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uKit is a contemporary and sleek website builder. It doesn’t have such popularity as its competitors, yet, on the other hand, it is not inferior to them in terms of usefulness. This lesser-known tool is well-made and business oriented. Through this in-depth review, I will pinpoint all the company’s benefits while not neglecting the downsides.

By the end of the review, you will have a clear image of what uKit represents and understand why it doesn’t make it to the top website builders (here’s my rating).

Quick Summary

If you are new to uKit, I’m going to tell you more about the service. This is a mobile-responsive website builder that’s all about empowering small businesses. The company was launched in 2015 by a multicultural tech squad.

As mentioned in this review, uKit is a go-to because it’s tailor-made for small businesses. It really shines with its eCommerce tools, offering a variety of features that are just perfect for getting our products and services out there in the digital world. And the designs? They’re practically screaming, “Let’s do business!” with themes that are all about boosting your brand and selling online.

What I absolutely love about uKit is its drag-and-drop editor. It’s a WYSIWYG interface that’s as straightforward as it gets, making it a breeze to craft a strong online presence without getting bogged down in the technicalities. Plus, it’s packed with widgets to add all sorts of functionality to your website, which is pretty handy.

So, if you are searching for a simple site-building platform that goes easy on the bells and whistles, it’s worth giving uKit a look. Despite the weaknesses in the SEO and usability departments, uKit offers a decent editor with beautiful design modification options, site analytics, templates, and some amazing store features.

uKit also supports an impressive array of languages — English, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, and Polish, to name a few. This means it’s got your back, making everything feel a bit more familiar and easier to navigate, no matter where you’re from. The only catch? If you ever want to switch your website to a different hosting provider, uKit doesn’t support that. But honestly, with how focused they are on providing a stellar user experience, I’ve never felt the need to look elsewhere.

How Much Does uKit Cost?

Website building services are always tricky when it comes to pricing. If you aren’t cautious enough when purchasing a plan at a good price, you may end up with an annual subscription. Here, too, uKit offers an individual price for each of its four pricing plans and prompts about discounted costs in case of purchasing a plan for a lengthy period. In all cases, uKit is a very affordable website creation tool compared to other companies.

Subscribing for a uKit plan for three months, six months, one year, and two years in advance, you will get 15%, 20%, 30%, and 50% off, respectively. Since most site builders highlight prices for annual subscriptions, I will introduce the uKit plans pricing system per yearly subscription, too.

  • Minimal – At $6.30 per month, you activate all the necessary tools and features to run a virtual store.
  • Basic – The plan with extended statistics and a live chat support option is priced at $7.70 per month.
  • eCommerce – To run an online shop with shopping cart and checkout functionality, upgrade your plan to eCommerce, priced at $9.10 per month.
  • Pro – The full potential of uKit with more creative and coding possibilities for professionals is suggested in the Pro plan at $10.50 per month.

uKit also offers a one-of-a-kind service – to order a ready-to-use website geared to a client’s specific needs. At a fixed price, uKit professionals can create a mind-blowing website that best portrays your business’s essence and style.

The uKit plan you choose (except for the Pro plan) will come with a 14-day trial period. The company also provides a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 14 days after the purchase is made. You can pay for uKit services via Visa, MasterCard, JCB, MIR, and PayPal payment gateways.

Building a Website on uKit

When I explored uKit, though, I discovered that launching websites with it is quite possible. In this article, I’ve come across the fact that uKit is a great pick for non-coders who don’t have any previous experience. While having robust eCommerce tools and stunning templates is crucial, I’ve got to say, the simplicity of using a site-building platform is a game-changer.

uKit offers a website-building wizard that will guide a new user throughout the process. Take your time, and don’t bypass the guide. In a few steps, you will get a clear image of how to settle a professional-looking site quickly.

Start by signing up at uKit with either your social media account or email. In a few seconds, you will be guided to your Dashboard, where you must choose a website design that best fits your business. To get more information on the preferred template, click on Preview and see its demo. You can also switch between desktop, tablet, and smartphone views to see how your website will look across different devices.

Choose your template and assign a domain name to it. Once done, you can start customizing the website with your unique content from the Site Pages tab. You can see several pages by default, depending on the chosen template and niche. Then, click on + Add page and add other pages if necessary.

But uKit doesn’t stop there. It offers a bunch of other tools instead – Builder, Design, an adaptive site version for mobile users, and even Pop-Up Windows, among others. I got to play around with all these features using the drag-and-drop editor, tweaking and tuning until my site felt just right. The final steps of building a website with uKit are verifying and publishing. That’s it. Quick and easy, indeed.


uKit introduces two basic modes to work with your website. These are the Dashboard and the Builder. The uKit interface is highly intuitive and simple to navigate. It serves as a one-stop location to manage your account and sites. Switch between your sites and create new ones, manage your profile, get help from uKit experts, and see what’s new on the platform. And if you intend to augment your sites, edit them in the Builder mode. From here, you can also upgrade your subscription.

The Main Menu is your go-to for all the critical info about your account and site. It’s where you’ll find options for Payments, Domains, Bonuses, alongside a variety of tools and handy widgets like statistics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, badges and footers. Think of it as your command center, giving you a bird’s eye view of everything at your disposal.

Through the builder mode, you can adjust how your website looks. Look for all the functional elements in the left-hand panel. The panel provides access to the Dashboard, allows adding blocks and widgets, building an online store, choosing a design or creating your custom color scheme, adding new pages or switching between the existing ones, applying the change or reverting them, and, finally, publishing your website.

Once you’re happy with how everything looks, hitting the publish button is all that’s left. With uKit, you’re always just a few steps away from having a website that looks like a million bucks.

