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I’ve just finished my in-depth Yola review and I hasten to make up a list of exemplary Yola websites for you to see how your future website will look like if you choose this website builder as your site publishing partner.

Frankly speaking, it was pretty hard to sift through all those not-so-beautiful (according to modern web design standards) websites featured in the Yola Site Gallery. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all websites built with Yola are outdated, but I think that this section (their Site Gallery) should be updated with some newer Yola-powered websites as soon as possible.

Example 1: Willow Park Preschool – Yola Site

Willow Park Preschool – Yola Site

Willowparkpreschool.com is a dynamic, non-profit website operated by a parent run cooperative in the Willow Ridge Community, Calgary SE. At Willow Park PreSchool they believe that learning-based play is an important part of a child’s development, therefore they strive to provide children with a stimulating and caring environment.

Their website is joyful and bright. It provides potential and current customers with vital information about the PreSchool: teachers, calendar, registration, programs etc. It looks like it was developed by children for children, only the navigation system tells the opposite. The website doesn’t look modern, but still it’s serves its purpose.

Example 2: Tannerie Wood – Yola Townhouse Community Website

Tannerie Wood  - Yola Townhouse Community Website

Tanneriewood.com is a simple yet informative website of the townhouse community found in Upper Dublin Township near the suburbs of Philadelphia. The project is geared towards the needs of homeowners and those users, who are potentially interested in getting a house there.

The website encompasses all the information homeowners would like to know about the townhouse community. It looks quite standard, with bright photos of the community, landscapes and infrastructure standing against the light background. The project is logically-structured, providing quick access to the most important and widely-searched sections. These include Home, About, Events, Documents, Contractors, Links, Contact and Other. This is a nice sample of a community website oriented on user requirements.

Example 3: Brew City Bully Club – Yola Pit Bull Club Website

Brew City Bully Club  - Yola Pit Bull Club Website

Brewcitybullies.org is a website of the pit bull dog club website, which aims at rehabilitating the reputation of this dog breed via reducing the community fear. The project developers intend to boost human awareness about pit bulls to make people feel safe about their lives and health. Built in 2008, the website provides high quality programs aimed at alleviating the fears of pit bull owners and raising positive attitude of community members towards the breed.

The website design creates a ”home-like” cozy atmosphere and provides much information about the dogs that are in the focus of human attention here. There are several sections, where you can come across useful info and even make donations, find out the club contacts, look through the Dog Days section, special programs, resources and events associated with the breed. This is a great source of information for everyone, who wants to find out more about pit bulls to feel on the safe side.

Example 4: Transportation Children’s Center – Yola Website

Transportation Children’s Center - Yola Website

Transchildrencenter.org is a website of the Boston-based Childcare Center that serves the needs of working parents and their kids, irrespective of their age. Founded in 1986, the organization still aims at providing safe and entertaining environment to children via using the services of childcare professionals. The major mission of the Center is to ensure maximum level of comfort, total security as well as harmonious physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Whatever information you’d like to find out about the Center, you can do that directly at the website. The project encompasses several sections that provide the utmost info about the organization and its missions. These include Home, About Us, Program, General Information, Careers, Current Families, Contact Us, Schedule Tour, Our Faculty. Thus, you can not only discover new facts about the Center, but even book a tour to see it with your own eyes. That’s really convenient for most parents, who care about their kids’ safety, while being at work.

Example 5: California Tacos and More – Yola Restaurant Website

California Tacos and More  - Yola Restaurant Website

Calitacosandmore.com is a website of a restaurant, offering tacos to California residents. The website provides useful info about the dishes and drinks included into their menu as well as about the restaurant itself. There are lots of special offers and bonuses you’ll come across here, while placing an order online.

The Homepage of the website attracts user attention from the very first sight due to its bright and coloured slider featuring the Menu. You don’t have to spend much time browsing other website sections to find the list of drinks and dishes to order – they are provided “here and now” for your convenience. You may also find access to social networks on the homepage as well as to special buttons, letting you place an order or book party/catering services. A good sample of a standard restaurant website created with Yola!

