensable, when it comes to the development of this project type. Additionally, you have an opportunity to connect a blog or a web store to your project to start selling online or to generate more traffic. Whatever intentions you have, Squarespace lets you launch a portfolio to showcase your works.

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