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Starting a blog is always a great idea, if you need to generate more traffic, stay connected with website visitors (current or potential customers) and keep your target audience informed about recent niche news, updates and trends. Wix is that very tool that will help you set up, manage and customize a quality blog – either a personal or a business one.

As one of the most popular DIY website builders, Wix provides myriads of features and tools for professional blog development. You actually don’t have to be a coding pro to set up a blog with the website builder – just sign up for the software, pick a template and proceed to its customization.

Along with quite an extensive choice of blog designs, Wix grants access to dozens of integrable widgets (free and premium), customization tools and even pricing options to match any budget and requirements.

To highlight the blog creation potential of Wix website builder, it makes sense to review some of the most impressive and interesting samples of these projects powered by the software.

1. The Sofia Log

The Sofia Log

The Sofia Log is a travel blog belonging to Sophie Hollingsworth – a former ballet dancer who once understood that she had a passion for expeditions, adventures and other related things. She has created this project to share her own traveling experience, individual field notes along with special recipes from those countries she has managed to visit. The website looks quite harmonious and interesting to browse, using the combination of various color schemes (white, cream and dark brown).


  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Bright niche photos;
  • Large image slider on the homepage;
  • Instagram feed;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Interactive map that shows the places Sophie visited;
  • Detailed posts with real photos taken by the blog author in her trips;
  • User comments enabled;
  • Separate page with local food recipes;
  • Online contact form.


  • Live chat to interact with the blog owner;
  • More contact options;
  • Archive with blog posts;
  • More distinct fonts/typography to make the texts more readable.

2. Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs is a personal blog of a football freestyler that showcases his talent and provides detailed info about this person. The project focuses on Tobias’s career, hobbies and community activities. To be precise, this project is a kind of combination of a blog and a portfolio website. Its design is not quite impressive yet this is a great sample of a one-page project with minimal content presentation.


  • One-page layout;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Online contact form;
  • Links to third-party resources related to the author;
  • Extensive gallery of photos and videos showcasing the author’s skills and achievements;
  • Support of English and Norwegian languages;
  • Separate news page;
  • Latest news;
  • Integrated blog feed.


  • More contact options;
  • Blog post archive;
  • It is desirable to make the fonts larger and easier to read.

3. Zion Adventure Photolog

Zion Adventure Photolog

Zion Adventure Photolog is a nice sample of the adventure blog and photography portfolio, which abounds in real images taken by the project authors. As a team of professional photographers, they tend to offer their services, highlighting the majesty of Zion National Park, where they organize photo sessions. As a result, users get lifetime memories enjoying the sights of the park. The website design and general color palette comply with its specialization. Yellow and green colors prevail here, matching the locations of the National Park.


  • Testimonials of clients on the homepage;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Instagram feed;
  • Special offers for families, couples and other customer categories;
  • Detailed and informative blog posts;
  • Free online booking option;
  • FAQ;
  • Presentation of the photo team;
  • Photographer choice option.


  • Live chat that allows getting in touch with the team managers/photographers;
  • Blog post archive;
  • News feed.

4. Mrs.Space Cadet

Mrs Space Cadet

Mrs.Space Cadet has decided to create this authentic blog as an alternative to all those projects she has found online. The author is fond of running and she frequently takes part in sports marathons. There is a separate My Story page, where she publishes information about her biography, achievements, sports activities and everything that helps her develop career and overcome new challenges.


  • Unique and bright logo;
  • Large image of the author on the homepage featuring her in broken glasses and running along the road;
  • Personal podcast;
  • Press reviews;
  • Links to social media resources;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Online contact form;
  • Link to the online store;
  • Slider with customer reviews;
  • Newsletter subscription form.


  • Archive with blog posts;
  • News feed;
  • More contact options;
  • Live chat widget for better interaction;
  • Easier website navigation.

5. Suvelle Cuisine

Suvelle Cuisine

Suvelle Cuisine is owned and managed by Susana Machado, who decided to combine her passion for photography with lifestyle habits, hobbies, fashion, cooking and other related spheres. She found inspiration in art, design and photography and this is what gives the blog authentic and one-of-a-kind feel. The target audience generally includes women, who are impressed by the quality and informational value of the project. “From a real woman to the real woman” – that’s how the blog motto sounds and the content absolutely complies with it.


  • Newsletter subscription popup window;
  • Brand logo;
  • Social network account buttons;
  • Support of English and Portugal languages;
  • Convenient scroll down option;
  • Press reviews;
  • Beige color scheme that highlights contemporary design approach;
  • Well-organized blog categories.


  • Live chat widget for personal communication;
  • User comments;
  • Contact forms and other options;
  • More visible typography and clear fonts.


Wix is a multi-faceted and multi-purpose DIY website builder, which can be used for various purposes. Blog creation is possible here as well. The system comes with a powerful and feature-rich blogging platform, a broad selection of blog templates and diversity of tools used for their customization. Integration of third-party widgets is possible here as well that enhances the functionality of the project.

An important issue is that setting up a blog doesn’t imply any programming knowledge-so intuitive and easy-to-use the software is. Even a non-coder can become a blog owner here. Whether you need a personal or a business blog, Wix is the right tool to get started.

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