Volusion vs Wix

Volusion and Wix are two quite different website builders, which come with distinctive functionality and design customization options. There is one thing, however, which unites both of these systems – each of them can be used to start eCommerce projects. At the same time, there are many aspects that give the platforms unique specialization and applicability.

Volusion – is a specialized eCommerce website builder, which is applied for the only purpose – web store development. The entire integrated feature set of the service is geared exclusively towards this very purpose, which somewhat narrows down users’ choice.

Wix – is the world popular all-in-one website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its advanced functionality, abundance of customizable designs and integrations you can use to start all types of contemporary web projects, including small and medium online stores.

Volusion and Wix are not similar website builders at all – each of them targets various user categories and each of them comes with a distinctive feature set geared towards the completion of certain web design tasks.

Which of the systems, however, can be considered a niche leader, when it comes to eCommerce website development? Which of them has more to offer to the target audience interested in web store creation? That’s what we are going to find out in this comparison. Read on to discover the winner.

Ease of Use

Volusion. This is not a simple website builder, but it is still possible to explore and master it, even if you are not an industry pro. The system provides intuitive approach to the web design process, although, it takes some time and effort to get used to it. Having signed up for the system, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can proceed to the exploration of the eCommerce features the service offers. That’s not an easy task as the dashboard seems a bit oversaturated with tools, sections and info they contain.

Volusion Dashboard

As soon as you get used to the dashboard, get ready to discover the editor, which is not that difficult, by the way. All the website editing tools and options you might need to get started with your project are available there by default. Just pick those that correspond to your web store specialization and proceed to the customizing your project. As an eCommerce-focused system, Volusion lets you start, manage and promote high end online stores.

What you can do here is creating and updating product catalogues, adding and managing products, creating as many product categories/subcategories as you need setting up SEO and web store management parameters etc.

If there is anything you do not understand about the system, you can reach the customer support service to look for quality assistance there. The system grants access to multiple video and text tutorials, FAQ materials, how-to guides as well as extensive knowledge base. You can also watch webinars and get in touch with the system representatives here via live chat, phone or email.

Wix. This is one of the simplest DIY website builders you can find in the modern web design niche. It is a great pick for all types of web projects and online stores are not an exception. The only thing is that the website builder won’t let you start an online hypermarket, but this is quite obvious – Wix is not a specialized eCommerce system. If you intend to run a small or a medium eCommerce project with the system, though, it will definitely come up to your needs.

Editor Wix

The website builder ensures intuitive, convenient and understandable web design approach. It can be easily mastered equally by beginners and web design experts looking for a handy yet feature-laden platform. Wix comes with an intuitive integrated wizard that contributes to easy and smooth website development process, WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop functionality and huing end Wix ADI tool that simplifies website creation for non-techies.

Do you wish to find out more about the platform or there are any issues that require urgent assistance? Wix customer support team is always here to help you. To get answers to your special system-related questions, you can reach the Knowledge Base of the platform, use the ticketing system or get in touch with the support experts via live chat. VIP support is also available here for those users, who are subscribed to the Premium Plan.

Summary. As to the ease of use, Wix is definitely a simpler solution as compared to Volusion. Its intuitive web design nature, simple and understandable dashboard, availability of integrated customer support options and Wix ADI tool make the platform one of the best web design solutions for first-time users as well as for web experts.

eCommerce Flexibility

Volusion. The system is quite functional, which makes it possible to start high end eCommerce projects. It comes with a distinctive set of features and tools it has in stock. This is enough to run any eCommerce project. Its integrations are versatile and helpful, especially when it comes to web store development.

Volusion add product

The website builder allows for quality and effective integration with world-popular marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. This is a handy feature that lets you increase web store popularity, sales volume, traffic, customer base etc. Additionally, the website builder makes it possible to integrate with popular payment systems, namely Stripe and PayPal, which is another advantage for the system users.

The only demerit of the system is absence of the blogging platform. This means that you won’t be able to start a blog or to connect the one to your web store with the system. Absence of the blogging feature is quite surprising for an eCommerce platform as this is one of the most influential user attraction tools. Thus, this is a crucial downside of the website builder that may have negative impact upon user’s choice.