Example 6: North Tahoe Family Resource Center – Yola Community Website

North Tahoe Family Resource Center - Yola Community Website

Northtahoefrc.org is a website of the Family Resource Center based in Tahoe. The main mission of the organization is to become a link between individuals and families as well as programs and services they can make use of. The organization was founded in 1991 and has developed a lot since that time, helping hundreds of families become self-sufficient and thriving.

The website of the Center looks pretty simple at first sight, but it’s also quite informative. The design of the project is standard as it provides multiple resources all in one place. This is where you can come across social networks integrated into the website, videos providing visual information about the Center, lots of ads, contacts and special offers. Spanish version of the website is available here as well to make the perception of information simple for the Spanish-speaking residents and their families. Those users, who wish to make donations to the Center to financially support the families, can do that directly at the website. This is also quite convenient and easy. Nice job!

Example 7: Branson NightLife- Yola Community Website

Branson NightLife- Yola Community Website

Bransonnightlife.com is a website, which sees its major mission in providing events and updated info about local nightlife in Branson, Missouri. This is the top notch destination for the local residents and tourists, who look for the live local music shows, best places and events one can see in the city.

While browsing a website, you will come across valuable info about bands, shows, bars, music, dance spots, karaoke and other entertainments or activities to visit with relaxation purposes. The only look at the website is enough to feel the atmosphere of Branson’s nightlife. The design of the project absolutely comes up to its mission. All the information is provided against the black background, which highlights its importance and drives user attention. Visitors may browse several sections with events, contacts, bands etc. There are also social sharing buttons as well as the search filter option here. YouTube access to the website’s channel is granted as well. A worthy sample of a simple yet informative website created with Yola!

Example 8: Old Style Conjure Shop – Yola Web Store

Old Style Conjure Shop - Yola Web Store

Oldstyleconjure.com is a web store, offering a broad range of Traditional Conjure Products. The assortment of the store is quite extensive and there is much users can find here, namely roots, curios, herbs, oils, traditional powders, gels, lotions, soap, candles, scrubs, washes and more.

The web store is logically-structured, with all the main and most popular products being presented on the homepage. The products are displayed along with descriptions, price specification and quality pictures. There is also an opportunity to sort out the products by different parameters here to cut down the shopping time. Donate option is also available at the website for all users, who wish to financially support web store performance and development. The website creates pleasant impression from the very first sight, encouraging users to keep browsing it further.

Example 9: Tallahassee Swing Band – Yola Music Website

Tallahassee Swing Band - Yola Music Website

Tallahasseeswing.com – is a website belonging to the Tallahassee Swing Band, which is one of the most favorite wedding and dance bands in North Florida. Created in 1970s, the band has expanded its repertoire a lot and it now plays jazz and swing along with polkas, waltzes, rock ‘n roll, and Motown.

The website provides all kinds of information about the band, available in separate sections. These are Videos, Songs, Photos, Musicians, American Legion and more. The About section delivers interesting facts about the band and the history of its development, while the Contact Us section allows booking the band’s shows via filling out the online form or getting in touch with the managers of the band in person. There are also interesting and entertaining videos featuring the band’s performance as well as the schedule of its shows found on the homepage. Quality website for music fans!


Personally, I have mixed impressions about Yola. On one hand, it is easy to create a good looking website. From the other side it’s only suitable for flat websites, due to structural limitations in its templates. But there’s a great e-commerce option, which will surprise you for certain, offering a number of innovative decisions.

Despite all Yola’s benefits, there are considerable downsides, when compared with the competitors. The navigation system is one of the most disorganized of all I have seen before. Everything works, but feels clunky. All I’m saying is that Yola is not the perfect solution on the website builder market.

I hope you enjoyed my modest Yola-powered sites compilation :). If you’re a happy owner of a Yola site, don’t hesitate to contact the site builder’s support to get featured on their official blog.

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