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Yola Website Examples

I’ve just finished my in-depth Yola review and I hasten to make up a list of exemplary Yola websites for you to see how your future website will look like if you choose this website builder as your site publishing partner.

Frankly speaking, it was pretty hard to sift through all those not-so-beautiful (according to modern web design standards) websites featured in the Yola Site Gallery. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all websites built with Yola are outdated, but I think that this section (their Site Gallery) should be updated with some newer Yola-powered websites as soon as possible.

Example 1: Miracle Mittens – Yola Store

Miracle Mittens - Yola Website Examples

Miraclemittens.com is a cozy website designed by Mary Bevan and her sisters to promote their lovely mitten making business ‘Miracle Mittens & More’. They produce mittens, hats and other handmade, eco-friendly items. The website is very simple: there’s a small photo gallery, news section, feedback form and some other useful links.

They have a custom favicon, the background is plain white, but you feel warm and just like home. The ladies at ‘Miracle Mittens & More’ decided to build their business website with Yola as they’re non-tech savvy users. Let me remind you that Yola has a very user-friendly, code-free editing environment.

Example 2: Willow Park Preschool – Yola Site

Willow Park PreSchool - Yola Website Examples

Willowparkpreschool.com is a dynamic, non-profit website operated by a parent run cooperative in the Willow Ridge Community, Calgary SE. At Willow Park PreSchool they believe that learning-based play is an important part of a child’s development, therefore they strive to provide children with a stimulating and caring environment.

Their website is joyful and bright. It provides potential and current customers with vital information about the PreSchool: teachers, calendar, registration, programs etc. It looks like it was developed by children for children, only the navigation system tells the opposite. The website doesn’t look modern, but still it’s serves its purpose.

Example 3: Backyard Fitness – Yola Fitness Site

Backyard Fitness - Yola Website Examples

Backyardfitnessaustin.com is owned and operated by Alli Phillips who had been working in the health-club/spa industry for 20+ years. She started her Backyard Fitness business when the ‘mom and baby’ fitness market was virtually untouched. Therefore, her clientele was and is primarily young children and women with babies.

Allison’s website is rather simple, yet informative: there are class descriptions, schedule, about and other sections. The only thing missing is social media buttons, which are a really great asset in today’s business, especially if your target audience is new moms and their kids. Everything else seems to be fine.

Example 4: Brittany Hagler’s Desing – Yola Store

Brittany Haglers Design - Yola Website Examples

Brittanyhaglerdesigns.com is an online shop of Brittany Hagler. She’s an artist who will transform the design of your kitchen or an entire house with only a couple of paintings. Her website looks very attractive with the pleasant pastel colors, nothing is irritating or distracting you and you can focus on the beauty of the art.

The best thing about the website is its unusual carting system. There are two options: you can use the common one, add any item with the button, but the other variant is more interesting, it’s even easier than the previous one! “Hold” the mouse button and drag the necessary painting to the cart. Done. It’s a very good decision for the online store, if you want it to be remarkable.

Example 5: Grand Senior Living – Yola Website

Grand Senior Living - Yola Website Examples

Grandseniorliving.com has been providing senior housing, healthcare and hospitality services throughout the United States since 2000. They are using website for promotion of their services on the market. The website layout is neat and professional, combining light-yellow, white, and blue colors with a branded heraldic favicon at the top. The high-quality landscape photos are also a nice touch.

Though design is really great, the navigation part is very complicated, just like the architecture itself. There are too much unnecessary sections with lots of text information. Even the marvellous views don’t save the day. Grand Senior Living certainly need to think about dumping out a couple of sections and combining them.

Example 6: RK Fischer & Associates – Yola Website

RK Fischer - Yola Website Examples

Asmallbusinessconsultant.ca was started in January 2010 by Karen and Rudy after spending over 25 years working in management and executive roles for start-ups, small business, as well as large corporate environments.

The functionality of the website is really great. These two used almost everything Yola can offer: Schedule, Callback and social media buttons, testimonials and other tools. The design is so cool with lots of custom things starting from the favicon and ending with videos and chat boxes.

The only thing that spoils the fun is a quite complex navigation and tons of info. You almost feel yourself like on the Wikipedia.


Personally, I have mixed impressions about Yola. On one hand, it is easy to create a good looking website. From the other side it’s only suitable for flat websites, due to structural limitations in its templates. But there’s a great e-commerce option, which will surprise you for certain, offering a number of innovative decisions.

Despite all Yola’s benefits, there are considerable downsides, when compared with the competitors. The navigation system is one of the most disorganized of all I have seen before. Everything works, but feels clunky. All I’m saying is that Yola is not the perfect solution on the website builder market.

I hope you enjoyed my modest Yola-powered sites compilation :). If you’re a happy owner of a Yola site, don’t hesitate to contact the site builder’s support to get featured on their official blog.

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