Website Templates

uKit provides hundreds of sleek and attractive templates at your disposal, neatly organized into business-specific categories. This helps users seek the perfect template for their niche at the appropriate place without having to scroll through multiple options.

What’s really convenient is how every uKit theme is mobile responsive right out of the box. They effortlessly adapt to any screen size, whether it’s a tablet or smartphone, without any extra work needed from you. Once your site is up, it’s ready to look great on mobile, too. However, it’s worth noting that this automatic adjustment means you won’t be able to tweak how your site appears on mobile devices.

uKit templates are categorized into 40 business niches, from Automotive to Construction, from Education & Training to Farming & Agriculture, etc. Besides, you can filter them by General, One pager, New, and Best options.

While the entire collection boasts a professional and modern vibe, you might notice a uniform look. There’s a distinct uKit flair across the board, which is great for beginners aiming to avoid mismatched design choices. But if you’re someone who thrives on creativity, this similarity might feel a bit limiting.

What makes uKit stand out is the custom template offer. If none of the suggested variants meet your requirement, order a custom website tailored to your needs. For $100, you’ll get a bespoke site that perfectly fits your business needs, ready in just ten days.

Website Design

So, what else do you need to set up a website? When it comes to designing your website, you might find that the customization options with uKit are a tad more restrained compared to the vast playgrounds offered by some of the more renowned website builders out there (I mean Wix, Weebly, SITE123 etc.). For instance, unless you’re rocking a Pro plan, the ability to tweak custom colors, switch up fonts, or adjust text sizes isn’t in the cards. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and instead take a closer look at what you can actually do in terms of website design with uKit.

The uKit editor is beautiful and easy to use. It lets you interact with the website creation tools via the already common drag-and-drop functionality. The beginner-friendly editor can freely compete with more popular site-building platforms. Aside from many widgets, uKit allows adding and editing premade blocks, headlines, content, and blank blocks.

The advanced tools include rotating, flipping, and adding icons, as well as a drawing tool, text, and shapes. In addition, choose aspect ratios and freely crop images. The editor also supports such resizing tools as the zoom-in/out feature, alt attributes, and image captions.

The media library in uKit might start you off with just a handful of free images, but for those seeking a broader palette, there’s access to a vast collection of stock photography from DepositPhotos. Whether you prefer your images in a grid, slider, or collage format, uKit has you covered. Plus, you’re more than welcome to upload your own photos directly from your computer or import some gems from your social media profiles.

All color, formatting, style options and other content editing tools appear easy to use. To further enhance your website or online store design, implement price lists, user reviews, or tables into its structure.

Making an Online Store

uKit is fundamentally crafted as a platform for building business websites, which means it offers a wealth of eCommerce capabilities. I’ve tested various eCommerce platforms and I’m sure that setting up a web store with uKit is a good idea.

However, to truly tap into the extensive range of eCommerce functions, integrating with Ecwid becomes highly recommended. Ecwid is a comprehensive software that bolsters most of uKit’s eCommerce functionalities, such as adding a store layout, cost calculation, and product catalog directly through uKit.

Accessing the online store, use Settings and adjust the currency (uKit allows integrating tens of options to choose from), unit of measure, turn on Google Analytics, and select the further actions when items are added to the cart. Order forms can be adjusted, too. Add promo codes, and specify any information your buyers should know before completing an order. It will appear on the Checkout page of your web store. Also, adjust the order form from this section.

For shipping and payment configurations, there are respective sections. Connect payment gateways, and set your products’ shipping method and price. To increase your brand awareness, uKit suggests integrating social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, VK, Disqus) and adding share buttons.

Note that all these online store tools are available only if you upgrade your account to eCommerce.


uKit offers blogging and SEO tools, which are, yet not extraordinary. The available features are all essential and can help you optimize your site or web store for search engines. You can add a sitemap of the site, meta tags, and several other options that will increase your brand visibility for search engines. Furthermore, some features will show you how ready your site is for promotion. You will be promoted if your website lacks meta tags, widgets, meta descriptions, text information, and other crucial aspects.

Integrated analytics are another perk uKit provides, giving you insights into your platform’s performance and identifying areas that might need a bit of tweaking. Essential traffic data is readily accessible from the Dashboard, and for those more familiar with SEO, the option to exclude a page from search engine indexing can be particularly useful.

To make the most of your uKit website in terms of SEO, the company suggests ordering an SEO setup. At a fixed price, uKit provides a website audit, collecting semantic core, content optimization, adding meta tags to site pages, internal relinking, user-friendly URL structure, structured heading levels, adding ALT attributes to images, adding the site to Google Search Console, and website optimization consultation.

Technical Support

uKit website-building software offers dedicated email support. And yet, I can’t consider the support system satisfying since it lacks the most convenient options to communicate with the company specialists. For example, there is no telephone support or live chat (available only for owners or Basic and higher plans). Instead, to contact uKit, use the in-built message system.

The company has an extended Knowledge Base with several sections to make the uKit journey smooth for a new user. Such sections are available as Interface, how to get started, widgets, online store, domains, pricing, publication, promotion, and general.
Before getting in touch with a uKit specialist, check the Help section. It holds a bunch of questions and accurate answers to them.


uKit is a modern and sleek website-building solution that gets the job done definitely well. It is a relatively new company and hasn’t yet gained its competitors’ popularity. It lacks some integrations and customization options. And yet, uKit has all the appropriate features for a small or medium-sized business owner to create a decent website or web store and run their business effectively.

With its strong eCommerce capabilities, comprehensive blogging tools, sophisticated mobile-responsive templates, and user-friendly website editor, uKit presents itself as both an economical and dependable choice for entrepreneurs across various business sectors.

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