Wix. The website builder has diverse integration options, which are quite versatile and extensive. It is known for its powerful App Market, where you can choose lots of eCommerce-specific widgets, both paid and free. Whatever web store development objectives you have, you will definitely come across multiple add-ons and extensions here. One of the impressive Wix highlights is Corvid app builder. It lets you create applications and databases that come up to your web store specialization.

wix product editor

Wix also has much to offer to its target audience in terms of blogging. As opposed to Volusion, the system comes with the integrated blogging engine, which lets you connect and manage a full-featured blog. Along with the rich selection of blog templates, you will get access to high end design customization tools, post management options, SEO settings etc. What you can do here is publishing and updatings new posts, dividing them into categories, activating Future Publishing option, adding tags for better availability of your project in the search engines etc.

Summary. When it comes to the flexibility aspect, Wix unveils more opportunities and tools its subscribers can use to start different types of web projects. The system stands out from the crowd due to its integrated functionality, customizability and affordability.


Volusion. The template collection of the website builder is not quite rich as compared to its multiple niche competitors. The system currently encompasses 40 designs and there is an opportunity to choose either free and paid themes here (there are 13 and 27 of them correspondingly).

The cost of paid themes starts from $50 and goes up to $180 depending upon the design complexity and other important parameters. Volusion designs are absolutely responsive by default, which means that your web store will automatically display great on mobile and desktop devices.

Volusion themes

Speaking about customization options, Volusion templates are not quite easy to customize, especially for non-techies. The thing is that the choice of design customization tools is pretty extensive and it’s easy to get lost here. Each Volusion template comes with several menu layouts, more than 150 website editing variations, built-in Content Builder as well as code editing options.

Due to the integrated WYSIWYG editor, you can watch the website development process in action, controlling the result before the publication. If there is anything you don’t like about the selected template, you can always switch to the new one without the loss of the submitted content.

Wix. The design customization parameters the website builder offers are definitely above the average. The website builder offers one of the most powerful, impressive, rich and versatile template collections. It currently encompasses more than 550 mobile-ready themes, all of which are free.

Wix Templates

For user convenience, the templates are divided into niche categories based on the topics they belong to. All in all, there are more than 70 industry categories here. Such a diversity of categories contribute to easier and more convenient template choice, saving users’ time and effort. What;s important, Wix lets you pick and customize a completely blank template from scratch, if you fail to find a suitable design in its collection. Unlike Volusion, the website builder doesn’t let you switch between the themes during the website customization process and this is one of the most crucial demerits of the system.

When it comes to design customization, Wix allows choosing between two editing options. These include Wix ADI and Standard Editor. The choice of the best solution depends upon users’ skills, expertise, rate, time and objectives they set. Likewise, the website builder lets you edit the mobile and desktop view of your project separately to ensure the best website presentation on the device you intend to use.

Summary. Volusion and Wix are both great in terms of template editing options. The website builders let you start and customize your web store design with regard to your requirements and special needs. Wix, however, offers more extensive template selection options and it also has more to offer in terms of design customization. The only demerit of the system is that it lacks template switch option, but this just makes users to be more attentive, when making the initial design choice.


Volusion. SEO features the website builder offers are on quite a nice level, making it possible for users to manually adjust the required settings. The results in effective and smooth growth of your web store SEO positions in the search engines. To make the required settings, you will have to reach the dashboard of the system and find the corresponding section there.

volusion seo

This is the place, where you will be able to edit custom web store URL, fill out meta titles and descriptions, adjust ALT tags for photos, edit robots.txt files etc. A nice advantage is an opportunity to track web store statistics to check its current status. The most urgent issues you have to be aware of include web store abandonment rate, traffic fluctuations and sources, customer behavior, search engine positions and more.

Wix. The system has distinguished itself as a SEO-friendly website builder, which allows creating web stores that are properly optimized for the search engines. Due to the integrated SEO Wizard, the process of web store optimization becomes smooth, hassle-free and easy.


A user is guided through all the stages of website optimization, using helpful guidelines and tips meant for non-techies. The website builder allows editing web page URLs based on the requirements and business development strategy you have. To boost the positions of your online store in the search engine results, it is also possible to fill out meta descriptions, titles and ALT tags for images. This is done by filling out corresponding fields in the SEO section of the dashboard.

Summary. Volusion and Wix are quite SEO-friendly website builders. They make it possible to manually set up the main SEO parameters of your web store to make sure it ranks high in the search engines. Wix ensures simpler website optimization process due to its integrated SEO Wizard that guides you through the must-have stages of the set up process.

Technical Support

Volusion. If there is anything you do not understand about the system, you can reach the customer support service to look for quality assistance there. The system grants access to multiple video and text tutorials, FAQ materials, how-to guides as well as extensive knowledge base. You can also watch webinars and get in touch with the system representatives here via live chat, phone or email.

Wix. Do you wish to find out more about the platform or there are any issues that require urgent assistance? Wix customer support team is always here to help you. To get answers to your special system-related questions, you can reach the Knowledge Base of the platform, use the ticketing system or get in touch with the support experts via live chat. VIP support is also available here for those users, who are subscribed to the Premium Plan.

Summary. When it comes to customer support options, both website builders have much to offer to their subscribers. They grant access to informative knowledge base sources, where everyone can find answers to the most intricate questions.


Volusion charges moderate fees for the eCommerce services included into its plans. The website builder doesn’t have an absolutely free plan, but there is an opportunity to test the preferred subscription for 14 days without any extra charges at all. As soon as the trail comes to its end, you will be offered to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions it provides. There are four of them here – Personal ($29/mo), Professional ($79/mo), Business ($299) and Prime subscription, the cost of which is discussed individually with the system managers.

volusion pricing

Volusion subscriptions can be billed monthly and annually, with the latter being more cost-effective for regular system subscribers. The website builder does not charge any extra fees for the financial transactions made, while running projects with the platform.

Wix. This is quite an affordable website builder as it targets diverse user categories. The cost of its plans absolutely correlates with the functionality included into its subscriptions. What’s more, the system offers a free plan, which lasts for the unlimited period of time and lets you explore the platform and test its features for as long as you need. Users, who have decided to keep working with the system, are offered to choose from two types of paid subscriptions – Standard and Business/eCommerce. Each of them, correspondingly, includes several other plans, offering diverse terms. As far as we are currently focused on the eCommerce aspect of the website builder, we will review its Business/eCommerce plans in detail. These include Business Basic ($23/mo), Business Unlimited ($27/mo), Business VIP ($49/mo) and Enterprise ($500/mo).

wix price

Whatever paid Wix subscription you will go for, it will come with free hosting, domain name, proper amount of disk storage space, integrated Google Analytics, Premium Customer Support and other notable advantages. If you are not satisfied with the terms of the pan you have initially picked, the website builder offers a 14-day money back guarantee. What’s more, the system frequently introduces special offers and discounts to regular users as well as to those who are just planning to join the system. This lets them save big, when picking the most suitable subscription.

Summary. When it comes to the pricing policy, both website builders charge almost similar fees for the services offered. Wix subscriptions are more versatile as they target diverse user categories. The website builder also has a free plan that is never-expiring and lets you explore and experiment with the system for as long as you need prior to picking a suitable paid plan.

Bottom Line

When setting up a professional online store, you will certainly have to pick an advanced and full-featured eCommerce website builder. Their choice is quite impressive and you can get access to specialized and all-in-one systems that offer versatile approaches to the web store development process. Volusion and Wix are two representatives of such systems.

Volusion – is a specialized feature-laden eCommerce website builder, which abounds in web store creation, management and promotion features/tools. Working with the system is not quite easy as it implies a certain degree of coding proficiency. Above that, Volusion has recently stated that the company is going through tough financial times, which may have negative impact upon its usability and safety of web stores it powers.

Wix – is the best all-in-one website builder in the modern web design market. The system delivers high end features, multiple responsive templates, numerous customization options, versatile integrations and pricing alternatives. This is what makes it occupy and retain top positions in the list of the best website builders ever.

To sum it all up, the conclusion is more than obvious: Wix prevails over Volusion in multiple parameters, starting from overall popularity and up to deep integrated functionality that does not compromise with moderate pricing policy.

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